Sunday, August 7, 2011

City Attorney "Family" BBQ Bombs - Staff Boycott BBQ and Stay Away

If you BBQ it, they won't come...

Despite pleading emails from Carmen Trutanich imploring the 900+ City Attorney staff to come to his third annual City Attorney "Family" BBQ, reports received by the Dragnet indicate that the crowd this Saturday at the LAPD Academy was only 100-150, and many of those were not even City Attorney staff.
The official City Attorney's Office Family BBQ invite did not carry the now infamous
"wheels coming off the wagon" logo, but it seems apt in the circumstances.

It seems that the free food and booze was not enough to persuade disgruntled and demoralized City Attorney staff to show their support for their boss. Free food might be appreciated considering that nearly all City Attorney staff have been forced to take a 14% pay cut while their boss steadfastly hangs on to his full $213,724 salary and the use of a City chauffeured SUV. A small group of Trutanich's "essential" staff are also believed to be exempt from the pay cut, a fact that is deeply resented by the apparently "non-essential" majority.

Signs that City Attorney staff were going to boycott the BBQ were clear a week before the event when as few as 75 staffers had actually rsvp'd. This apparently prompted the boss of bosses to send out a personal email promising attendees the chance to drop him in the "dunk tank" as well as "exciting raffle prizes, and a bounce house, face-painting and piƱata for the kids" as well as "no cost to you or your family" a "chili cook-off, hamburgers, hot dogs, rotisserie-cooked lamb and gyros, a cake from Tropicana Bakery, and a variety of cold beverages."

But wait, there's more. "In addition, the winners of the 2010-2011 Outstanding Employee Awards will be announced" Trutanich said, perhaps making staffers wonder whether the author of the Martin Declaration or those responsible for the Fire Commission Report would be in line for a Michael Corleone style kiss of death embrace.

But despite the promise of all free food and "variety of cold beverages" you could wish for, the email signed "Nuch" did little to encourage City Attorney non-essentials to attend. In fact on Friday, August 5, attendance looked to be so dismal that the man who does not talk politics at his desk went on AM570 KLAC Sports Radio's Petros and Money show to pimp the BBQ to the audience, even though the event was not open to the public.

Despite having been previously warned not to grandstand about criminal matters that he has no connection to, the wannabe tough guy couldn't resist trying to pretend that he was somehow relevant to the prosecution of those responsible for the Bryan Stowe Dodgers Stadium beating.When asked  "how's the prosecution going to proceed?" he said "We're moving forward with that case."
Trutanich AM570KLAC Grandstands about Bryan Stowe Dodgers Stadium Beating by LA Dragnet

Of course what he should have said was, "Lookit, those responsible for the brutal beating of Bryan Stowe committed serious crimes. Those are felonies handled by my buddy Steve Cooley at the District Attorney's Office. My office only prosecutes minor crimes called 'misdemeanors,' so I really cannot and should not comment about something that has absolutely nothing to do with my office."

Some might say that hell will freeze over before the king of grandstanding actually makes an honest straightforward statement like that.

Speaking of Steve Cooley and the worsening of relations between the City Attorney and the District Attorney it is understood that Cooley gave the BBQ a miss. Cooley had been a regular guest at the City Attorney Family BBQ, even subjecting himself to being dunked in the tank. But this year Cooley, who publicly disapproves of his buddy's reneging on a campaign promise not to run for DA, seems to hae joined the ranks of the boycotting Deputy City Attorneys and stayed away.

One of the reports the Dragnet received stated that there was "Lots of alcohol and food." Perhaps to emphasize the predominance of alcohol, the report added "Had to look really hard for a bottle of water!" Of course, this raises the legal question of whether the consumption of alcohol in public violated Los Angeles Municipal Code section 41.27? Presumably the City Attorney would have obtained a permit if one were necessary. Besides, the BBQ was held at the LAPD Academy, so there would have been no shortage of law enforcement on hand to ensure that no violations took place.

Speaking of law enforcement, another report stated "At BBQ, 100 - 150 is probably accurate, I don't know most of them," suggesting that the admittedly low numbers may have been made up by drafting-in members of the California Narcotics Officers Association. There is a certain logic to that suggestion as a CNOA official is responsible for fronting the phony DraftTrutanich4DA campaign. Other strangers in attendance were said to be campaign supporters from San Pedro.

It is hard not to feel some compassion for the non-essential City Attorney staffers and their families who boycotted this years event. They face a tough time financially and a boss who publicly decries their plight, but does little if not nothing to share their sacrifice. Doubtless they will no longer be impressed by being told of the pay cut that their boss took when he entered public service. We are reminded of the recent comment "8 years of Rocky [Delgadillo] did not do as much damage to the [City Attorney's] Office as 24 months of Nuch."



Anonymous said...

Not sure what you're writing about, I was there. Must've been at least 1000 people. Lots of Deputy D.A.'s, Police Chief's, County Superviosrs, and CA's from all over the city.

It was good to see Zev and Mark Ridley Thomas and John Noeguez.

A good time was had by all.

Anonymous said...

Once again Berger you got it wrong, your such a stooge. The Barbeque had in excess of 700 people in attendance. I can honestly say we didn't miss you or your Daddy,(D.A.). You have to remember Nuch will be the next D.A. and you wont have a rock big enough to get under to hide. It was a great BBQ and the City Attorney staff had a super time.

Anonymous said...

I think you have been given some bad information Berger. The crowd this year was bigger than ever - even had to turn away the non-essentials who didn't rspv but turned up anyway. The noise was incredible, everyone chanting "Nuch! Nuch! Nuch!" so loud it hurt. He was driven around the running track in a classic convertible Cadillac, standing up saluting the crowd. It was like scenes from days gone by. His speech was stirring and motivating, exactly what we all wanted. Trutanich will rule for 1,000 years.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, looks like that LA Times hit piece on Nuch came out today. Something about Nuch trying to misappropriate a $2M check. No wonder Cooley stayed away from the BBQ, I bet there are a lot of folks who will now understand why. This is very damaging to Nuch.

86%er said...

Regarding the CNOA (CA Narcotics Ofcrs Assoc) any alleged endorsement from them would be from former Prez: gary schram, a member of carmen's entourage. He is now head of carmen's civil investigators, makes over $200K, in NOT furloughed and has not done anything other than donate $$ for carmen's run for C A and now raise money for the D A race. The man is stealing oxygen and a total "do nothing".....let's see if anyone can name anything he has done for the civil investigators? ps...he likes to park his city car in red zones

86%er said...


that location would not hold 1000 people...nice try

Anonymous said...

nice try, but that location could not hold 1000 people, even if they wanted to attend

Anonymous said...

Holly Crap!!! I've just seen the LA Times article about Trutanich trying to divert $2M for unlawful purposes. He seemed very nervous at the BBQ and Baca wasn't there either. Guess they knew this was coming.

Anonymous said...

Is it coincidence or did the Trutanich trolls suddenly go silent when they read about their hero trying to divert $2M to Sheriff Baca. Think they've connected the dots? Or maybe they are waiting for Shallman to give a response on behalf of Nuch?

LA Times did a great job:

BTW. How did Anon 7:07AM know the LA Times was going to publish this (see Friday's comments)?

Anonymous said...

I think the first three comments on here were made in jest. Obviously " 4:30 pm " has a good sense of humor. I was there and yes some city attorney's did go but it was mostly support staff (non attorneys) that were there. Plus, the city attorneys that went were mostly management people surely obligated to do so. There were also a lot of people I did not recognize from our office. What was clear was that most of the rank and file city attorneys didn't show. I think 175 is a fair estimate of what I observed the attendance to be. If Nuch was disappointed he hid it well.

Anonymous said...

To 86%er- Gary Schram isn't the only do nothing Nuch has on the city attorney payroll. Schram and some of Nuch's other cronies are being paid six figure salaries to fundraise for Nuch. They report directly to Nuch with no supervision. They have made up titles and had positions created for them (positions that didn't exist under Rocky). Nuch has his own "old boys club" and the city taxpayers are paying to house them all in city hall east. I hear Nuch's next project is to create a cigar lounge in his executive suite complete with a fully stocked bar, humidor, and stripper pole. (The last sentence is a joke.... sort of....)

Anonymous said...

"The noise was incredible, everyone chanting "Nuch! Nuch! Nuch!" so loud it hurt. He was driven around the running track in a classic convertible Cadillac, standing up saluting the crowd. It was like scenes from days gone by. His speech was stirring and motivating, exactly what we all wanted. Trutanich will rule for 1,000 years".

Yeah! the golden trumpets sounded and a halo and wreath descended on Nuch's head.

Anonymous said...

Berger your a stooge, you were the only one doing nothing making a $175,000 and in 8 months did zero. as i said earlier your office at the ash tray next to the trash can is still waiting. Berger it looks like several of the comment stories are yours. Berger you sucked the office for your salary and did nothing.

Anonymous said...

David Berger, you have to admit that 10:53pm makes a very good point. You were nothing but a political operative who was paid $195k (not $175k) to blog and fundraise to pay off Carmen's campaign debt. It's ironic, to say the least, that you are now making a fuss about a little dirty work that is necessary for any politicians existence. You can kiss goodbye to any chance that Nuch will hire you again. You clearly cannot be trusted to keep your mouth shut, except when it comes to your own shortcomings.

You keep on dragging up the AEG Michael Jackson criminal aspects investigation, but you never once have said that YOU were in charge of that investigation and that YOU were the one that failed, leaving Nuch with egg on his face.

As for the alcohol at the picnic, it was a private event and you should know that LAMC 41.27 does not apply to private events.

You obviously need help. Nobody reads your blog so give it a rest and get the professional help you need before Nuch shuts you down.

Anonymous said...

This Blog has gotten creepy.

Anonymous said...

WOW, say what you will about Nuch, but when his cronies want to hit a website MAN do they hit a website. Shouldn't the Feds be investigating some of the stuff that's surfaced?

Anonymous said...

1:22PM, I think the City Ethics Commission Has primary jurisdiction, then they turn it over to the DA's Office. But as the DA's Office has a potential conflict of interest, maybe the Feds will take the lead here.

Anonymous said...

Jane Usher,

really, a 1000 yrs! This is over the top, even for you

Anonymous said...

can anyone tell me what curt livesay has done since he started collecting his city $200K salary, thanks to carmen?

or david bell? what do they do that is so ESSENTIAL that they are not furloughed?

if they are fund raising, like schram, is that legal?