Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Free For All: Trutanich's Desk of Silence, Kevin James' Campaign Cash, ADDA Agency Shop

City Attorney Carmen Trutanich remained tight-lipped when questioned by Los Angeles Metropolitan News Enterprise reporter Sherri M. Okamoto about rumors that he had abandoned his personal dream to become LA's next District Attorney due to the City Council's recent vote of no confidence and the shocking revelations arising from the Martin Declaration scandal. Both raised doubts about Trutanich's fitness to run the DA's Office (the largest prosecutorial agency in the nation), however, the damaging findings of the Fire Commission Report would seem to leave little doubt as to his inability to effectively run as large a law office as the District Attorney's Office let alone be re-elected as City Attorney in 2013.

City Attorney Carmen Trutanich pictured at his desk
where he doesn't "talk politics."
(Photo credit: Spencer Weiner / LA Times)
Perhaps taken by surprise by Okamoto's enterprising pursuit of a statement by using his personal cellphone to make contact, Trutanich was unable to dodge the call and sheepishly responded “I am at my desk, and I don’t talk politics at my desk.” According to Okanoto, he deferred any inquiries into the matter to his consultant, John Shallman.

Shallman, perhaps wisely, did not immediately return a call seeking comment, heightening speculation that he is considering how best to spin an exit strategy from the erstwhile DA campaign that might yet allow for his leader's re-election as City Attorney.

Trutanich's "I don't talk politics at my desk" statement may be viewed by some as raising even more questions as to the credibility of the former plaintiff's attorney turned politician. The notion that Trutanich does not talk politics at his desk is as laughable as it is unlikely and begs the question, where does he talk politics? Alongside his desk? In the hallway? In his assigned City chauffeured SUV?

One thing seems clear, allowing Trutanich to make comments that have not been screened by Shallman is a disaster. Shallman did follow up with some carefully crafted comments which still left the fate of Trutanich's Dream unanswered, but he declined to offer any verification of Trutanich's desk excuse. Perhaps he also sees the "I don't talk politics at my desk" comment as being as utterly lacking in merit or credibility as his client.


Los Angeles gets a new Mayor in 2013, and KRLA 870AM's Kevin James is the only "outsider" in a field that includes Councilmember Jan Perry, former Deputy Mayor Austin Beutner and City Controller Wendy Greuel.

This from the Kevin James campaign:

James’ campaign fundraising enjoys grassroots support demonstrating early momentum.

Los Angeles, July 27th –Today the Kevin James for Mayor Campaign announces that it has raised $100,000 from well over 400 donors. This early show of strength from a true reform candidate demonstrates James’ broad support from across the community. James’ clear strengths as a former Assistant U.S. Attorney, Co-Chair of AIDS Project Los Angeles, and ability to call attention to problems in City Hall and offer real solutions from the radio airwaves continue to serve as significant assets for his candidacy.

Kevin James stated, “I am honored to receive such strong early support from so many members of the community made up of every-day hard-working Angelenos and small business owners to former prosecutors and local community leaders. The next Mayor of Los Angeles must be unafraid to challenge the status quo head-on, remove the culture of corruption in City Hall and oversee a city government that provides core services to all Angelenos in an effective and efficient manner.”

“James’ early fundraising numbers from numerous smaller donations position him as the outsider candidate whose candidacy is being embraced by the residents of LA. He is well situated to mount a competitive campaign going forward,” said James’ campaign strategist John S. Thomas.

James opened a campaign committee in late March.

For more information, please visit Kevin James’ campaign website at

Kevin James has been a radio broadcaster for over eight years where he has been an advocate for hard working residents, neighborhood councils, and common sense solutions to the challenges that face our city. Prior to being a broadcaster, James was an Assistant U.S. Attorney where he received the Director’s Award for his distinguished skills and dedication to cracking down on illegal conduct. James served on the Board of AIDS Project Los Angeles for six years. Currently, James is an entertainment attorney during the day and radio broadcaster by night. He plans to continue his neighborhood council tour and focus on local issues throughout the campaign.

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Not Just No, HELL NO! flyers have started to appear around the DA's Office some left casually on tables and desks, others on walls, and some unashamedly on ADDA notice boards. There is no reason why opposition to the Agency Shop should not be voiced on ADDA notice boards, they all carry the same instruction "Please do not use this bulletin board for any other purpose" and allowing DDAs to voice their opinion on whether they should be forced to pay dues to a big labor organization (AFSCME) would seem to be as valid an "ADDA purpose," as posting a "Yes on Agency Shop" flyer.

So download your Not Just No, HELL NO! flyers here, and post them at will on the ADDA notice board. It's called democracy and the most basic of First Amendment rights. Surely the ADDA are in favor of that?

Alan Jackson came in for some criticism for part of his latest internet attack ad against Trutanich. activist Dennis Hathaway took exception at Jackson's condemnation of Trutanich's $1M bail for a misdemeanor violation of the LA Municipal Code. Read Hathaway's article at CityWatch LA.

Trutanich's schoolyard legal strategy, the "Porcupine Defense," suffered another humiliating setback according to the LA Times, when a former LAX Police Officer won nearly $1M in a discrimination lawsuit.



Anonymous said...

The Union thugs are fuming! Alot of them were hoping to ram agency shop through without any discussion or debate. People are asking questions now!

Anonymous said...

ADDA reps must have been told to look out for Hell No! flyer and remove them. Mine's been torn down twice. This is the bunch of people who want to represent us? What chance does anyone have who does not agree with Ipsen or Seligman? Don't say No, say HELL NO! Downloading some more flyers now. Thank you Dragnet.

Anonymous said...

Witch hunt at CA's Office as Nuch loyalists try to find out who leaked the Fire Commission Report.

Anonymous said...

Berger you liar. You told us Kevin James was on track to raise $500,000.

$100,000 after three months ain't gonna cut it. Wendy will wipe the floor with him.

Kevin and Alan Jackson might be better off running for the school board with their anemic fund raising.

A hundred thousand less expenses in these large races doesn't cut it.


Anonymous said...

How the fundraising going for Ipsen? I hear it's not so good. Unions probably won't do anything for Ipsen until he delivers the Agency Shop. That should be on the ADDA notice board too

Anonymous said...

Agree with 11:18am, $100k for Kevin Janes isn't going to make it when Beutner raised $400k and Perry and Greuel both have $200k, but James is getting smaller contributions from many more people, so the number of votes he will get may be greater. Also, Beutner, Perry and Greuel are all competing for the same group; Dems, but James only appeals to Reps and Indies. Wouldn't write him off just yet.

Anonymous said...

Every time Carmen the Clown talks he highlights how dumb he is. Haven't his handlers trained him not to say anything off the cuff? "I don't talk politics at my desk" is the most asinine thing I've ever heard. Couldn't he have easily referred all questions to his political consultant rather than make up something so lame? Maybe his handlers need to work with Carmen the Clown using flash cards and "repeat after me" drills. Carmen the Clown has already embarrassed his Office in front of City Council (which is way his management team won't let him appear in Council chambers anymore!) I've also been to my share of events
where he has put his foot in his mouth and made even his supporters ( all four of them) cringe.

If Carmen stays in the DA race it will be pure entertainment to see his challengers demolish him. I'd put my money on any of the DDA's in the race over the Clown in a debate. How could Carmen possibly explain his horrible record?

No amount of money will erase the failure he turned out to be and the information age will insure all the voters are made aware of it.

Anonymous said...

@2:43PM So TRUe, So TRUe. The idiot needs to be muzzled, especially when he gets angry; then he really loses it and makes even less sense. The reporter who nailed him on his personal cellphone should get a Pulitzer for that one "I don't talk politics at my desk," come on, how stupid do you think we are?

The comment by the anti-billboard guy, Hathaway, starts off with "Depending upon which local blog you read, LA City Attorney Carmen Trutanich is either a thug, bully, clown, pathological liar, or simply unfit for office." Sounds like that should be a multiple choice question in the Grade 4 Exam. Correct answer is "All of the above."

Anonymous said...

Trutanich is an incompetent wanna-be, and needs to slink back to private practice doing leases or whatever he was doing before Cooley had him installed as City Attorney. The City Counsel is STILLLLLL WAITINGGGG for that draft of the Arizona anti-immigration issue a YEAR LATER. He must have been working on the Fire Commission stuff, and couldn't get to it yet.

Anonymous said...

Nuch can't compete with real lawyers. They will tear him to shreds. Even Shallman can't stop this duffus from screwing up whenever he opens his mouth.

Anonymous said...

@2:24 is suffering from delusions of grandeur. Austin Buetner will mop up the Republicans.

Kevin James will not be able to compete in a major L.A. City race with just a couple hundred thousand dollars. Ask David Berger.

Anonymous said...

Who cares about James/Beutner. Nuch is fing screwed by Fire Commission Report. It basically says he is unfit to run a government law office. It's exactly what the entire city council has been waiting for to prove the point. Go back to being an ambulance chaser Nuch, you were good at that.

Anonymous said...

Jan Perry took campaign contributions from Tim Leiweke for her Mayoral campaign and now she's voitng to give them a $300 milliion dollar loan from city coffers at a time when we're still several hundred million dollars under water.


Anonymous said...

I am no fan of Jan Perry and I will not vote for her to be mayor, but she is right about two things. 1) LA needs to have a NFL team and Staples is the best place for it, and 2) Nuch is a power-crazy sack of sh*t and should be cut out of any part of the city's decision making processes. He has done more than anyone else to ruin the hard work of his lawyers by making them adopt his pathetic positions. He needs to go.

Anonymous said...

"Conflict of interest" is such a curious thing. Take for interest the remarkable case of the ADDA. Two of the members of their Board of Directors are waging floundering campaigns for District Attorney. At the same time, their directing a lawsuit on the organizations behalf against that not only targets the Administration, but also . . . TWO OF THE OTHER CANDIDATES for DA. No conflict?

Anonymous said...

Lacey and Trujillo are not really mounting campaigns. They're more like ego driven vanity efforts.

Zuma Dogg could get more votes than those two.

Anonymous said...

Christ! Another $1M of taxpayers money blown by Carmen the Clown and his asinine Porcupine Defense strategy. At the rate Trutanich is hemorrhaging our money there won't be a City of LA because it will be in bankruptcy. The sooner CLA votes to dump the Clown, the better. Come back Rocky, all is forgiven...

Anonymous said...

@2:13PM About that conflict of interest, it's one of many conflicts and it is why I will not support the ADDA and certainly not support their Agency Shop.

Conflict #1 Steve Ipsen ran against Steve Cooley for DA and lost badly. Really badly. Since then he has had a grudge against Cooley and the DA's Office. Everything Ipsen does has the primary goal of embarrassing Cooley and the DA's Office. A classic example is the endorsement of John Eastman who ran against Cooley in the AG primary. What good did that stupid stunt do for the rank and file DDAs? Absolutely nothing. But if gave Ipsen bragging rights so he can advance his own political career.

Conflict #2: Ipsen 'resigned' and appointed a wannabe porno actor "Superman" Seligman to take his place as the leader of the ADDA. Seligman also ran for DA and failed miserably and has his own axe to grind against the DA's Office for passing him over for promotion to management. Like the sex tape thing wouldn't be an impediment to promotion to a management position? Come on, you cannot look at this Seligman without thinking about him making a porno tape, never mind the very questionable way he treated his landscaper who spent a year in jail fighting the sex abuse allegations that Seligman made. The landscaper was found not guilty, I think with a finding of factual innocence.

Conflict #3: After 'resigning,' Ipsen ran for ADDA Treasurer to replace Loren Naiman (who resigned over the security breach scandal). Ipsen was roundly defeated by Doug Sherod (another story there) and Ipsen was summarily appointed to a vacant board position in direct opposition to the expressed views of the ADDA members who made it clear that they did not want Ipsen involved in running the ADDA anymore.

Conflict #4: When the new treasurer, Doug Sherrod, resigned for unknown reasons, but believed to be concerned with the impending bankruptcy of the ADDA over losing 2 huge lawsuits, Seligman and Ipsen went ahead and reinstated Loren Naiman as Treasurer after all the damage he had done.

I could go on, and on, and on about the scandalous way that the ADDA is run by these clowns, but you get the idea don't you. I don't trust any of them, and neither should you. Maybe if the Agency Shop gets a thumbs down from the rank and file, maybe, just maybe it will force a new and fair election when decent people without skeletons in their closets and without personal agendas will lead an ADDA that is committed to the members, instead of the current Board who are committed to their repellant form of cronyism and personal agendas.