Tuesday, July 12, 2011

All Eyes on 36th Congressional District Special Election

There is a special election in LA today to fill the seat vacated by Congresswoman Jane Harman in February. Democrat Los Angeles City Councilmember Janice Hahn is the widely tipped favorite to win what has been a bitter campaign against outsider Republican Craig Huey.

Is it simply going to be Democrat versus Republican, or will the Tea Party movement against political insiders regain momentum to unseat Hahn? The polls close at 8pm and results will be available on line from the Secretary of State's website.

Those closely watching this race include City Attorney Carmen Trutanich who endorsed Hahn. Trutanich, a life-long Republican, changed his party allegiance and ran as a "decline to state" for his City Attorney position. He has been rumored to be switching to Democrat for his DA campaign.

Trutanich's interest in helping Hahn in leaving Los Angeles is certainly not based on Hahn's prior support for Trutanich as she declined to endorse him. But politics being what it is, and Trutanich being the politician that he says he isn't, it isn't too hard to see why Trutanich wants Hahn elected. First, it probably gets him Hahn's support for his awful ACE Program. Second, it's widely rumored that Trutanich wants his son Nick to run for Hahn's old position.

If indeed Trutanich is lining up his son for a run for City Council, it would certainly make sense of Trutanich's statement on the Kevin James Show, that his son had just returned from Iraq, injured.

Of course, anyone listening to Trutanich's statement would assume that his son, Nick, was injured in the line of duty in the military. It seems, however, that Nick was in Iraq, but not in the military, and the injury appears to be a sports injury.

Whether Nick will nevertheless run as an injured war veteran remains to be seen. Hopefully he does not share his father's strained relationship with the truth.

Hahn's victory party is being held at the Ports O' Call in San Pedro tonight. Trutanich and his formerly injured son are likely to be in attendance, along with famed City Hall lobbyist John Ek who recently hosted a fundraiser for Trutanich's phony DA Campaign.

The Dragnet predicts Hahn will win this election by a slender margin.



Anonymous said...

Dear LA Aquanet- Why is the ACE proposal so "awful"? I know that many cities in California utilize administrative citations. In fact, the City of Lancaster where you (David Berger) were a community prosecutor has an administrative citation enforcement program. Why clog up the Criminal Courts with municipal code violations?

Anonymous said...

Pretty obvious 11:19pm, other cities don't have Trutanich! If this was Rocky's program would you support it? What happens when Trutanich moves on to the DA's office? What if we get another Rocky in the CA's office? Why is so much power in the City Attorney's hands? And why did Trutanich lie about it being his idea?

Anonymous said...

Dragnet you were right about Janice Hahn winning tonight, except she won by a large margin, almost 10%.

Those of us who supported Hahn, and helped her get elected tonight are now going to throw our efforts behind urging Trutanich to run for D.A.

We think he's doing a great job in L.A.

Anonymous said...

Berger, when Nuch becomes your boss what are you going to do? Where will you go?

Anonymous said...

Berger, Nuch fired you once from the City Attorney's office along with all the other deadbeats there, and now he'll fire you again from the DA's office with the deadbeats there. And don't expect the ADDA union to lift a finger to help you. You screwed up a great opportunity to run LA the way it should be done, go back to England. We don't need you.

Anonymous said...

Nuch will never be DA.

Anonymous said...

It's been said here before and it's worth repeating now, you can always tell when Dragnet is on target. Just look for all the posts saying "Berger you'll get yours!"

It's ironic that Trutanich tries so hard to develop a tough-guy image, he and his supporters are so fragile and thin skinned.

Anonymous said...

Definitely some sore losers here. Dragnet might have been right about Hahn winning, but OMG, look at what is says for republicans in LA!

AJ's chances of becoming DA just took a nose dive down the political crapper. Trutanich thinks he can change party affiliation to democrat, but won't get the democrat party to endorse him because of what he did to Weiss. Now Nuch is thinking about abandoning the DA race and trying to hang onto his low-paid city attorney gig.

Also, Trutanich wanted his son to run for Hahn's seat, but now Pat McOsker is running and will probably win. Better, McOsker is using Trutanich's campaign manager! It must be like a scene from McBeth in the Trutanich camp.

Anonymous said...

Nick Trutanich disclosed that he wasn't running for Hahn's seat months ago.

Why don't you get some information that's current?

You fabricate a false premise, then criticize it.

Come out from under your bed little man, and show yourself. Nobody is buying your phony-baloney routine anymore.

It's obvious you have the same three people making comments, and you're one of them.

Anonymous said...

@10:30pm - Where and when was this disclosure made? The piece about Nick was linked to an article at the Street-Hassle blog a couple of days ago, so that is current. Did you know that if you click on underlined text it takes you to the source material - it is called a hyperlink.

And even if it was made, why should we believe it? Nuch has lied about his DA aspirations and is hiding behind that stupid Draft Trutanich 4 DA campaign, his own Chief Deputy Bill Carter admitted that Nuch lied about the ACE Program being his idea when other cities already had it. Nuch has already destroyed any credibility that he may have had amongst those who did not know him, so why on earth should anyone believe anything he says?

And if only 3 people comment here, are you number 2, and am I number 3?

You people really don't like the Dragnet, so knock yourself out whoever you are. Like @3:53PM said, whenever you people start ranting, it proves this Dragnet is on target.

Anonymous said...

7-13-2011 @ 6:45pm, add Steve Ipsen to your list of phony Democrats. These guys don't understand how easy it is to research their prior comments. As a life-long Democrat I can't wait for this primary to heat up.

Anonymous said...

@11:19. I still would like to understand why you think the ACE proposal is awful. It is very similar to many other administrative citation ordinances used in other CA cities. It is an alternative remedy for municipal code violations.

Why should it matter who the City Attorney is (you said in your post, "If this was Rocky's program would you support it? What happens when Trutanich moves on to the DA's Office...") I'm not following your logic. If it is a well-written ordinance, what are your concerns? You and others have been just plain wrong and unfair in allegations that ACE is an attempt by the City Attorney to get grand jury type powers. My reading of the ordinance is that it allows the administrative hearing officer to issues subpoenas etc at the request of the enforcement agency and/or party to the action (i.e., the alleged violator). Nowhere does it give that power to the City Attorney. And the admin hearing officers will not be deputy city attorneys or other city attorney employees.

I guess I am baffled why you spend so much ink on ACE. Why don't you talk directly to the deputies who have worked on this, or do some basic research, instead of using your blog to throw mud at CA Trutanich?

Anonymous said...

Berger you've been fired by Nuch once and your butt will be gone again. Why don't you tell everyone that you never completed one single project in the 8 months you were with him. You got paid 175,000 a year and did nothing. You were in charge of the ACE program and did nothing. You're a stooge.