Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Free For All

Timing is everything in politics, and this week timing couldn't have been worse for City Attorney Carmen Trutantich. First the news that the City Counsel voted unanimously to strip Trutanich of his control over drafting legislation for the Council and representing the City in civil cases.

Then the shocking contents of what has become known in City Hall as "the Martin Declaration" revealed the depths to which Trutanich's leadership of the City Attorney's Office has plunged; a deputy city attorney is forced to make embarrassing a statements to a court regarding her state of unreadiness and unpreparedness in a case. The Martin Declaration blames "budget cuts" for being unready and unprepared, but Councilmembers are already armed with figures showing that when the matter is one that Trutanich wants, he devotes unlimited resources to it. However, when the matter is one that Trutanich disagrees with, it lays on the back-burner.  The Council need only contrast the efforts and resources Trutanich has dedicated to the ACE Program to the lack of progress on the Arizona boycott ordinance; one gives him more power and influence, the other runs against the grain of Trutanich's political beliefs and support base.

If the Council needs better proof of Trutanich's unsuitability to represent the City's interests beyond their suspicions that Trutanich is spending too much time grandstanding and campaigning to become District Attorney, then you can expect the Martin Declaration to be Exhibit One when Chief Legislative Analyst Gerry Miller delivers his report.

 Taking advantage of the summer period when many DDAs will be on vacation and perhaps unable to vote against the mandatory imposition of union dues on all DDAs, the ADDA Board gave notice that less than 2 weeks from today, those DDAs who are around to vote, will cast votes for or against the so-called Agency Shop.

Timing is everything in politics, and the timing of the Agency Shop election will be seen by many as deliberately calculated to ensure that as many DDAs as possible will not be prevented from casting 'No' votes. Those familiar with the ways that the ADDA conducts its affairs will not be surprised.

However, the ADDA Board Majority may be surprised to find that many DDAs disgusted by the ADDA's actions, or perhaps, the lack thereof over the loss of DDA's confidential information, as well as their vindictive persecution of a fellow DDA who insisted that the ADDA abide by their bylaws, could result in an upset to their plans.



Anonymous said...

I heard that the "Martin Declaration" article yesterday produced another one of Nuch's hours-long rant sessions at the City Attorney's Office with Nuch really pissed that such a lame argument was used to ask for a simple continuance in court case.

Keep up the pressure Dragnet, the Empire is crumbling.

Anonymous said...

ADDA scum thinks they can sneak the agency shop because of vacation time. Get ready for an epic fail losers. You can add all the DDAs who vote NO, HELL NO to your federal lawsuit for union busting.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many CA's got yelled at over the Martin Declaration. Nuch probably flipped over a conference room table or punched a wall. This guy is nothing more than a thug in a suit. He is a bully and a snake and cannot be trusted. We are doomed if this nut becomes DA.

Anonymous said...

Nuch not running for DA.

Anonymous said...

9:37pm I sincerely hope you are wrong. Having Trutanich in the DA race is like having a fatty juicy steak sizzling on a BBQ, popping and banging every time one or more of his opponents attacks his record of failure; it's a record of biblical proportions.

Trutanich has already raised so much money to become DA, so it's unlikely that there's any truth to this rumor. The actual fundraising figures for all the candidates will be out at the end of the month, so I expect the minor leaguers will quietly drop out, leaving Trutanich to get trashed and humiliated on a daily basis. This Martin Declaration scandal has hurt him badly, but he can still recover like he did over the seal killer story and the guy with 32 firearms.

Dream on 9:37pm.