Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday Briefs

Fox 11 News - A Tale of Two Fences

As Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa enters the final two years of his term, his "one rule for you, another for me" style of leadership comes under focus in this well-researched piece of investigative journalism by Fox 11 News reporter John Schwada.

Bottom line, if you're like Walter Garcia in Hollywood, and you want to protect your family, the City of LA demands a $4,800 "variance" or you will have to take down that fence, if you're the Mayor of LA, the people of LA pay for the variance and the wall.

ADDA in Catch 22 Dilemma Over Protecting Members' Data?

Revelations over the ADDA's lack of security protocols highlighted last week as news of the full extent of ADDA Treasurer Loren Naiman's loss of members' confidential personal and financial data became know, now puts the ADDA in a Catch 22 dilemma. If the ADDA Board acts to assure members that their confidential data is secure, and that appropriate protocols are in place should another security breach occur, they are effectively admitting that they failed to act protect members following the July 2010 security breach.

Thus far, the ADDA Board's response has been silence which may not be a winning strategy as they push forward with their plans for an agency shop.

Fewer Follow Politics - Field Poll Reveals

The Mayor gets his fence while mere residence can eat cake, the ADDA Board acts as if nothing ever happened over a major scandal, and voters wonder why their elected officials seemingly never pay the price for their lack of accountability and transparency. A recent Field Poll suggests the answer; fewer Californian's follow politics in the news.

But some clouds do have silver linings. That same Field Poll suggests that those who do care are increasingly getting the news that matters to them from the internet.

Small numbers of better informed voters may yet bring some form of accountability to these otherwise imperious electeds.


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