Monday, July 25, 2011

ADDA Seeks Agency Shop

The announcement, last week, that the ADDA is pressing ahead with their so-called "Agency Shop" to force all DDAs in Grades I through IV to pay up to $903.60 a year in "dues" to fund even more of what many believe to be their record of deceptive, divisive and duplicitous agendas, should not go unopposed.

Thus far, the ADDA headed by Steve Ipsen through his mouthpiece, Hyatt Seligman, has succeeded only in turning DDAs against fellow DDAs, pursuing a legal vendetta against Peter Burke (whose "crime" was forcing the ADDA to abide by its own bylaws), and driving the ADDA to the brink of bankruptcy with costly, failing litigation.

The ADDA claims to represent all DDAs. They do not. They think they can intimidate DDAs from voicing opposition. They cannot. They think they can rely on apathy to win them power. They cannot.

Now is the time for DDAs to stand up and say not just "No," say "HELL NO!"

You can start by downloading, printing and displaying the first of our "Not Just No, HELL NO!" flyers. If you are stuck for a place to display it, use the ADDA notice boards - there's nothing else there anyway.

You can also use the "ADDA 411" link at the top of this page to download, print and share some of the recent articles the Dragnet has published on some of the ADDA shenanigans.

See today's Metropolitan News Enterprise to read comments by DDA David Berger and ADDA President Hyatt Seligman over the Agency Shop. Berger calls ADDA leaders the “most undemocratic, unrepresentative group of poor examples of what a deputy district attorney should be.”



Anonymous said...

First of all David Berger, for one who says it is time for DDAs to stand up etc. it is ironic that you still will not put your real name to your ad hominem attacks against Nuch and the ADDA. You are a coward.

Second, you are encouraging DDAs to post copies of your flyer on ADDA notice boards. That is clearly against the rules. The ADDA notice boards were installed by management on condition that they will be used for ADDA for union business only.

Be warned, by inciting disaffection, you will probably be hauled before federal judge Otis D. Wright II for union busting, as will most likely any DDA who dares to put anything other than approved ADDA official notices on ADDA notice boards.

I demand that you immediately withdraw your incitement to violate ADDA rules forthwith or suffer the consequences like Peter Burke.

Anonymous said...

I know this is off topic, but I hear that Nuch has decided not to run for DA.

Anonymous said...

7-25 @ 7:30am. THANK YOU! You have succinctly and thoughtfully detailed the true disgust and disdain that the ADDA has for the civil rights of rank and file deputies, especially free speech. Maybe someone can explain to Judge Wright how the federal case has been used a tool of fear, intimidation and suppression against the rank and file by ADDA leadership.

Anonymous said...

Love it! "Vote for agency shop . . . Or we'll SUE your ass!" ain't democracy great?

Anonymous said...

Berger isn't relevant to Wright. The case is already a slam dunk without Berger's whinning and crying.

Anonymous said...

This is so cute! Dragnet (Berger-he's never been secretive about it) writes a blog entry that pretty much sums up what alot of us have been thinking. ADDA troll-1 gets on his/her keyboard and screeches out the type of threatening garbage that we're all used to seeing whenever anyone tries to question the union thugs. He/she then gets called out for the thuggery. Now ADDA troll-2, realizing that ADDA troll-1 lacks subtlety, pouts out a post calling Berger "irrelevant" (Dragnet has been the top of the chatter at every Saturday Seminar I've been to this year).

Isn't it funny that a blog that the ADDA considers inconsequential is followed so closely and nervously by their trolls?

Anonymous said...

Holly crap! Has anyone seen what Berger said in todays Met News! He is using his real name for a change, and called the ADDA leaders the “most undemocratic, unrepresentative group of poor examples of what a deputy district attorney should be.” Awesome!

Meanwhile, Seligman responded claiming the recent vote on the MOU (WTF?) was a landslide success with 118 members voting for it. Err, that's less than the number who voted for joining the big union (ASSME) probably because they now realize what a freakin mistake that was.

Anonymous said...

7:32am Also heard Nuch isn't running, can you confirm?

Anonymous said...

2:10PM Comment at Mayor Sam says Nuch was advised to try to hang on to his city gig as the Martin Declaration and the city council motion to neuter his office have wrecked any chance he might have had to run for DA.

Anonymous said...

Mario Trujillo will be the first to drop out. His few campaign staffers have quit en mass.

They're scheduled to hold a news conference later this week to discuss the alarming details.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the rumors are true and Trutanich really isn't running for DA. Got to feel sorry for those City Attorneys who were optimistic his reign would be cut short by winning the DA race. Now they are stuck with him for his full term. I don't think he will be reelected to serve a second term as City Attorney though. He's lost most of his supporters and internally, most of his own Office can't stand him. I find him to be arrogant and rude and without the professional demeanor one would expect from an elected official. Our Office dodged a bullet if Trutanich really did decide not to run. I hope these rumors get confirmed soon.

Anonymous said...

6:09 Why have Mario's staffer's dropped out? And why is he dropping out?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Nuch can get appointed to the ADDA Board? Don't laugh, after resigning as ADDA president (when his scandalous past conduct surfaced) Steve Ipsen turned around and months later ran for ADDA Treasurer. He lost in a landslide. But his cronies on the board reappointed him to a vacant spot anyway (despite the clear indication that the members wanted have had enough of him). VOILA! Steve Ipsen's Political career was reborn and now he is a candidate for District Attorney!

Plus, think of it this way - could putting Nuch in charge of the union be any worse than Hyatt Seligman? At least Nuch has no sex tape floating around. . . we hope. . .EEEEEEEEEEEEUUUUUUUWWWWWWWW YUCK!!!!

Anonymous said...

What could be worse than Trutanich as DA with an ADDA Agency Shop?

a) Ipsen as DA
b) Seligman remake of "Superman"
c) All of the above
d) None of the above

Anonymous said...

"I demand that you. . ." Lol. You are an anonymous commenter on a blog. How about you post your name and then people will know if you are in a position to demand anything.