Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Free For All - Trutanich's ACE Lie Confirmed and more ...

City Attorney Official Confirms Trutanich's Lies About ACE Program

City Attorney Carmen Trutanich deferred to his Chief Deputy, William Carter, when the Los Angeles Metropolitan News Enterprise yesterday sought to confirm allegations that the ACE Program was going to provide Trutanich with Grand Jury-like Subpoena powers, in an apparent end-run of the City Council's previous denial of a Grand Jury for Trutanich.

Carter said that the comparison of the ACE Program's Subpoena Powers with a Grand Jury Subpoena was "ludicrous," but offered no explanation as to the difference in being served with an ACE Subpoena and a Grand Jury Subpoena. Both, seemingly, command the recipient to appear personally and answer questions under oath and under penalty of perjury, and/or to produce documents. Those who fear that Trutanich will use ACE Subpoena Powers to bully enemies or as a basis for further grandstanding, are unlikely to be convinced.

Thanks to the skill of Met News Staff Writer Sherri M. Okamoto in probing Carter on other troubling aspects of the ACE Program, Carter refuted Trutanich's statements on the Kevin James Show, that he was the originator of the ACE Program, and that he has shared his idea with other cities, and "now San Diego has it and it's working just fine, Santa Monica has it and it's working just fine," clearly implying, indeed stating, that he had given them the idea, they had adopted it, and it was all peachy.

Carter, who seemingly values his credibility even if his master does not, admitted that "we saw other cities were already doing it."

That Trutanich lied about the ACE Program must surely raise a gigantic red flag to those who fear that Trutanich will abuse this power.

Alan Jackson Releases New Campaign Ad

It's certainly a professional and well produced ad, and will make for an effective tv ad in the future. The Jackson campaign released this statement:

Los Angeles, July 7th – Today the Alan Jackson campaign released a web ad highlighting Jackson’s abilities as both a tough prosecutor and someone who cares deeply about victims and their families. The spot is called “Prosecutor” and features both Deputy DA Alan Jackson and renowned victim rights advocate Collene (Thompson) Campbell whose brother, legendary race car driver Mickey Thompson, was unceremoniously executed along with his wife Trudy nearly two decades ago.

Deputy DA Alan Jackson said, “I have dedicated my entire career to fighting crime and serving the public. As the next District Attorney I promise to continue to protect victims of violent crimes and their families and ensure justice is served.”

“Alan Jackson has the experience, understanding and vision to lead the District Attorney’s office,” stated Jackson’s strategist John S. Thomas.

Alan Jackson gave an interview to Street-Hassle's pseudonymous blogger Mulholland Terrace. MT was impressed with AJ. Read more about "Alan Jackson - Action Figure" at Street-Hassle.

Councilmember Janice Hahn's Congressional Campaign Dogged By Gang Affiliations

FOX 11 News were not impressed by a "cease and desist" letter from Hahn's lawyers. Reports of Hahn's irresponsible support for using active gang members to be paid for "gang intervention" have dogged her campaign, and perhaps she thought threatening Fox11 would put an end to the negatives surrounding her campaign.

It clearly did not work. Interestingly, Fox 11 reported that a deputy city attorney has confirmed that Hahn had requested the "OR" release of an arrested gangmember. It's interesting because that deputy city attorney's statement will not please his boss. City Attorney Carmen Trutanich is very, very keen to help Hahn. He has endorsed her candidacy, and is counting on her support for his ACE Program. Rumors also persist that Trutanich is keen to field his own candidate to replace Hahn should she succeed in her congressional bid.

That one of Trutanich's deputies has the courage to speak out against the wishes of his leader is a sure sign that rumors of Trutanich's poor relations with his rank and file may have some considerable validity. Morale is said to be generally lower that it was under Rocky Delgadillo, and with Trutanich believed to be spending time away from the office campaigning, perhaps the rank and file detect a weakness. 

ADDA Alleged To Have Changed Bank Account After Security Breach
Our previous report of the loss of personal and financial data by the ADDA Treasurer yielded some interesting comments.

This from "Anonymous 2:35pm":
In relation to the theft of Naimen's laptop, there is one important aspect to this whole mess that everyone is overlooking: who were the DDA' whose checks had been scanned.

These weren't just normal ADDA members. These people had been targeted. You see, an importent part of the Burke lawsuit that many forget is that Burke also alleged that the ADDA board had illegally raised the price of the dues. Through an illegal vote, the Board changed the dues from $30 a year to several hundred dollars a year (just how bad a hit is determined by the DDA's rank).

Burke challenged this, and solicited a number of DDAs to join at the "$30" rate to contest the hike in dues and preserve their voting rights as members. By submitting the $30 check, these DDA's were protesting against the ADDA Board and the Board knew it.

So why was Naimen paying special attention to these particular ADDA members by scanning in THEIR checks and collecting THEIR data? What did the ADDA board have planned for them? What information had been collected about them? One thing is certain, behind the scenes they were being treated differently than the members who simply agreed to the massive increase in dues.

And "Anonymous 6:04pm":
2:35pm - thanks for explaining this. I was wondering why they wanted to keep scanned copies of checks. this makes sense now. BTW the ADDA did take action to protect themselves after the laptop was stolen - they changed their bank accounts.



Anonymous said...

I knew Bill Carter at the US Atty's office. He's always been a straight shooter so I'm not surprised that he wouldn't lie for Nuch. I hope he manages to convince Nuch to stop the lies and be straight about things - the voters love him but are getting tired of the silliness.

Anonymous said...

Alan Jackson is a dweeb. Surprised he's not taking credit for killing Osmaa Bin Laden.

Wonder how much he paid John Thomas for that phony quote?

Anonymous said...

Whatever else Jackson is, 1) he's the only republican in this race who has the courage to run as a republican - Ipsen and Trutanich are too chicken sh*t to declare themselves, and so Jackson will probably make it in through the primary. 2) he has a record to be proud of, not one he has to run away from.

Anonymous said...

Nuch will be your boss Berger, no matter how much you blog your BS. Nuch will take all of the Republican votes and a large majority of the Democrat votes. He was in the 4th of July parade up in the Palisades waving to the crowd like a movie star. He is San Pedro royalty. Keep dreaming.

Anonymous said...

It's a darn good thing only voters from San Pedro and Palisades are allowed to vote for DA. . . Yep.
Well, at least it's the traditional "you'll get yours, Berger!" post that inevitably lets us know that the Dragnet is (again) on target

Anonymous said...

Nuch isn't going to be anyones boss. pretty soon he will self-destruct because he can't run the ca's office while he runs for the da's office. his own people are going behind his back and ratting him out, that's how bad it is. kudos the the dca who spoke to fox 11 about hahn, whoever he or she is should be proud of outing hahn and showing that nuch is not in control. happy days dreamers.

Anonymous said...

Berger - you keep running the same two stories over and over again. Borrrring!

What happened to the satiric look at the L.A. City Council?

When you deliver what you represent in your masthead, I'll come back. Until then, good-bye!

Anonymous said...

@1:18PM I agree, I am sick and tired of hearing about what a lying sack of sh*t Trutanich is, and how his own people are turning against him worse than they did with Rocky. And the same goes for the league of losers (ADDA), Ipsen "the sex offender's closest friend," and wannabe porno star "Superman" Seligman. I am canceling my subscription forthwith. Please donate my subscription refund to Steve Ipsen for DA campaign.

Anonymous said...

Trutanich will win. Only one person can beat him - Jackie Lacey. Mark my words. All these unknown DAs aren't known outside the DAs office and never will. They have no curb appeal. Seriously, does anyone care which cases a DA won. It is all about name recognition or a demographic appeal for a position very few care about.

Anonymous said...

I don't think any of these candidates have more or less name recognition than anyone else. Trutanich certainly is known in city politics, but the DA's election is a county wide one with many more voters than the city of LA who have never heard of Trutanich any more than they've heard of Lacey, Jackson or Trujillo (I'm not even mentioning the others). But there are 2 things that work in elections where there's no name recognition; Ballot Title and Name Association.

Lacey gets a huge advantage here as Cooley will retire 9 months before the election, and Lacey will become the DA automatically. That gives her the ballot title District Attorney, easy an instant 10 point advantage.

But it's name association that will be a huge factor for Mario Trujillo - he'll get every latino vote in LA County.

Trutanich? Think again on the name recognition factor. Apart from a handful of NIMBY Neighborhood Council cronies, he's an unknown, has a poor ballot designation and a name that sounds like nobody you want to buy a used car from. It's Lacey or Jackson in run off against Trujillo.

Anonymous said...

I'm with 1:18pm. No one cares about all this ADDA and ACE bullsh*t.

It's all inside baseball that appeals to only involves a handful of insiders.

What happened to the $500,000 Kevin James was going to raise?
Did that turn out to be true?

The first fundraising period ended over a week ago. These clowns need to put up or shut up. How much did any of them raise?

Trujillo, Lacey, Jackson better have twice as much as Trutanich or, it's over.

4:35pm is right. Ballot designation carries the day. That's why the San Francisco DA beat the LA County DA in LA County in the last election.

Anonymous said...

money talks, bs walks. jackson, lacey, trujillo all have more ability in their pinkies than trutanich, but if they are unable to raise a couple of million dollars by may 2012, it won't matter.

trutanich will have to squeeze san pedro dry to get enough money for his run. he did ok in the city attorney race, but he had cooley behind him. without cooley, trutanich has problems and he knows it. that's why he's resorting to lying and grandstanding, he's a desperate man.

Anonymous said...

Cooley has lost his luster. Time for the ol drunk to leave and put Jackie in charge.

Everyone in the office is so disgruntled.

Anonymous said...

9:26am The only people in the office who are disgruntled are the ADDA Board Morons - the League of Losers, as a previous commenter called them.

If you look at what really matters, we've all kept our jobs and have not had to be furloughed (which means a 10% pay cut) and we get to work for an office that we can be proud of.

Contrast that with what that asswad Trutanich has done at the CA's office. Morale is in the toilet - even lower than under Rocky, with layoffs and furloughs and Trutanich losing credibility every time he opens his mouth. His own people ratting him out to Fox 11 News and supporting Paul Krekorian to run against him in 2013.

I'll take working for Cooley in a heartbeat.

Anonymous said...

@11:57AM - of course you like Cooley. Who else would pay you to sit around and blog all day.

Anonymous said...

@5:38pm Is that the best argument you've got? I don't think federal judge Otis D. Wright II will be impressed, but you can always try it. Just add it to the rest of the bs in your federal lawsuit.