Thursday, August 18, 2011

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There's no denying that there's been an air of anticipation around the DA's Office in the past few days, as a sizable majority of DDAs are wondering if their votes will count to defeat Steve Ipsen's Agency Shop.

The ballots will be counted starting at 10:00am today at the offices of the County's Employee Relations Commission ("ERCOM") at the Hall of Administration. It's a far cry from the typical Ipsen ADDA elections where ballots are mailed directly to Ipsen's PO Box, and there is always a certain lack of confidence in the results. Although the ballot count is not open to the public, ERCOM is allowing observers from Ipsen's Board Majority and the DA's Office to attend.

We can only hope that the results of the election will send a clear message to Ipsen and his followers, that the majority of DDAs do not want his reckless, irresponsible and vindictive style of leadership to be their voice.

As yet, there is no word as to when and how the results of the election will be communicated to DDAs. We will endeavor to announce the news as soon as possible, most likely on our Twitter feed:


The Los Angeles Wave's Contributing Editor, Betty Pleasant, has lived up to her newly found eponymous reputation with a glowing editorial on District Attorney candidate Danette Meyers.


District Attorney candidate Alan Jackson's campaign received a boost yesterday with the news that his trial strategy in the prosecution of Phil Spector got the "thumbs up" from the California Supreme Court. Their decision not to even hear the appeal from the 2nd District Court of Appeal's approval of Jackson's trial strategy in calling 5 witnesses to Spector's prior acts of violence towards women "when fueled by alcohol and faced with a lack or loss of control over a woman who was alone with him and in whom he had a romantic or sexual interest," the AFP reported.

Spector, now 71, was tried and convicted by Jackson. He was sentenced in 2009 to 19 years in prison for the 2003 murder of Lana Clarkson, a former actress, at his east Los Angeles mansion. Spector, who created the famed "Wall of Sound" recording technique during the 1960s, is not eligible for parole until 2028. He will likely die in prison long before the possibility of parole is even a consideration.

If Spector was famous for his "Wall of Sound," then Jackson may become famous for the "Wall of Evidence" that he built around Spector to convict him and debunk Spector's shameful attempts to vilify Lana Clarkson as being suicidally depressed over her flagging acting career.



Anonymous said...

my fingers crossed that agency shop fails - too many ddas i spoke to say they voted no.

Anonymous said...

Why are you wasting your time writing about Meyers? She has no chance as her pathetic fundraising results show. The real candidates, Trujillo, Jackson and Lacey are more important and relevant.

Anonymous said...

Forget Jackie. Forget Trujillo. They both have fatal flaws that will emerge in the months ahead.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha It passed. You've got as little influence as you do credibility. At least when Nutch wins we will have a strong union to protect the rank and file.

Anonymous said...

302 for 204 against, and about 300 who couldn't care less and didn't vote.

Anonymous said...

Now that non members are having to pay dues, don't be surprised if the 300 or so people who didn't vote suddenly take an interest in ADDA internal politics, especially as the big scandals surface.

Anonymous said...

Anyone want to bet Seligman will step down to spend more time with his family and Ipsen will be appointed as President?

Anonymous said...

Great article on Danette nice job.

Anonymous said...

An unionized District Attorney Association--that really restored my faith in the justice system!

Anonymous said...

LOL Jackson Wall of Evidence!

Anonymous said...

why is the administration so against unions? still don't get that.

Anonymous said...

IMHO I do not think the administration is against unions per se, neither are the 204 who voted against the agency shop. I think they are against the leadership of this union. I hope we get to see the Ipsen/Seligman leadership replaced in the next round of elections.