Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Free For All


In order to fully comply with campaign finance laws,
the Trutanich "LIAR" ads would have to include the following statement
"Paid for by the Committee to Elect Carmen Trutanich as District Attorney 2012"
City Attorney Carmen Trutanich could change his Ventura Blvd. signs to conform to his campaign pledge in a move that would stymie attempts to investigate or prosecute any violation of his citywide ban on new off site billboards.

Trutanich signed a sworn statement detailing the penalties for violating his promise not to run for higher office until he had served a full first term as City Attorney, and sought a second term. In October 2009, Trutanich told confidantes that he would run for District Attorney if Steve Cooley became Attorney General, triggering the provision that he must pay $100,000 for full page advertisements in LA newspapers proclaiming himself to be a "LIAR." The billboard option would seem to be a cost-effective solution as rumors suggest that Trutanich does not have to pay for the advertising space on Ventura Blvd.

Just a suggestion ...


Proving that he is fully capable of speaking out of both sides of his mouth, the media attention needy City Attorney Trutanich has weighed in on the potential illegality of Santa Monica buses carrying digital billboards. More at BanBillboard


Fundraising frontrunner Mario Trujillo announced that he has received the endorsement of State Assemblyman Joe Coto, a former teacher and previous chair of the Latino Caucus.

Trujillo used his Twitter account to make the announcement.



Anonymous said...

Hey Berger, heard you on the radio last night. You suck. Who do you think you are? Piers Morgan blows but you are 10 times worse. You sounded like Robin Leach on crack. Don't quit your day job before Nuch has a chance to fire you.

Anonymous said...

Mario's endorsement is huge! Not only is Mario leading in raising $$$ but he's getting key endorsements from the largest voting block in LA County. Go Mario 2012!!!

Anonymous said...

Well done Dragnet! The Met News picked up the story on Trutanich's illegal billboards:

Someone from LA Building & Safety says the billboards "can’t stay up forever," and Hathaway from Ban Billboard Blight says "the signs should be taken down."

Love it!

Anonymous said...

Allen says he is going to take your suggestion in today's blog except replace Trutanich's picture with yours, and replace the dopey letter you have up there with all the lies you have told on this blog.

Now that's what I call poetic justice.

P.S. He may need a bigger sign.

Anonymous said...

Mario needs some endorsements from names somebody has heard of. It's a big County. Sacramento politicians are poisen.

Anonymous said...

Amazing comments from Building and Safety Dept. inspector that Allen is a big supporter of Trutanich. How can he know that? Also, he says temporary billboard is not subject to the law? WTF? Tell that the guy who Trutanich put in jail on $1M bail for a temporary Oscars billboard. Finally, what about Noooch? Where is he on all this? As usual he is too busy running for DA to attend to the problems in his own camp and hides like a chicken behind the statement of a flunky. The arrogance of office - no better example that Carmen the Clown Trutanich.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Rick Orlov, Trutanich is going to pass the $1 million dollar fund raising mark this weekend.

Anonymous said...

@8:59am Question: What is black and clicks?
Answer: The sound that follows a cold call from Trutanich's fundraiser.

Thanks to the Dragnet, Nooch can't raise a nickel, but I bet he's practicing how to take one.

Anonymous said...

Nooch will need at least $10M to overcome the Tsunami of negatives about him. The association with Delgadillo shocked people who thought he was an outsider. Now we know the TRUth, it's ugly.

Anonymous said...

LOL 9:17AM Nooch taking the nickel? Do you mean taking the 5th and refusing to say anything that might incriminate him? Nooch isn't under investigation is he? I mean, since when is it a crime to be stupid?

Anonymous said...

The Met News headline read:

"Leftover Trutanich Signs Not Illegal Advertisements, Officials Say."

I think you falsly accused Trutanich of a misdemenor code violation.