Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Free For All

If ADDA's Board leader and 'President in Waiting' Steve Ipsen thought the much loathed union "Agency Shop" would slip under the radar without opposition, he may be in for a surprise.

DDAs throughout the office are expressing their shock and horror at the shattering revelations in Tuesday's Metropolitan News Enterprise editorial; "No on Ipsen."

Most DDAs knew that there was some sort of scandal lurking in Ipsen's past, but very few had any idea of the number of scandals or the details.

Now that they know the details, it's becoming clearer and clearer that Ipsen, the ADDA, and the Agency Shop are all part of a carefully crafted campaign to try to create the illusion that the ADDA Board and Ipsen are distinct and separate; The reality, however, couldn't be further from the truth.

The Dragnet's Wednesday review of "No on Ipsen" added a few more details to connect the dots and left little doubt that Ipsen's faux-resignation from the ADDA last year was all part of yet another self-serving cynical manipulation to give Ipsen the power to speak on behalf of all DDAs, when most would never ever willingly chose to have someone with such an appalling record of prosecutorial "misconduct," "betrayal" of duties and "gross irresponsibility" represent them.

Ipsen, ADDA, and Agency Shop are one and the same, and for the same reason that DDAs will reject being represented by Ipsen, they will reject Agency Shop.

Judging by the fairly vitriolic comments posted once the initial fundraising successes or otherwise became known, it seems clear that the June 5, 2012 primary will be a three way battle between the frontrunners, Trujillo, Jackson and Lacey, all of whom broke six-figures in the first reporting period.

City Attorney Carmen Trutanich, who has raised money for an exploratory committee with a phony campaign, is still expected to abandon his DA dream as more and more reports of his massive failures as the worst City Attorney in history become as common as his grandstanding publicity ploys.

Speaking of which ...


There was a time when no sooner had LAPD raided a gang or narcotics operation, than City Attorney Trutanich would be grabbing the podium and claiming credit for "busting" the bad guys.

The ridiculousness of such grandstanding tactics came to a head when an email purported to credit Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca with the rather implausible accreditation of a multi-agency takedown of the 38th Street Gang to the minor and peripheral activities of the City Attorney's Office.

While Baca clearly did not author the misleading email, he nevertheless found himself in the awkward position of having to defend it. It cannot have been a pleasant experience for the Sheriff's credibility to be so publicly brought into question, and perhaps Baca privately made it clear that there was to be no repetition. Doubtless LAPD Chief Charlie Beck proffered the same admonition; no more grandstanding.

It's a theory that has some merit as late Thursday, LAPD released a press statement concerning a major narcotics takedown at a Reseda medical marijuana dispensary. A creditable achievement as the 9 kilos of cocaine seized at the dispensary has no place in a legitimate medical marijuana facility. It seems that LAPD were able to successfully bust the stash of narcotics and firearms without the peripheral assistance of the City Attorney as he was not mentioned in the press release; was he uninvited, or simply too busy campaigning?



Anonymous said...

So Trutanich backs out of a press conference and that is your idea of news? Pretty desperate. Surely the big news about the Clown is the impending failure of his annual staff BBQ? Hardly anyone below the top pay grades wants to be there - it might as well be called the annual elite BBQ because only those lucky enough to be in the Clown's inner circle have any reason to show up. The rest hate the Clown's guts and can't wait for him to crash and burn. Keep up the attacks on Nuch, we love it, and he hates it. Just seeing the look on his face when one of his three Blackberrys buzzes with a new Google Alert showing the Dragnet's latest hit piece, is priceless.

Anonymous said...

Why are there no fund raising figures for Steve Ipsen? Didn't he raise a ton of cash at his junkyard launch?

Anonymous said...

Rumor is that LA Times will have a hit piece on Nuch today. Clown is apoplectic.

Anonymous said...

Trutanich has been in a great mood all week. I ran into him at an event last night. He was over the moon.

Everyone around him was saying that Alan Jackson and Jackie Lacey have stalled, and Trujillo will be easy to beat.

The Dems have already lined up behind Trutanich, so Mario has no where to go, except maybe a LaRaza endorsement which won't mean much.

Anonymous said...

7:57am. You must admit, Nuchbis a great actor and has boundless energy. You must have seen him at the earlier event. The later one was when he got the call about the LA Times piece. If looks could kill ...

Anonymous said...

7:57am - which Dems are you talking about? Most of the committee members I know have been openly referring to Trutanich as a "carpetbagger." Is there one prominent and substantial democrat who will back him? After some backed Cooley over Kamala I think many are cautious about backing a REAL Democrat.

Anonymous said...

Where's the L.A. Times piece? I can't find it.

Anonymous said...

I hear Ipsen raised less than anyone else but is not going to pull out as being a candidate gives him a platform from which he can continue to attack Cooley/Lacey/Trujillo/Jackson. He's probably done a deal with Meyers to get a promotion if she's elected, but her campaign is not looking too good with her in 4th place.

Anonymous said...

It's not surprising that Ipsen (given that his white supremecist sympathies were laid out by the Met News and were well known in the immigrant community) would stay on to attack Jackie and Mario (the only Latino in the race). But then again it provides more of an opportunity to learn more about Iosen and his relationship with the ADDA

Anonymous said...

Trutanich desperately, desperately NEEDS Ipsen to run. Trutanich is an endless fountain of idiotic statements and buffoonery. He is also a constant target of rebuke from all corners of metropolitan Los Angeles. If you're a reporter following the DA's race and your editor wants juicy scandal for the front page, your time is well invested hanging around Trutanich. He will give you material on a consistent basis, you can make a career out of trashing him.

Add Ipsen to the mix and Trutanich becomes boring. Between lending his badge to a sex offender (and running a bed and breakfast for these pervs). . . .to his reversals for prosecutorial misconduct . . . to drawing the ire of his neighbors for having a junkyard . . . to . . well, the list goes on forever. . . . the unsavory and scandalous conduct is just outrageous! It's a tabloid writer's dream!

With Ipsen in the race, Trutanich has a good chance of making it past primary with little focus on all his baggage. Why waste type space on mere incompetence when you can have a daily parade of bombshell farce?

Take Ipsen out of the race and Nuch is your greatest well-of-wackiness!

Anonymous said...


The ONLY thing that matters right now is raising $$$$. LA voters have the collective attention span of a five year old, and won't even THINK about who they will vote for DA until a month out from the race, so all these little "scandals" by the Clown will amount to nothing.

Money=advertising, TV time, etc... which, sadly enough, directly equates to votes.

All you D.A. and C.A. insiders who wanna write off the Clown are smokin' some of that stuff from the latest dispensary bust. He WILL BE the frontrunner with all that money, and people like Grace, who would make an OUTSTANDING DA, are gonna be knocked out of the race.

Welcome to American politics, circa 2011.

Anonymous said...

Trutanich rocks!

If Jackson, Lacey and Trujillo were so great, they would've raised a lot more money. They had 6-7 months.

Instead, the community lined up behind Trutanich.

Money talks, and bullshit walks.

The others need to spend a lot less time talking trash, and more time raising funds.

There dirty campaigns are turning off the public.

Trutanich hasn't even campaigned and he raised more than those three stooges put together.

Figure it out.

Anonymous said...

7:22PM "There dirty campaigns are turning off the public." No, you illiterate fool, actually the informed public are rather enjoying seeing that arrogant thug Nooooch getting thoroughly skewered by his lies and grandstanding. That's why you and Nooooch keep getting bent out of shape every time the media picks up on yet another one of his monumental failures. In the past two weeks:

* The City Council gave Noooch a vote of no confidence
* The Martin Declaration admitted that his staff were unprepared
* The Fire Commission Report showed Noooch to be incapable and unresponsive
* His Porcupine Defense bombed yet again and the City lost another $1M in a discrimination lawsuit that could have settled for $150k
* The Farmers Field Ad Hoc committee voted to use a private law firm to represent the City instead of Noooch
* Two of his top executives have quit
* His staff are demoralized at taking a 14% pay cut, while he has refused to take any cut at all
* He had to send out a begging email to his staff to attend his annual picnic because only 75 had rsvp'd

The only "community" who support Noooch are his special interest friends from SP looking to cash in on City deals like the LAX concession scandal, but once the CIty Council neuters Noooch, they won't even return his calls.

Do you seriously think a group of real professional lawyers are going to be beaten by the Clown? His dirty campaign money might buy him a place in the run off, but then all the others will rally alongside his opponent (Lacey or Trujillo) and he will be demolished just like Jack Weiss was. Karma is a bitch Noooch.

Anonymous said...

5:47 (Grade_2_for_Life) and 7:22. Uh, lets see. The Ira-tollah was a former City Attorney who was supposed to be wealthy unassailable. He wound up bowing out before taking a beat down. Garcetti's leadership gave us OJ. When Garcetti beat Lynch despite having that baggage, people thought he was "bullet-proof." Years later we were told that the Rocky Delgadillo juggernaut would roll into the 18th floor. And lets not forget everyone (and it was everyone) who said Kamala would never catch-up to Cooley.

Every time I read a post saying that the outcome of an election is pre-ordained, I know the person doesn't what they are talking about.
I know the

Anonymous said...

Face it, Nuch would be the odds-on favorite IF he had the support of his former "buddy" Cooley and he didn't have Berger blogging against him on county time. Most voters in LA won't even know there's an election until a month before, and thats when the seeds of Nuch's downfall that are being sown now will blossom and destroy him. It's a beautiful thing.

Anonymous said...

Any update and photos on the mandatory Nuch's picnic?