Wednesday, July 27, 2011

DA Candidate Alan Jackson First to Announce Six Figure Funds Raised

Alan Jackson got the jump on the other DA candidates with the early release of his fundraising successes in the last reporting period. This from the Alan Jackson for DA campaign:


Los Angeles, July 26th – Today the Alan Jackson campaign released their fundraising totals showing approximately $230,000 collected from more than 350 donors. Jackson exceeded his fundraising goals even while successfully prosecuting a complex death penalty case. Jackson’s dedication to justice in the courtroom remains unwavering.

Deputy DA Alan Jackson said, “I am grateful to have earned such broad and deep support throughout the County. It is my intention to become the next DA and make sure that victims and their families have an advocate who fights tirelessly for justice.”

John S. Thomas, Jackson’s strategist noted, “By hitting our campaign goals we are very competitive in this race. Just like in the courtroom, Jackson is yet again surpassing expectations and proving that he is a force to be reckoned with. Clearly this contest is evolving into a two person race.”

Alan Jackson has been a prosecutor in the LA County District Attorney’s office for over 16 years where he has tried nearly 60 felony cases, more than half of which have been murder trials. He spent five years prosecuting hardcore gang cases in Compton, after which he moved to the Major Crimes Division where he has led the prosecution in some of California’s highest profile cases. Prior to becoming a Deputy DA, Jackson served in the United States Air Force as a Jet mechanic. Currently, Jackson serves as the Assistant Head Deputy of the Major Crimes Division where he oversees the office’s most complex and high-profile cases.

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Despite reports that City Attorney Carmen Trutanich has raised $507,000 for his 'exploratory' committee designed to test the waters as to whether voters will forget the countless promises made not to run for District Attorney, rumors persist that Trutanich has other plans for his campaign war chest.

Sources say that Trutanich was shocked by the City Council's recent vote of no confidence in his first 24 months in office, and the startling if not shocking revelations in the Martin Declaration about Trutanich's level of unpreparedness to handle City affairs.

Trutanich probably thought that he could count on being re-elected as City Attorney should his plans to become DA fail. However, the numbers of former supporters who have abandoned him in the light of false promises, grandstanding and outright falsehoods, now means that re-election is far from a certainty.

That, coupled with Alan Jackson's well-funded campaign which has attacked Trutanich for reneging on his campaign promise and is likely to continue to do so relentlessly, may have been enough to convince Trutanich that his money is better spent on trying to rebuild his image as City Attorney in the hope that he can at least hang on to that job.



Anonymous said...

I went to an event for Trutanich last week where he raised another $150,000.

You can tell the momentum is on his side.

We were told under no uncertain terms that Jackie is planning to drop out and throw her support behind him.

Anonymous said...

Nuch (6:22am) has such a way with words, you can see why he was such a successful plaintiff's attorney. Of course he raised another $150k last week, we can believe anything and everything he says.

Carmen the Clown will destroy what's left of his reputation with his outrageous grandstanding and flip-flooping. It's gonna be the most entertaining of campaigns. Go Nuch for DA!

Anonymous said...

This comment was on the Mayor Sam blog. It shows just how ridiculous Nuch has become:

The City Attorney's Office has never been better. Morale is high despite nearly everyone having a 15% pay cut caused by having to take 36 unpaid "furlough" days. I say nearly everyone because there are a handful of exceptions made for essential personnel, such as Carmen Trutanich himself, and others who are close to indispensable. Nobody resents that, and that is because Carmen Trutanich is widely loved within the office, as are his executive staff.

Carmen Trutanich is a genius, a legal leviathan who has turned around the way the City Attorney's Office now fights lawsuits. He invented the "Porcupine Defense," a brilliant legal strategy to fight cases. Carmen learnt the Porcupine Defense when he was in grade school and it has worked for him ever since. He explains it as "You may eat me, but I won't taste good going down." It is an amazing strategy and as soon as the City stops losing cases because some of the lazy deputy city attorneys don't understand their leader's brilliant legal mind, it will probably be used by Harvard and other top law schools. For the present, the LAPD cases that are being lost, are a small price to pay for having the benefit of such an astute legal mind for a mere $237,000 a year, which is about a quarter of what Carmen Trutanich says he used to earn before become our great leader.

The Marijuana ordinance that Carmen Trutanich invented was finally bringing the explosion of pot shops under control until a stupid judge declared that it was unconstitutional in that it lacked a rational basis. The judge clearly was wrong, but very cleverly, Carmen Trutanich did not appeal the judge. Instead he wrote an even better ordinance. That's the kind of legal genius he is.

I heard you on LA Talk Radio last night speaking to Zuma Dogg and David Berger. Why you bother with those losers is a mystery to me. Zuma was very helpful to Carmen during the campaign, but Carmen was never serious about giving him a job. Carmen it too clever for that. Now Zuma just attacks Carmen at every opportunity out of bitterness.

The same goes for Berger who was fired for wasting city time fundraising to retire Carmen's personal campaign debts and refusing to carry out direct orders. He now hides behind pseudonyms at the Dragnet blog and tries to attack the good work of Carmen Trutanich at every opportunity. He is also trying to bust the DA's union by publishing tabloid style exclusives about a few minor errors that were made by the leader, Steve Ipsen, such as Ipsen being slammed by the Supreme Court for committing prosecutorial misconduct in double murder trials and other irrelevant stuff like that.

I suggest you stop associating with the likes of Zuma and Berger before you lose all credibility.

Anonymous said...

Alan Jackson has already blown through all the money he's rasied. He has about 25K left.

He's done.

Anonymous said...

8:08am Yeah right. AJ has spent all his money just Nuch has not only blown his half mil, but had to lend himself an extra $250k to cover debts. The pro-Nuch troll lies are as pathetic as the ones Nuch tells personally. This is the best Nuch can do? Epic fail.

Anonymous said...

Is Trutanich dropping out?

Anonymous said...

@9:51AM Trutanich is between a rock and a hard place. If he admits that he is running for DA, he will become more vulnerable to attacks from City Council who plan to neuter his office, as well as attacks from AJ and others for being the liar and career politician that only a few currently recognize him to be.

The Martin Declaration shows what Cooley told Nuch would happen if he tries to run for DA while he's supposed to be City Attorney - he screws up both because he cannot do two jobs.

If he has raised $507k in past 6 months, then clearly he's not been working much as City Attorney, which explains the Martin Declaration. This will be used by Council when they consider the report of the Chief Legislative Analyst on how to remove Trutanich from overseeing legislation and civil defense.

Nuch's ego cannot take being told what to do, so he's gonna stay in the DA race. Let's just sit back an enjoy watching him self-destruct and implode. I hear he's pretty highly wound up at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Nuch told Met News he doesn't talk politics in the office as an excuse for not confirming that he has thrown in the towel on his DA dream. Dies anyone believe he doesn't talk politics in the office? Gimme a break Nuch, you can lie better than that!

Anonymous said...

Trutanich raised $507k in 2 months according to his campaign manager John Shallman, and another $150k last week according to anonymous (Nuch) @ 6:22AM.

That's 3 times as much as Berger raised for Trutanich while working on the City's dime Now you know why he was fired. That, and the smoking and blogging and insulting council electeds. Bet you haven't got the balls to publish this Berger.

Anonymous said...

Nuch doesn't talk politics at his desk, is what he said, not that he doesn't talk politics in the office. Be careful or you will be sued for defamation.

Here is the link to what Nuch actually said:

Anonymous said...

Cooley threw a fit this morning when he heard how much Alan has raised.

He was cursing John Thomas, and John's sister who did his AG website.

He must realize Jackie's campaign is over.

Anonymous said...

Someone should do a public records request for all the "non-attorney's" hired by Nuch when he took Office. I think the public would be very interested in the six figure salaries Nuch's buddies (the non-attorney's) are getting paid while the attorney's in the Office are writing declarations attesting to the lack or resources. What are these non-attorney's doing? Fundraising for Nuch-- full time while on the City payroll! Nuch should be ashamed of himself, no integrity whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

Kevin James announced that he only raised $100,000.

What happened to the $500,000 that the Dragent said he raised?

I noticed Mayor Sam broke the news, and it's nowhere to be found on this site. Apparently, even Kevin James and John Thomas want nothing to do with David Berger and all his lies.

Anonymous said...

I seriously doubt Cooley threw a fit about Alan's money. I don't think Cooley thinks Alan is a viable candidate otherwise he would have endorsed him, after all they are both Republicans. Cooley is a shrewd politician he can tell if someone has a chance of connecting with voters regardless of money raised, and he probably doesn't think Alan can.

Interesting article about Cooley's anti-union Grade 4 promotion scam:

Anonymous said...

Looks like the ADDA Agency Shop is going to fail - Not Just No, Hell No flyers appearing all over the office.

Anonymous said...

@ 4:43: I also seriously doubt Cooley would throw a fit over A.J.'s fundraising. They seem to have a mutual respect for each other. But I do believe that Cooley wasn't thrilled with Trutanich's fundraising numbers. Cooley must want to kick himself after supporting Trutanich and basically giving Trutanich the City Attorney gig. Trutanich was a virtual nobody until big brother Cooley took him under his wing. Now, Trutanich has betrayed Cooley's trust and basically spit in Cooley's face. That's Trutanich's m.o., he treats you like family when he needs you but once he's done with you, you better watch out. He will stab you in the back without hesitation. Thanks alot Cooley for unleashing this snake. God help us if he becomes D.A.