Tuesday, July 19, 2011

DA Candidates On Non-Revocable Parole

Non-Revocable Parole ("NRP") is a budget balancing move that some believe will increase the risks to public safety by essentially removing non-violent ex-convicts from the already minimal supervision and sanction of parole.

Under NRP "Non-violent" parolees are no longer subject to "costly" incarceration in prison if and when they violate parole. Current statistics indicate that 70% of parolees violate within 3 years of release, so the savings to the state will be significant. But at what cost to public safety?

As we reported yesterday, a movement has been started to ban NRP. highlights murders committed by "non-violent" parolees and has reached out to State Senators Ed Hernandez and Ted Lieu to to write new legislation to revoke the current Non -Revocable Parole Policy.

Another recent case that readers may recall, is the tragic slaying of 17 year old Lily Burke, who died at the hands of Charlie Samuel, a killer labeled "non-violent" by prison authorities.

The Dragnet yesterday invited DA candidates to offer their thoughts on the movement to ban NRP, and it is perhaps not surprising that the first response we received came from the candidate who successfully prosecuted Charlie Samuel in the Lily Burke case; Alan Jackson:

"Senators Lieu and Hernandez have it correct—the non-revocable parole program, as it is currently being administered, is broken and is compromising public safety. The consequences of misidentifying violent or serious felons are dire, and the situation stands to get worse with the impending release of additional prisoners under the governor’s realignment program. I fully support the effort to draft new legislation that will revoke the current policy, and as District Attorney I will work closely with our state officials to ensure that our public safety remains the highest priority." 
Alan Jackson
Candidate for Los Angeles District Attorney 2012

We hope to hear from the other candidates with their thoughts on NRP.

UPDATED: We are please to note that Los Angeles City Councilmember Paul Krekorian (CD2) has joined the movement to reform the way "non-violent" ex-convicts are handled by California Department of Corrections. 



Anonymous said...

I don't think we can trust anything Alan Jackson says. He just violated Marsy's Law similar to Arnold Schwarzenneger and reduced a possible death penalty case to 6 years without notifying the victims. The antelope valley press reported on it and victims are outraged. Another reason why Jackson's "tough on probation" solution is a farce. Wake up Jackson. It isn't working. Probation departments can't keep up as it is. You think "tough on probation" is going to win the election. Victims all know that is a hoax.

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