Wednesday, July 20, 2011

DA Candidate Danette Meyers Proves Third Time's The Charm

Congratulations to DDA Danette Meyers for obtaining a difficult and hard fought murder conviction in a witness intimidation case.

The Los Angeles Times reported that Meyers convicted Tyquan Knox of murder after two previous trials ended with hung juries. "The key to this case was motive," Meyers told the Times.

In addition to the murder conviction, Knox was also found guilty of robbery and witness intimidation charges. He faces life in prison without the possibility of parole when he is sentenced Sept. 7.

The LA Times reported that "In the first two trials, Meyers had relied heavily on the testimony of Knox's girlfriend Keeairra Dashiell. Dashiell had been a top student at Crenshaw and was awarded a full scholarship to UC San Diego. She was accused of driving Knox to and away from the shooting. In exchange for a lenient, seven-year prison sentence, Dashiell had agreed to testify against Knox, but she proved to be reluctant and unconvincing, often contradicting herself and getting caught in lies.

For the third trial, Meyers decided not to use Dashiell and believes the change in strategy, in large part, made the difference. Also, mobile phone records showed that Knox was within two miles of the crime scene several minutes after the shooting, Meyers said. She declined to say whether she plans to revoke the deal with Dashiell and prosecute her."


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