Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thursday's Thorny Themes


The latest missive from Steve Ipsen's Agency Shop appears to be crafted to allay the serious concerns that most DDAs have that Ipsen will continue to use the ADDA as a vehicle to attack the administration over his personal grievances.

Ipesn's missive poses the rhetorical question "If I don’t like the current ADDA Board’s direction or leadership, why should I support Agency Shop?" and suggests that if you "join as an active member" you will be able to have a voice in changing the disastrously irresponsible way that Ipsen has purported to represent all DDAs, even though he never had that mandate.

Cynics  familiar with the way that Ipse's ADDA has vehemently berated those who disagree with him will take little comfort from the notion that suddenly, because all DDAs will be required to pay $906.40 a year in dues to Ipsen, things will change. Those with a more open mind might do well to read some of the threatening abusive comments posted on the Dragnet by Ipsen's followers.

The last open challenge to Ipsen's ADDA came from DDA Peter Burke. He wanted Ipsen to abide by the ADDA's bylaws and hold an election. A reasonable position, you might think. But rather than follow his own bylaws, Ipsen challenged Burke in a two costly and protracted lawsuits; both of which the ADDA lost.

The ADDA wasted an unknown amount of members dues on fighting a fellow DDA, and when the final ruling went against "the Ipsen way," the ADDA did claimed not have the $160,000 in legal costs awarded to Burke, having perhaps expended all members dues over the two-year litigation period with their own lawyers.

It was likely the "grossly irresponsible" way that Ipsen lead the ADDA down this path of financial ruin that cemented the three-year relationship with a "big labor" union, AFSCME. For it was AFSCME who came up with the funds necessary to prevent bankruptcy. Under the three-year bailout deal, 2/3rds of future dues will be paid to AFSCME to pay off the debt.

This latest missive fails to mention any of the established pattern of "the Ipsen way" of dealing with dissenting viewpoint.

Equally, the notion that becoming an "active member" will allow you to run for "an ADDA Board seat" fails to mention any commitment to hold open elections for the leadership positions, indeed any positions. While Ipsen's current Agency Shop election is being administered by the County of Los Angeles, future elections (if and when they occur) will be conducted in the "old fashioned way" with no independent oversight to ensure that all votes are counted, or that all members even receive ballots.

While Ipsen supporters have frequently bitterly criticized the Dragnet's open forum for discussion, it is notable that neither Ipsen personally, nor through his ADDA, has any type of blog or forum for discussion. A blog costs nothing, so it can hardly be the case that Ipsen is unable to provide such a forum for a two-way discussion.

All DDAs get are one-sided emails with the occasional "invitation" to attend a Board meeting to be either berated personally for voicing opposition, or sued for union busting. That's the Ipsen way, and there is nothing credible from Ipsen or his Board that appears to give DDAs any confidence that things will change.



Anonymous said...

No Nuch bashing today? Bor-ing.

Anonymous said...

Of course you don't even cover The Wave's interview of Jackie Lacey because the Dragnet is a Cooley puppet. Shame on you. You have lost all credibility.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't the rest of the board ask Ipsen to resign? At least until the 2012 District Attorney election is over. Conflic of interest seems obvious

Anonymous said...

The marionette can't ask the puppeteer to resign.

Anonymous said...

I got the ADDA email as well and thought the same thing - why no mention of when the elections are going to be held?

Anonymous said...

I hear there's a nice surprise in store for tomorrow - it's Trutanich's birthday and Baca is going to explode when the next hit piece come out. it's a good one I hear.

Anonymous said...

I'm assuming The Wave Newspaper will not be endorsing Jackie Lacey after they trashed her in today's paper.

Anonymous said...

Baca is all in for Trutanich. Nuch will have 2 million by the time the primary rolls around. There will be no run off. He will get over 50% of the vote. Bye bye all of you other candidates. Those bashing Nuch... have a nice 12-16 years ahead of you. Once he is in, he will be re-elected again and again. Maybe even break Cooley's "historic record".

Anonymous said...

Baca is a survivor. He will bail as soon as Trutanich becomes a liability. like he did with Jack Weiss.

After Trutanich's antics made the news this week, a number of big political figures decided to hold off from being too closely associated with him. The word is that one of the major news station have a smoking gun about some fundraising irregularities, and the word is spreading around LA that Trutanich might take a bunch of people down with him.

The problem with Trutanich is that you cannot trust him. One minute he's your BFF, the next minute he'll stab you straight in the chest with a smile on his face - just ask Dave Burger, Bruce Riordan, Jeff Isaacs and of course Steve Cooley. With a track record like that, nobody who values their reputation wants to have it ruined by a Nuch scandal, it's not worth it.

Anonymous said...

Don't know about the others, but Cooley and Berger deserve what they get from Nuch. They have it coming and it is long over due. He will be the boss and they will go down in flames of shame. Nuch and Baca are BFFs until June you'll see.

Anonymous said...

Nuch has pissed off too many his own troops, and they hate him. It would actually be advantageous for most DCA's to have him elected District Attorney. They would be rid of him.

But lets face it. These people have seen their paychecks shrink and it hurts. Many of them have dirt on Nuch, and there will be quite a few who can't resist a little payback.

As to Berger, bitch and moan as much as you like, but at least he has the integrity to post everything, including the comments of his critics. It's a relief considering you have clowns like Nuch and Ipsen, who really aspire to be at the head of cults, not campaigns.