Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday Briefs


Comments continue to be posted regarding an unconfirmed rumor suggesting that an ADDA Board Member scanned a number of $30 checks given to the ADDA to allow DDAs to participate in a vote last year. The comments suggest that scanned checks were stored on a laptop computer which was subsequently stolen from the ADDA Board Member's vehicle. As checks contain not only bank account numbers, but often home addresses, spouses names, and phone numbers, security concerns were raised.

Debate raged between those who believe that the ADDA were under a legal duty to report the loss of confidential data, and those who believe that because the data was encrypted, no legal duty exists to warn potential victims of the risks of identity theft or risks to their personal safety.

The ADDA has neither confirmed nor denied the rumor, however, given that certain comments contained information that could only have been know by those concerned (such as that an encrypted county laptop was involved), the ADDA position appears to be that the loss of encrypted confidential information does not have to be reported.

We again invite ADDA President Hyatt Seligman to confirm or deny this rumor, and note that Seligman has had ample opportunity to do so.


(Credit: PoliticsWithoutMercy blog)
The Los Angeles Times published a report questioning the fate of the Los Angeles City Council's order that the City Attorney Trutanich prepare an ordinance putting into effect their desire to boycott the State of Arizona as a result of Arizona's controversial anti-illegal immigration law.

The Council ordered Trutanich to prepare the ordinance last year, however, no ordinance has been forthcoming. Politics Without Mercy suggests that Trutanich has delayed the ordinance in order to send "a secret “thumbs-up” to Arizona" and is "building support from his hard-core right wing voter base for his stated ambition to become Los Angeles’ District Attorney next year."

The City Hall Insider, however, suggests that Trutanich is not as concerned with the rights or wrongs of the boycott, as he is in showing the City Council, and in particular Councilmember Ed Reyes, who's in charge. "Whether Trutanich is obstructing the passage of the Arizona boycott purely to put CM Reyes in his place, or to appeal to his voter base as he ramps up his District Attorney campaign, there is little that CM Reyes or the City Council can do about it. Trutanich can point to budget cuts that have forced him to prioritize the demands on his staff and can hold off the boycott indefinitely."

Trutanich did not respond to the LA Times article directly, however a spokesman for Trutanich told the LA Times that "an ordinance was still in the works." Perhaps he should have added, "and the check's in the mail?" as the intended message is pretty clear; Trutanich has figured out how to control the City Council and hit them where it hurts. He is known for having an "aggressive stance," and his delays and frustration of the City Council is bound to bring cheer to those who support him.



Anonymous said...

Hey Windbag, it's pretty obvious that you won't get a statement from Seligman. The Board Majority are taking the 5th.

Anonymous said...

Here's what I'm trying to figure out: AFSCME is supposed to be some sort of bomb-ass sources of technical, legal and logistic support when it comes to unions. Right? Isn't that the reason why were supposed to be voting yes to affiliation?

What the hell were they doing when this identity theft stuff all went down? Doesn't sound like they were looking out for anyone?

Anonymous said...

Hey 2:21pm, AFSCME was looking out for someone.. .AFSCME. The checks that were scanned were from the people who joined at the old $30 a year rate. Anyone could figure out that these same people were likely joining to vote against the "power grab" bylaws for which a judgment was rendered against the ADDA.

So the people whose checks were scanned were fairly obviously in the opposition. And AFSCME and the Ipsen cronies did exactly what anyone would expect them to do in that situation - they told everyone else to bend over and grab their ankles.

Anonymous said...

My fellow DDAs, I have not been a supporter of the ADDA until now. I am so disgusted by this tabloid exploitation of much ado about nothing, that I have seen the light and I want to share it with you.

I want to assure you that this story about a security breach is simply that, a story. Your ADDA Board Majority would never knowingly or intentionally compromise the security of members. This minor faux pas is being sensationalized to create an illusion that you have something to fear from affiliation with one of the most powerful and influential unions. This mere story is basically a cheap and sleazy tactic designed to create fear and panic and cast the impression that there was a cover up by your ADDA Board Majority.

Cover up? The suggestion is laughable. Laughable because, my dear brothers and sisters, in order for there to be a cover up, there must have been something to cover up. As some of the wiser comments have stated, the law protecting victims of identity theft is very, very specific. Only unencrypted data losses have to be reported. That is the law, and you can be sure that if your ADDA Board Majority thought that there was any requirement to report anything, you would have received reports. But there were no reports. Because there was nothing to legally report. There was no cover up. Period.

Brothers and sisters, do not allow the affiliation agreement to be brought into doubt by sensationalized stories with no substance. As we enter our trial marriage with AFSCME, one of the most powerful and influential unions in our state, be assured that those who exploit the fruits of our daily labors fear affiliation because of the power and influence that your ADDA Board Majority will have.

Your trial marriage with AFSCME will empower you by harnessing the power of millions of oppressed and exploited workers in our state, all of whom have bravely and boldly said those glorious words "No more!"
No more oppressive workplace conditions.
No more unfair workplace practices.
No more exploitation and oppression.
Those are the messages that your ADDA Board Majority can proudly and effectively deliver to to the owners of the means of production as your ADDA Board Majority stands lock-step alongside farm workers, janitors, correctional institutional workers, secretarial staffers, and so many others who have fought the fight for us.

It is time to shake off the harnesses that the bosses have used to enslave the workers of America. Let us step forward into a new era of collective bargaining with our brothers and sisters in labor.

Anonymous said...

Windsock. How is it possible you can take anonymous comments about anything and repost them as if they were factual? I thought this site might be an interesting source of information about things that might affect me in the office. Now I can see that the information here is clearly not trustworthy.

I for one am going to join the ADDA and vote for union shop when the time comes. If this is what the opposition is like I want no part of it.

Anonymous said...

I think the fact that the ADDA scanned checks without our permission is terrible, and clearly the comments from ADDA trolls shows that the story is true.

It's an open secret who the ADDA Board Majority member was who lost a county laptop, but few knew that it also had our details on it. At least someone on the ADDA (probably the Board Minority) had the decency to leak the story.

Clearly the ADDA made the decision not to tell anyone what happend, not because of data encryption but because they were ashamed and embarrassed that one of their goons had scanned checks without the permission of those ddas.

As for the encryption argument, that just means the laptop was password protected. For all we know the goon who lost the laptop also had his password written on a post it note suck to the keyboard like pretty much everyone else does.

Unlike the previous comments, which are very crude deceptions by ADDA trolls, I am not a member of the ADDA and I have no intention of becoming one. I will tell everyone in my office to vote NO on anything to do with this screwed up bunch of failures. They cannot be trusted.

Anonymous said...

I was told that the ADDA Board Majority member who scanned the checks did not have permission from the Board Majority to do so, and was asked to, and did resign from the ADDA Board.

I doubt that he had any genuine explanation for why he scanned our checks, he probably just thought it would be a cool thing to do as the new office copiers can scan things. I also doubt that he intended to cause members any harm, even those who paid $30 just to vote against the bylaws, but it was negligent and has caused a lot of problems. I think we should have been told.

Anonymous said...

The board member resigned? Who is it then? I want to run for the open seat.