Sunday, June 19, 2011

Steve Cooley Talks To Kevin James; Blasts Trutanich, Praises Jackson, Trujillo & Lacey

Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley spent an hour on The Kevin James Show, KRLA 870AM this Sunday morning. Highlights of the show were Cooley's statement that had urged City Attorney Trutanich to remain as City Attorney; "that's what he promised me," Colley said, noting that Trutanich is best suited to the City as Trutanich's "primary experience as a lawyer has been in the civil arena,"  perhaps a polite way of saying Trutanich has broken his promise and is unsuitable for the position.

Cooley spoke about his decision to support Jackie Lacey for District Attorney, but also had high praise for Alan Jackson and Mario Trujillo.  Here is a ten minutes segment from the show.

Cooley said that some of the biggest challenges facing the DA's Office in the remaining 18 months of his "historic third term" will be dealing with the flood of prisoners who will be released from prison to ease overcrowding following the Supreme Court's decision in Brown v. Plata, and finding ways to deal with the growing problem of cyber crime. Cooley said that, so far, sufficient resources have not been dedicated to the timely gathering of forensic evidence of cyber crimes. Cooley said a huge investment was needed to meet the challenge of cyber crime, much in the same way as the DA's Office invested in training and understanding DNA evidence.

Although Cooley did not talk about the candidacies of Bobby Grace, Danette Meyers or Steve Ipsen, he did say of the current field of candidates (excluding Trutanich), that it was "very, very healthy" for the public to have such a wide field of candidates.

The primary election for LA's next District Attorney will be on June 5, 2012. It will be the first election for Los Angeles District Attorney in 46 years where no incumbent is running.

The full audio of Cooley's hour long interview on The Kevin James Show can be downloaded from KRLA 870AM's website.



Anonymous said...

Cooley should have said something about Bobby Grace - he's working harder than anyone else and winning difficult murder cases while he runs a campaign. He can't say anything about Ipsen and Meyers, at least nothing that can be printed!

Anonymous said...

I checked the link, but the full version isn't even up on the Kevin James site yet??? Wow, you guys are fast at getting the inside scoop.

Anonymous said...

Nice editing - love the way you use the Trutanich - Baca web of lies picture while Cooley's speaking. Makes it real clear that Cooley thinks Trutanich is a liar too.

Anonymous said...

Met News is reporting that Steve Ipsen has screwed up lying about DA term limits. Major embarrassment - not that Ipsen had much of a chance anyway, but now he looks like a bigger fool than Berger!

Anonymous said...

I listened to this podcast. Steve Cooley doesn't blast Trutanich. He actually said Trutanich has done a great job in the City Attorney's office.

I'm not sure what you were listneing to but your characterization of Cooley's remarks are 100% false.