Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday Briefs - Last Chance To Vote No On Ipsen's Agency Shop

Today is probably the last day that DDAs have to safely mail their ballots and say 'NO' to Steve Ipsen's Agency Shop.

All ballots must be received by Wednesday, August 17, 2011, and historically, when votes on ADDA matters have taken place, there are always a number of 'late votes' that will not be counted. Sometimes, such as when Frank Tavelman lost by one vote to become President, those 'late votes' likely would have made a difference.

To be safe, mail your ballot today.

Here's a link to the popular flyer giving our reasons for saying NO to Ipsen's Agency Shop, and our previous article with more information.



Anonymous said...

Remember, after 2012 Cooley is a retiree. . . . And history.
But no matter that we voted Ipsen off the board, his cronies reappointed him. Force the ADDA to clean up its act, NO ON AGENCY SHOP!!!!

Anonymous said...

@12:23pm Steve Ipsen built the ADDA up from a 'do nothing' social club into an effective fighting force with political clout. We now have our brothers and sisters .in AFSCME who will help to crush the oppressive management who deny promotions and hand out assignments like punishments.

The agency shop will unite all DDAs in the fight to give Steve, Hyatt and Loren the promotions they have earned through being outstanding lawyers.

Now is the time of all workers to shake off the yoke of management and stand lockstep behind our leaders and force the Board of Supervisors to grant the pay raises they have withheld and to issue DDAs with cellphones like the City Attorneys have. Vote YES on Agency Shop and send a message.

Anonymous said...

Is 1:15 completely insane? Ipsen destroyed the camaraderie that used to exist at the DA's Office. He turned DDAs against DDAs just to further his personal issues. Vote NO!

Anonymous said...

If DDAs can afford $906.40 a year to pay dues to a bunch of MORONS then they are earning too much and deserve the misery they will get from Ipsen.

Anonymous said...

A while back someone commented that they didn't know what would be worse; Ipsen's Agency Shop or Carmen Trutanich as DA?

IMHO Ipsen's Agency Shop would be worse because at least with Trutanich we could all have a good laugh every time he makes a fool of himself. With Ipsen, there is nothing to laugh at anymore. VOTE NO, HELL NO!