Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday Briefs


Today's Met News is expected to publish additional statements from all six candidates for District Attorney. In their previous article, Steve Ipsen's responses arrived too late for publication, however, we understand that he will be included in today's article.

No statements are expected from City Attorney Carmen Trutanich. He has yet to announce his candidacy and continues to hide behind his bogus campaign website aimed at fooling people that he is being pressured by law enforcement officers to run for DA.

Be sure to read today's Met News.


It's almost two weeks since anonymous reports started being received that an ADDA Board Member lost a laptop containing personal details of DDAs. The reports vary in details, but the essence appears to be that either a county or personal laptop was stolen from the ADDA Board Member's vehicle and the laptop contained members' scanned checks and a database of all members.

The ADDA has apparently chosen not to confirm or deny the reports, which tends to suggest that the reports are true, and perhaps the security breach is worse than we know.


The lie, attributed to Sheriff Lee Baca through Trutanich's bogus campaign's Gmail account quotes Baca stating that "Trutanich busted the notorious 38th Street Gang— confiscating an arsenal of 80 firearms and removing 57 long time gang members from the streets." The lie, we understand, has attracted the interest of the media.

Sheriff Baca is understood to be sought for interview by various reporters who will no doubt ask Baca whether he wrote the email attributed to him, or even read it.

Some comments received by the Dragnet in response to our exclusive TRU-Lies article, defended Baca's lie because, according to a press release from Trutanich, his office filed an after-the-fact injunction against the 38th St. Gang. Another, however, noted that if Trutanich had done anything worthy of mention, it would have been reported somewhere. The LA Times certainly did not mention Trutanich at all, and certainly not as a crime fighter who "busted" anything, except perhaps his gut when he reads the reports of his blatant grandstanding.


As the deadline approaches for ADDA dues paying members to cast their votes in favor or against joining one of the states' largest labor unions, AFSCME, the ADDA Board Majority released a YouTube video featuring DDA Rob Dver's "Testimonial" in support of joining AFSCME.

Dver states that Steve Ipsen, Hyatt Seligman and Frank Tavelman's have all given him assurances about the wisdom of joining AFSCME and those assurances have to be given "a certain amount of deference." That, howver, appears to be the sum and substance of his testimonial.

Dver does state that he has seen documents regarding the agreement with AFSCME, which poses the question, if Dver can see those documents, why are they not being shared with other members?

Equally, as the issues of affiliation, joining AFSCME, and the Agency Shop are so clearly intertwined, some may wonder why Rob Dver's YouTube video is "unlisted" meaning only those with a link can view it. Once again, the ADDA Board Majority does appear to favor an unhealthy amount of secrecy in the way it conducts it's purported representation of all DDAs.

If the ADDA Board Majority wishes to avail itself of the Dragnet, they are free to post a link to Dver's YouTube here, and perhaps respond to the Security Breach issue at the same time.



Anonymous said...

The LA Times certainly did not mention Trutanich at all, and certainly not as a crime fighter who "busted" anything, except perhaps his gut when he reads the reports of his blatant grandstanding. Classic!

Anonymous said...

Interesting that ADDA used Rob Dver for the video, not Seligman or kiss of death Ipsen. Dver isn't a Board Member, so how come he's the spokeshole for AFSCME?

Anonymous said...

What about all the lies that have come out of the jackie Lacey campaign?

Where's all your reporting on that crap?

Anonymous said...

Seems like someone is jealous that Sheriff Baca is endorsing Trutanich and not one of the other candidates.

You're as transparent as they come.

Anonymous said...

8:02am You are SOOOO right. Nuch had nothing to do with Baca's lie. Every DA candidate would love to tain their candidacy with a lie from the Sheriff. Lends credibility, dont ya think?

Anonymous said...

Whoa there Windscale. You have been outed by your buddies at the Met News:

In a story about your story about Sheriff Baca's email lie, the Met News said:
"The blog, whose editor uses the pseudonym “Windscale” but is widely believed to be Deputy District Attorney David Berger, a former top aide to Trutanich"

More at:

Also saw your nasty comments about the ADDA. You are next on the list in the Federal lawsuit and will be crushed like the irrelevant bug that you are.

Anonymous said...

7:41pm, in one succinct post, has made the most profound and astute argument AGAINST affiliation and, especially, agency shop.

It takes very little for these guys to reveal themselves for whom they are. The free speech interest of rank and file deputies is nowhere on their list of priorities. Maintaining power, authority and access to as much money as they can suck out of your paycheck are the goals. And if anyone speaks out against them, they show instantly how little they care for the civil rights of DDAs.

Anonymous said...

I saw the Dver video. It is basically what the Dragnet says it is - Dver says he has done his homework, and that means listening to what Ipsen and his pupet Seligman says. That is what is wrong with the entire ADDA - demagoguery. Regardless, the affiliation vote will pass because of the way the ADDA always manages to manipulate elections. I don't trust them, and Berger was 100% right in what he said to the Met News - they have hijacked our representation for their own benefit.