Monday, June 27, 2011

Trutanich Lies About ACE Program on Kevin James Show - Adds Plagiarism To His Shame List

OPINION: Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen Trutanich has been selling his "ACE" program to pretty much anyone and everyone who will listen.

Usually Trutanich has a captive audience to pitch his ideas, right wingers who won't ask too many questions of LA's 'Tough Guy,' as long as he's their 'Tough Guy.'

Trutanich has been doing the rounds of the Neighborhood Councils and Rotary Clubs selling his ACE Program (an acronym for Administrative Citation Program) like snake oil, and of course giving them the fast-sell on how he is being besieged to run for District Attorney.

He gets the applause and adulation he so desperately craves from audiences who don't know how to question the fast talking former plaintiff's attorney. But when Trutanich's claims are examined in the detail that he dodges, his claims about his ACE are coming apart faster than the king's new clothes.

Trutanich added plagiarism to his ever growing tangled web of lies
when he claimed to have come up with the idea of an administrative code enforcement
program and had shared it with other cities.
On Sunday, June 5, 2011, Trutanich spent an hour as the guest of KRLA 870AM's talk show host Kevin James. Trutanich launched into a series of serious misstatements and omissions regarding the ACE Program. Misstatements so egregious that 'lie' is the only word that fairly characterizes much of what Trutanich said. Here is a short segment from the Kevin James Show (you can listen to the whole program at the KRLA 870AM website), but pay attention to what Trutanich says about his ACE:

When Kevin James asked Trutanich to explain his ACE Program, virtually the first words out the City Attorney's mouth were false.

"This is an idea that I came up with, uhm, early, er, er, when I became, er, City Attorney." Trutanich said.

Really? That would be news to Richard Llewellyn, Chief of Staff to Los Angeles Councilmember Paul Koretz. Not only was the idea for the program based on a January 15, 2010 motion by CM Koretz, but sources at the City Attorney's Office insist that the origins of the program came from Llewellyn himself, when he was Chief Deputy City Attorney under Rocky Delgadillo, long before Trutanich "... became, er, City Attorney."

The January 15, 2011 origins of the idea Trutanich "came up with" appear to belong to
Councilmember Paul Koretz, and is actually based on an idea his Chief of Staff was
developing when working for former City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo.
The history of the ACE Program can be traced back through the City Clerk's website, under file number 10-0085, where CM Kortz's motion can be downloaded.

Perhaps Trutanich simply misspoke? But no. There was no mistake. Scarcely had he stumbled through his plagiaristic opening lie, than he repeated the lie, and of course, embellished it a little more.

"This is, er, er, er, a program that when I came up with it, I shared it with other cities, and now San Diego has it, and it's working just fine, Santa Monica has it and it's working just fine, and there are other cities up north, up in northern California that have employed the same administrative code enforcement program." Trutanich said.

How extremely generous of Trutanich to share his idea with other cities. Unfortunately, the truth is somewhat different. San Diego already had it's program in place, in force, up and running, long before Trutanich became City Attorney. In fact, early in 2010, Trutanich sent three of his senior Assistant City Attorneys to San Diego to meet with representatives from the San Diego City Attorney's Office to find out how the program worked.

Trutanich also left out a few inconvenient truths about his program, such as the identity of the so-called "administrative law judges" who will impose fines and penalties on the homeowners and small business owners who will likely top the list of ACE citations. The judges will be chosen by him.

They will also very likely be Deputy City Attorneys who Trutanich will select to act as his judges. That's certainly not part of San Diego's program, in fact the jaws of the San Diego City Attorneys dropped in astonishment when they heard of how Trutanich is planning on giving his version of Due Process to the unlucky recipients of ACE citations.

Trutanich did let a couple of truths slip past his lips when he was selling ACE.  One was that his ACE Program is really all about raising money on the backs of residents. The other is that the ACE Program will work "just like a traffic ticket." Yes, we all know how easy it is to fight a traffic ticket and how much money is raised that way.

The last lie Trutanich was questioned over concerned the claims made that he had "busted" the 38th St. Gang. Sheriff Baca explained that Trutanich was a member of an anti-gang task force, and that gave the lie credibility.

So far as we are aware, Sheriff Baca is not involved with the ACE Program, so it will be interesting to see if anyone would care to offer some equally lame excuse for more shameful grandstanding, lies and half-truths from Trutanich.

Interestingly, Trutanich's lies about his ACE Program were made on the very same broadcast where Trutanich stated that one of the reasons for his hesitancy over deciding whether or not to run for District Attorney, was that his son had just come back from Iraq, injured:

It appears that, again, Trutanich was being economical with the truth. It certainly is a fact that his son was in Iraq, but not as a military combatant; he is an Assistant US Attorney. It is also rumored that the injury was a sports injury, although Trutanich has been silent as to that.

Trutanich's ACE Program looks like it really should be given a big thumbs down when it finally comes before the City Council. After all, if you cannot trust the City Attorney to be truthful about where it came from, how can you trust him when he tells you where it's going?



Anonymous said...

So Nuch copied a good idea and forgot to mention it. Big freakin deal. With all the stress of him having to care for an injured war veteran, you should cut him some slack here

Anonymous said...

D'ya think Nuch copied other students work at law school?

Anonymous said...

I think citation vs prision is favorable because of the cost, that is my guess. Is it his idea? Who cares, these politicians LIE ALL THE TIME, what makes him different? About the program? I better not J-WALK.

Jim said...

No matter who thought of ACE, both Koretz and Trutanich should "dump" ACE.

In these economic times, ACE hits the working class and poor the hardest and further reduces their due process rights.

The basic right for a person to face their accuser is taken away and the City Attorney's office is in control of this program selecting "judges for hire" and making decisions about witness availability and necessity.

ACE also sets up a conflict of interest where the real aim is for revenue generation - A revenue generation that is targeted at restoring the City Attorney funding.

This is being done at a time where the City approved $25 million in public funds to build a parking lot for Billionaire Eli Broad.

What is wrong with this picture?

This is not an attack on Trutanich, Koretz, or even Koretz staff. But they should be held accountable by the voters if this is not rectified.