Monday, July 18, 2011

Will DA Candidates Join Movement To Ban NRP?

No, not NPR as in National Public Radio, but NRP as in Non-Revocable Parole.

The following from the Mayor Sam blog.
The campaign to stop the practice of "Non-Revocable Parole" gained political support last week according to retired Parole Officer Caroline Aguirre. "On Friday July 15. 2011 Immediate family members and close friends of recent murder victim Erica Escobar had a meeting with California State Senator Ed. Hernandez. Ms. Escobar was recently murdered by a recently released parolee classified as a low-level, non -violent criminal offender who had been placed on Non -Revocable Parole.

State Senator Hernandez made a pledge that he would assist and work side by side with State Senator Ted Lieu to write new legislation to revoke the current Non -Revocable Parole Policy."

Below we post the latest video from the "Stop Killers--Stop NRP Campaign". Please share so that the likes of Erica Escobar and others do not die at the hands of supposed "Non-violent Parolees".---Scott Johnson

It's a hot button issue and while some candidates may prefer to ignore it because it goes against the grain of progressive touchy-feely reform movements, it is also one that strikes fear into the hearts of voters who may be seeing themselves and their families becoming victims as the State struggles to balance the budget.

The Dragnet invites all DA candidates to submit their thoughts on NRP, we will publish all responses unedited.

[Credit to Mayor Sam blogger Scott Johnson for bringing this important matter to our attention.]


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