Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday Briefs

2012 Presidential Primary Date Change Could Influence DA Race
The 2012 Presidential Primary was going to be held in February 2012 in order to give Californian voters an earlier voice in Presidential politics. However, the cost of holding the Presidential Primary was estimated to be millions of dollars that California does not have.

The LA Times reported on Friday July 29, 2012 that Governor Brown has signed a bill that will combine the Presidential Primary with local elections slated to be held on the first Tuesday of June 2012, a move that will save the State "millions of dollars," according to Brown's spokesman Gil Duran.

Beyond a cost saving move, the combining of the Presidential Primary with local elections is sure to have an effect on local politics. But what effect? Certainly voter turnout is likely to be higher than would otherwise be the case, and even more certainly, the vote is likely to be more partisan.

Republicans outraged at President Obama's first term will almost certainly vote for the DA Candidate with their party's endorsement. At present, that looks certain to be Alan Jackson.

In the Democrat camp, the choice of party endorsement is going to be harder. The obvious favorite, Jackie Lacey, faces a formidable opponent in the form of Mario Trujillo who carries LA's influential Latino vote. Danette Meyers and Bobby Grace are also well connected in local Democrat politics, and will be vying for the all important endorsement too.

Ultimately, the outcome of the Primary will be a November run off between a Democrat and a Republican; with a Lacey - Jackson ballot looking likely.

Jury Watch - Los Angeles Judge Accused of Bribery
The Los Angeles Times reports that a jury is deliberating charges that suspended Superior Court Judge Harvey Silberman tried to bribe his then opponent, DDA Serena Murillo, to drop out of the 2008 Superior Court race for Seat Number 69. His two political consultants pleaded no contest to conspiracy charges, but Silberman claims the bribe offer was made without his knowledge or approval.

Murillo turned down the offer and filed a complaint with the district attorney's Public Integrity Division. Murillo, who was endorsed by The Times, ultimately ran against Silberman and lost, 52% to 48%. The case is being prosecuted by the Attorney General's Office, and a verdict is expected this week.

Trutanich To Be Cut Out of AEG/NFL/Farmers Field Negotiations?
While the City of Los Angeles considers whether to support AEG in their bid to bring an NFL team back to Los Angeles, speculation is mounting that if the plan is green lighted, the Council will choose outside counsel to represent the City, rather than rely on disgraced City Attorney Carmen Trutanich.

The Council's recent vote of no confidence as well as the shocking revelations in the Martin Declaration and the findings of the Fire Commission Report, would seem to indicate that the Council would be wise to bypass the City Attorney's Office if only to avoid a repetition of the delays and "mistaken" advice. However, the Council may also believe that the City Attorney's has a conflict of interest based on Trutanich's 2009-2010 "criminal aspects" investigation of AEG.

That investigation suggested that there were "criminal aspects" to AEG's handling of the Michael Jackson memorial, however it was summarily dropped without comment from the City Attorney  a year later. Many now believe that the charges were baseless and simply a foretaste of the media grandstanding that has typified the first half of the plaintiff's attorney turned politician's administration.

The City's partnership with AEG in restoring a NLF presence in the second largest city in the nation is seen as crucial to the continued success of the Downtown LA revival. Equally, the need to ensure that the City of LA receives better legal representation than that experienced by the LA Fire Commission and that the City Attorney's Office is not tasked with duties in excess of its resources, will likely mean a private law firm will have to represent the City's interests.

ADDA Accused of Conflict of Interest
Some fairly heated comments were posted over the weekend concerning the Association of Deputy District Attorney's push for an Agency Shop. This from "Anonymous 6:14 PM" on July 30, 2011, seems to sum up many of the doubts expressed:

@2:13PM About that conflict of interest, it's one of many conflicts and it is why I will not support the ADDA and certainly not support their Agency Shop.

Conflict #1 Steve Ipsen ran against Steve Cooley for DA and lost badly. Really badly. Since then he has had a grudge against Cooley and the DA's Office. Everything Ipsen does has the primary goal of embarrassing Cooley and the DA's Office. A classic example is the endorsement of John Eastman who ran against Cooley in the AG primary. What good did that stupid stunt do for the rank and file DDAs? Absolutely nothing. But if gave Ipsen bragging rights so he can advance his own political career.

Conflict #2: Ipsen 'resigned' and appointed a wannabe porno actor "Superman" Seligman to take his place as the leader of the ADDA. Seligman also ran for DA and failed miserably and has his own axe to grind against the DA's Office for passing him over for promotion to management. Like the sex tape thing wouldn't be an impediment to promotion to a management position? Come on, you cannot look at this Seligman without thinking about him making a porno tape, never mind the very questionable way he treated his landscaper who spent a year in jail fighting the sex abuse allegations that Seligman made. The landscaper was found not guilty, I think with a finding of factual innocence.

Conflict #3: After 'resigning,' Ipsen ran for ADDA Treasurer to replace Loren Naiman (who resigned over the security breach scandal). Ipsen was roundly defeated by Doug Sherod (another story there) and Ipsen was summarily appointed to a vacant board position in direct opposition to the expressed views of the ADDA members who made it clear that they did not want Ipsen involved in running the ADDA anymore.

Conflict #4: When the new treasurer, Doug Sherrod, resigned for unknown reasons, but believed to be concerned with the impending bankruptcy of the ADDA over losing 2 huge lawsuits, Seligman and Ipsen went ahead and reinstated Loren Naiman as Treasurer after all the damage he had done.

I could go on, and on, and on about the scandalous way that the ADDA is run by these clowns, but you get the idea don't you. I don't trust any of them, and neither should you. Maybe if the Agency Shop gets a thumbs down from the rank and file, maybe, just maybe it will force a new and fair election when decent people without skeletons in their closets and without personal agendas will lead an ADDA that is committed to the members, instead of the current Board who are committed to their repellant form of cronyism and personal agendas.



Anonymous said...

Thanks to the "Citizens United" Case, there are few restrictions on soft money contributions. This is relevant as to ADDA Agency Shop, as the infusion of cash from compulsory dues is directed (by the ADDA Board) into advertising and political efforts that attack candidates other than the the two ADDA Board members who are running (Ipsen and Grace). In particular, look for the ADDA federal litigation to be directed in a manner that undermines competition to these board members. Look for the litigation to be redirected in a manner that targets Jackie Lacey and Mario Trujillo, as opposed to other more obvious targets in the administration. (Note: Ipsen has alot of easily documented baggage in regards to immigration and the Latino community, so look for the ADDA legal efforts to focus on attacking Mario Trujillo).

Anonymous said...

I see that LA Daily News picked up the Fire Commission Report. Good job Dragnet, expect more media interest and calls for Trutanich to answer questions instead of hiding behind his staff. Typical of a bully.

Anonymous said...

fyi - I think Trutanich is running. I went to an event for him last Friday. Quite an impressive crowd, and I'm not easily impressed.

His campaign raised another 250K in July.

Anonymous said...

Any word on fundraising totals for DA 2012? Looks like (with the primary being moved) ads on broadcast media will be getting really expensive.

Anonymous said...

ADDA Agency Shop will not pass, but not because of the nasty comments here, but because most of you are too selfish and don't give a damn about the hard work that the ADDA has done for you.. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

Anonymous said...

3:42pm is right! How dare any of us rank & file have opinions of our own or objections to the vendettas, misadventures and political safaris of those ordained to lead us. Don't we realize that we owe these people our absolute allegiance, even if their actions betray our core values and beliefs. The nerve!

Yes, agency shop will fail, but not because the rank & file are selfish. It will be because a clique of insiders insists on maintaining an iron grip on control of the union, despite the fact that most of us don't trust them or approve what they do.

Anonymous said...

Using the word "selfish" is just outrageous. Were you thinking of the rest of us when you held the affiliation vote and limited it to members only? Were you thinking of us when you had the MOU extension vote and limited it to members only? You only care about the rest of us now because the tab has to be paid and all the important decisions have been made.

Anonymous said...

Nuch IS running and is livid about the rumors going around that he's not. He can't make a formal announcement because of all the bad press he has gotten lately. Plus, there is so much turmoil within his own Office that he would look like a rat jumping from a sinking ship if he went public and officially confirmed his DA candidacy. He is an egotistical scumbag. For the sake of Los Angeles ( city and county) I hope and pray he is not elected DA and not reelected City Attorney. Nuch, please just go away!

Anonymous said...

I think the point that @3:42pm is making is that it is unfair for the majority of DDAs to sit back and lap up the benefits of the work that the ADDA will do for the "rank and file" without them paying their fair share. In 2008 when Steve Ipsen started to make the ADDA more effective, only a handful of DDAs were willing to put their hands in their pockets so that the rest of us would benefit. Now that the ADDA has won so many hard fought victories for us, it's time to pay up. You people don't know how lucky you are to have Steve Ipsen fighting for you, and quite honestly, by not paying your fair share, you are proving what an ungrateful unworthy bunch of misers you all are. The agency shop is your way of making good and building bridges, so man up and pay up.

Anonymous said...

The rumors about Nuch being cut out of the AEG/NFL deal are just that, rumors. Apart from the Internet radio show on Saturday night, I have not seen this reported anywhere else and if is obviously an attempt to make Nuch look bad, but Nuch will have the last laugh. Even if the city tries to cut him out, the Charter requires approval as too form from Nuch. How long do you think he can drag that out. ha Ha, Jan Perry, the egg will be on your face!

Anonymous said...

The fact that Doug Sherrod resigned the Treasurer position says a lot. I knew him when he worked downtown. A bit too into himself, but one of the more talented people I've come across in the office. I asked him why he quit, and he said the ADDA finances were a "trainwreck waiting to happen."

Not surprising. NO WAY am I voting yes on agency.

Anonymous said...

uh, Boogers - you lied twice about Kevin James. First you said he had $500,000 in the bag. That was a lie. Then you said he raised $100,000. That was also a lie.

He only raised $91,000, and after John Thomas cleaned him out good, he's got only $25,000 left.

You lie more than Trutanich.
Isn't it ironic?

Anonymous said...

@8:14PM - You forgot about all the lies he told about Jackie Lacey. It's August 1st. Where's the big L.A. County Fed endorsement and the Mark Ridely Thomas endorsement?

Not to mention the "gobs" of money she supposedly raised?

Just continuous lies.

Even Gene Maddus at the LA Weekly picked up on all the Kevin James bull-crap.

Anonymous said...

Ipsen is such a tool!! When is our membership going to realize that Steve has got some serious issues!! His obsession with tearing down the office is exactly why we have no credibility in the county, or among other labor groups. Wake up people!!