Wednesday, July 20, 2011

City Council Votes To Remove Trutanich From Civil Cases

A unanimous 13-0 vote against Carmen Trutanich for his abysmal record of failure to fulfill his City Charter defined role as an independent attorney is the latest in a series of setbacks for the City Attorney who promised much, but delivered little.

Trutanich used to joke that he quit working for his predecessor Rocky Delgadillo
after "the wheels started coming off his wagon." That joke may prove to be
Trutanich's deja vu all over again moment as the wheels come off his wagon.

The Los Angeles Times reported that the City Council voted to consider removing Trutanich's jurisdiction over drafting legislation and representing the city in lawsuits.

The City Council's unanimous vote of no confidence in Trutanich is more than just an expression of dissatisfaction with the recent string of embarrassing and expensive losses that Trutanich's deputies have suffered as they have struggled to use Trutanich's schoolyard 'porcupine defense' in the courtroom. Rather, it appears to stem from his apparent inability to understand that his Charter imposed duty to be an independent city attorney does not allow him to be a policy maker when it comes to the affairs of city governance.

Trutanich has fought the city's elected officials over numerous policy matters, insisting that it's "his way or the highway" over hot button issues like billboards, medical marijuana and the costs of the Micheal Jackson Memorial.

In the process, Trutanich has destroyed morale in the city attorney's office, where many believe their livelihoods have been compromised as Trutanich's headline-grabbing antics have resulted in enforced furloughs, hiring and promotion freezes and staffing reductions. "It's ten-times worse than when Rocky [Delgadillo] was in office," one anonymous commenter observed.

Trutanich was not apparently available to respond to requests for his response to the city council's slap in the face, and left his Chief Deputy William Carter to do the talking. Whether that was by design or simply because Trutanich was away from the Office pursuing his campaign to become District Attorney, is not clear.

What is clear is that the city council is entitled to competent and politically independent legal advice, and that as Trutanich marks the halfway point in his troubled first term, the city council clearly does not have any confidence in his ability to deliver the goods. Many who voted for Trutanich likely feel the same way.



Anonymous said...

This is priceless. Nuch is livid at the council, and at the betrayers in his own office. The wheels started coming off his wagon almost from the day he took office.

Anonymous said...

Once again Trutanich hid behind the skirt of his flunkies. He is a coward of the first order, which is typical of bullies. I'm glad the council are taking his toys away - but it is a pity that so many deputy city attorneys have to suffer because of this fool.

Anonymous said...

This smart piece of legislation should open the coffers of Billboard companies, Developers, and MM dispensaries to Jan Perry's campaign for Mayor.

Go Jan Perry! She's very smart. Hopefully she's our next Mayor!

Anonymous said...

There are council members in LA who can't even agree where to have lunch. It's amazing to see them put aside their petty differences and unite under one conclusion: Trutanich is dropping the ball.

All of which brings up another important point: what is the compelling reason to vote for Carmen Trutanich for DA? He seems to not have any platform, he's doing a lousy job managing the City Attorney's office, and he's got no real record of accomplishment.

When you read some of the mean spirited posts on this blog by Trutanich supporters, you're left with the impression that there is really only one reason why Trutanich should be DA: He feels entitled to it.

Anonymous said...

Why would Nuch want to run for DA anyways? He's so pompous you would think he probably would rather have the glitz of Governor or Mayor or heck even President! They get more celebrities, more media attention and more women! Seems like that's more up Nuch's alley than fighting for justice.

Anonymous said...

Jan Perry, ugh! If she's for it, I'm against it.

What does Kevin James think about this?

Rumor has it he's going to drop out of his sputtering Mayoral campaign and switch to the City Attorney's race.

These cuts could decimate the office before he has a chance to show up.

Anonymous said...

What is surprising is that it has taken so long for people to realize what a failure Nuch really is. He just hasn't got what it takes to make it because he cannot control his own people. Apart from a handful of dcas who get the plum jobs, the rest busy working against him. That assures one thing: more failures and more f'ups.

At the DA's office it's the other way around. The malcontents are a handful of ADDA crazies, with the vast majority loyal to Cooley. At th CA's office they have to use a dictionary to find out what loyalty is.

Failure is too kind a word for Nuch Trutanich.

Anonymous said...

Have your pathetic fun Berger, Nuch will be your boss and you will be so unbelievably sorry that you stirred up all this nonsense that you'll be begging to keep your job. The people of LA love Nuch, he is a hero to them because he stands up to the city council and keeps on winning case after case after case. He demolished the billboard companies, closed down all the marijuana shops, and silenced the professional political protesters who blocked ambulances from getting to hospitals in Hollywood. Morale is only bad because the lazy lard-butt deputy city attorneys who have had it too easy for too long, are being forced to work for a change. You call that a record of failure? Look in the mirror you miserable moron.

Anonymous said...

@4:02pm - A study has shown that the L.A. City Council votes unanomously 93% of the time.

If Councilmembers are absent, a machine votes "yes" automatically.

This is the same council that last week voted to end the war in Iraq.

They waste a lot of time on subjects that go nowhere.

Anonymous said...

Jan Perry is the most corrupt, incompetent and vindictive person on the Council. If the FBI had any sense they'd investigate her ties with AEG. Any proposal coming from this wretch is suspect.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a Jan Perry fan and don't find her to be very intelligent. However, I do think this motion of hers was quite cleve. Trutanich has done a terrible job at managing the City Attorney's Office and the only reason the place hasn't gone completely under is due to his Chief of Staff Bill Carter. Carter is intelligent and well respected which leaves one to wonder......why the heck would he voluntarily work for someone as unprofessional as Trutanich?