Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday Briefs - Trutanich's Weekend from Hell & Vote NO on Ipsen's Agency Shop

Although Carmen Trutanich is said to have put on a brave face, it must have been clear to him that the pitifully low staff turnout for his much pimped 3rd annual City Attorney Family BBQ was a clear sign that he has lost the loyalty of the rank and file.

Of the 900+ City Attorney employees (that includes attorneys and support staff), perhaps 75 rank and file employees showed up for the free food and booze. The rest of the crowd which is estimated to have peaked at 175, appear to be management who were "expected" to attend, a bunch of rapidly drafted-in law enforcement supporters from the phony DA campaign, and friends from San Pedro who helped to make up the numbers and avoid even greater humiliation.

It was a far cry from the 400 to 500 actual employees who greeted their new boss back at the first BBQ in 2009. They were full of hope that their new leader would reverse the 8 years of damage that Rocky Delgadillo had done by running the City Attorney's Office as his campaign machine for his next political run. How sad it must be for them to see their hopes dashed by more of the same; the crass grandstanding, bullying and blundering that has been the hallmark of the first 24 months of this administration.

That City Attorney staff boycotted the BBQ in such large numbers probably has as much to do with their having to take a 14% pay cut, while their boss and a select group of "essentials" do not share their sacrifice. If Trutanich thought free food and booze was going to help morale, it seems he was mistaken.


The Los Angeles Times reports that City Attorney Carmen Trutanich hand-delivered a $2M check to the County of Los Angeles, and attempted to to divert the money to the Sheriff's Department, instead of allowing the funds to be used for consumer protection as required by law.

 District Attorney Steve Cooley described the conduct as "Bizzare" and suggested it was a political ploy. Others may believe that it was a crass attempt at a payback to Sheriff Baca for his support for the City Attorney's phony campaign to become District Attorney after Cooley retires. Nobody believes the Trutanich's lame excuse that "There is absolutely no political motive involved whatsoever. None. Zero. Zilch."

Trutanich's grasp of reality became even more "bizzare" last week when he claimed on a radio show that he was prosecuting those responsible for the Bryan Stowe Dodgers Stadium beating.When asked  "how's the prosecution going to proceed?" he said "We're moving forward with that case."
Trutanich AM570KLAC Grandstands about Bryan Stowe Dodgers Stadium Beating by LA Dragnet

Of course what he should have said was, "Lookit, those responsible for the brutal beating of Bryan Stowe committed serious crimes. Those are felonies handled by my buddy Steve Cooley at the District Attorney's Office. My office only prosecutes minor crimes called 'misdemeanors,' so I really cannot and should not comment about something that has absolutely nothing to do with my office."

Some might say that hell will freeze over before the king of grandstanding actually makes an honest straightforward statement like that.

All Deputy District Attorneys should have received mail at their home address containing the ballot to vote against Steve Ipsen's Agency Shop. In the wake of last week's shocking revelations about Ipsen, the likelihood of his succeeding in becoming the representative of all DDAs looks slim. Ipsen is doubtless counting on voter apathy and vacation absences to provide for the passage of his Agency Shop; something we believe would be a disaster for the vast majority decent hardworking DDAs who do not want to be represented by someone with such an appalling record of irresponsibility and misconduct.

In order to help DDAs to make an informed decision, we have produced this flyer for display and distribution:

Copies of the "Vote No On Ipsen's Agency Shop" flyer can be downloaded by clicking here.

Please be brave and take a stand against this affront to the high standards demanded by the pursuit of justice. It is time to take control of this situation and "not getting involved" is precisely what Ipsen wants. Be sure to vote "No" on Ipsen's Agency Shop, and don't be afraid to share your views with others; we live in a democracy where free speech is not controlled by Ipsen and his acolytes.



Anonymous said...

The agency shop has nothing to do with Steve Ipsen, and the disgusting lies you are spreading about him are pathetic. DDAs should be proud to have Steve Ipsen as their leader - either as head of the ADDA agency shop or as the DA, or even both. We need a strong leader who can stand up to the corrupt Board of Supervisors and the private defense attorneys who have too much say in our affairs. Steve Ipsen has the courage of his convictions and is not afraid to take a controversial stand on issues that matter. With Steve Ipsen as our leader we will have the power of AFSCME to negotiate for better pay and work conditions; something we all need. Yes it will be tough and there may be some setbacks, but as Rob Dver said, it's an investment in our future. You only have to look at what's happening to our brothers and sisters at the City Attorney's Office where their weak agency shop has failed miserably. That would not have happened if they had a leader like Steve Ipsen. Vote yes on agency shop and Ipsen for DA!

Anonymous said...

You and the Met News are doing Cooley's bidding because Cooley has a fedral injunction against him. If you were a respectable DA and lawyer, you would report the truth and both sides of every issue rather than your distorted version of fantasy land in your immature and deplorable blog that is actually hurting those you claim you support. I will be voting yes! Thank you ADDA for everything you are doing. Many of us wish we could be more public about it, but the fear of retaliation is clearly real and we appreciate all of you board members who have suffered that for us.

Anonymous said...

I used to think the ADDA board was a bunch of corrupt Ipsen cronies. After reading (and hearing)the Orwellian rants that these guys spew, I'm pretty certain it has turned into a cult.

Anonymous said...

Baca was a no show at Nuch's BBQ. He must have been tipped off about the LA Times piece. Expect him to withdraw his support for Nuch and back Jackson any day now.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised you didn't write more on the LA Times article on Trutanich. Cooley called it "unlawful" why didn't you mention that? "Trutanich's suggestion on how to spend the county's share of the legal settlement met with a rare rebuke from his friend Dist. Atty. Steve Cooley, who said such a move would probably be unlawful and called it a 'political ploy.' "

Anonymous said...

7:07am is an example of the sheet insanity that the ADDA board has to.

However, it is refreshing to see that they admit that Ipsen is their puppet-master.

Anonymous said...

The LA Times story is huge! So Baca does this grassroots campaign to "recruit" Nuch, sends letters and emails asking people to sign a petition to draft Nuch?. Then, lo and behold, Nuch tries to funnel Baca $2 Mil for DNA kits when the money can only be lawfully used for consumer protection? Does Nuch have half a brain? Nuch is a thug and conducts himself more like a Mafia boss then anything else.  I'm surprised Nuch didn't try to "hand deliver" the $2 Mil in cash via unmarked bills- - mafia style!
I'd like to see the DNA kits processed too but NOT through illegal means and unethical political gamesmanship.  I have lost all respect for Nuch and warn any other politicians to think carefully before aligning themselves with him. Nuch will bring you down too.

Anonymous said...

The two ADDA bigshots in the DA's race aren't doing too well in fundraising. They appear to be at the bottom of the field.

Per Friday's Met News. Bobby Grace has only $17,179.45 cash on hand, but he's managed to spend $22,550.67. Ipsen has only spent $3,390.56, but his bumbling fundraising has left him with only $21,036 cash on hand.

Is there any mystery why we're being hustled into an "agency shop" at this point and time?

Anonymous said...

Since Nuch is out fundraising all the other candidates by far without even having formally announced his candidacy for DA, it seems to me there is a real danger he will win this election. Doesn't it make sense to have a strong union with someone like that at the helm? I'm voting for agency shop.

Anonymous said...

8:11PM is Steve Ipsen. Freakin crazy logic. Almost, but not quite, as pathetic as Ipsen's scare message that went out today.

Anonymous said...

I read Berger's stupid flyer and have to write this even though we've been told not to comment on this blog. Berger you have lied to us about Steve Ipsen being "summarily" appointed to the ADDA. It was a perfectly lawful procedure carried out in accordance with the bylaws that provide for the appointment with Board approval of members in good standing to vacant Board positions. A duly constituted quorum considered the motion and a vote was taken by the Board members. There was nothing underhand, it was an open and transparent procedure and all ADDA members were informed of the Board's decision as soon as practicable. I demand that the Dragmet immediately publish a retraction of this slanderous misrepresentation or face the consequences without further notice.

Anonymous said...

Berger couldn't tell the truth if he wanted to. You betcha he is doing Cooley's bidding, he is front man we all know that. Between the drunk D.A. and the moron I don't know how you get anything accomplished over there.It's obvious you need strong leadership like Nuch to get it done. Berger would be standing at the unemployment line and Cooley would be getting drunk on his front porch and not sucking from the county anymore. Cooley gave Nuch some great publicity on the DNA testing, what prosecutor wouldn't want testing for rape kits or any other DNA testing, hey Cooley we could get the rapist off the street and any other felon we have DNA on. Frick and Frack,(Berger and Cooley), Cooley your slipping, no control and you can't even pick your own successor. Cooley you can't get much more disloyal than you Nuch raised a lot of money in for your campaign and now you stab him in the back, snake.

Anonymous said...

Hey 8:11pm, I've got a better idea. Why doesn't the ADDA clean up its act; get rid of the guys who WE VOTED OUT but who the board appointed back on anyway; and end the ridiculous management-by-malfeasance employed by the corrupt crony culture that runs the ADDA!

When the people who run the ADDA decide to operate in an honorable fashion, the members will actually feel honored to be represented by them. Right now they don't conduct themselves like criminal prosecutors, they act more like those who need to be criminally prosecuted.

Anonymous said...

Two funny lines above that needed a response.

1. "If you were a respectable DA and lawyer."

Berger is neither, that's why he writes this British tabloid nonsense all day on his silly blog. Could you imagine Vince Bugliosi or John Van De Kamp wasting their days with all this phony froth?

2. "Expect him to withdraw his support for Nuch and back Jackson any day now."

Yeah, Baca is going to pull his support from the frontrunner, and switch it to the 4th place ametuer, dummy Alan Jackson.

What does it say about Jackie Lacey's managment abilities that she allows this nonsense to continue on her watch?

Anonymous said...

8:41pm conveniently leaves out the fact that in the last election, Steve Ipsen ran against Douglas Sherrod for the position of Treasurer. Sherrod was not well known and Ipsen had the support of his buddies on the Board. In a staggering landslide, the members overwhelmingly voted for Sherrod over Ipsen. Sherrod won and Ipsen was decisively left off the Board. Ipsen got back on when the Board, behind closed doors, quietly appointed him to a vacancy.

8:41pm is the type of firm commitment to half truths that we've come to expect from the ADDA Board.

On the other hand, 8:41pm also demonstrates the ADDA Board's solid commitment to the civil rights of every DDA . . .every DDA who blindly agrees with them. If you disagree, they threaten and harass you.

Thank you 8:41pm for showing the true ADDA Board to the rest of us!

Anonymous said...

After Ipsen comes stone last in the Primary (again), Ipsen will try to drag his agency shop into the General Election fray by throwing the offer of an endorsement to Nuch (assuming he isn't indicted by then) in return for what Ipsen wants - a management position.

To those who think that just because Nuch raised a ton of money from his shady San Pedro special interest supporters (just Google Trutanich, Eke, LAX), he is going to win, take a look at what happened to the 'front runner' in the City Attorney race - Jack Weiss. Weiss out raised Nuch and also had a 10 point lead after the Primary. But the voters know a stinking pile of crap when the smell it, and Weiss lost, mostly because he was so widely despised by those who knew him. The word about Nuch is getting out and he will pay the price for his duplicity and deceit around midnight on November 6, 2012. That will be a real election hangover. You heard it here first.

Anonymous said...

Just love these comments where the poster wastes time type space squealing about how Berger is irrelevant and no one reads his blog. Fool, its prime-time on a Monday night and apparently YOU had nothing to better to do than read his blog and pound out a response. Either A) you're a much lower life form than Berger (he moderates a "worthless" blog but you wasted your time reading and responding to it; OR B) you're blatantly full of crap when you say no one reads this blog (lets face it, everyone is reading this blog and talking about it in the DA's Office)

Anonymous said...

Oh, looks like Steve Ipsen's getting really desperate now. His 9:22PM post shows how worried he must be that the Dragnet has gotten through to most DDAs and they are discovering the truth about Ipsen and the way he runs the ADDA.

First he plays the race card - there's a f'ing surprise coming from a white supremacist lover. What the hell has Berger being British got to do with anything?

Second, he assumes that Baca won't pull his support of Trutanich. Well Ipsen, where was Baca on Saturday? I'll tell you where he wasn't - Baca was not at Trutanich's City Attorney Family BBQ to watch the Clown holding back tears because nobody but his his despised "essentials" and his San Pedro thugs showed up. And as 10:0PM reminded me, Baca endorsed Jack Weiss first, and then withdrew the endorsement. So don't be so sure about the rumor that Baca's backing out. With that said, Baca will not support AJ when he pulls the Clown's plug, it's either going to be Lacey or Trujillo.

Third is a favorite Ipsen ADDA ploy, the implied threat. Ipsen says that whoever writes the Dragnet (Berger?) is doing it on county time. Ipsen has no proof and as everyone who reads the Dragnet sees, the posts are written late at night. But just like all Ipsen's lies in his Federal Lawsuit in front of Federal Judge Otis D. Wright II, it's all white noise, empty threats and assertions with no substance.

I hear that Ipsen is the one who is making fundraising calls on county time. I also hear he's being politely turned down. Nobody takes him seriously as a DA candidate. He is desperate to win the agency shop so he can get the big unions to kick in some dirty money, but that won't happen because now we know the truth the agency shop will be a landslide - defeat.

I admire the people behind the Dragnet for finally giving the rank and file at the DA's Office a voice. So far Ipsen has controlled the debate with his one sided rants. The game is changing and the good guys are winning, and Ipsen hates it. Hates it. Hates it.

Anonymous said...

@10:01pm. You are right about Jack Weiss. What you forgot to mention was that David Berger's blog and the Mayor Sam blog spread all the dirt about Jack Weiss that the press lapped up. Think it could be a case of deja vu all over again? I hope so!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps this blog should use a fact-checker. Sheriff Lee Baca was at the City Attorney BBQ. I was there, saw him, and also got to meet him. And there were a LOT of C.A. employees and their families who attended this event on Saturday. It was actually a lot of fun.

Anonymous said...

Nice try 11:08pm. Baca wasn't there, neither were you. It was a monumental flop. Other media now picking up on the whole Trutanich mess:

Go to:

Or click here to read 'em and weep.

There's more Trutanich scandal to come.