Tuesday, August 9, 2011

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In what must surely be a sign that Steve Ipsen's Agency Shop is failing now that DDAs have seen the shocking truths about Ipsen's utter unsuitability to speak on behalf of all DDAs, the Ipsen issued a "scare" email purporting to "assure" recipients that their votes will be confidential.

The unsigned email implies that the confidentiality of the way voters cast their ballots was ever in any doubt. It was not. But at a time when DDAs are discovering the way that Ipsen has manipulated the ADDA to place himself back in the driving seat without election, the goal is clearly to deflect attention with a bogus scare story.

Of course, the ultimate irony is that Ipsen is complaining about the potential abuse of "confidential information" when neither he, nor any other ADDA Board Member, lifted a finger to protect the identities of DDAs who had their names, addresses and bank information delivered into the hands of the criminals who stole ADDA Treasurer Loren Naiman's personal laptop last year. Naiman had scanned DDAs checks and stored them on his computer for no apparent good reason.

New readers to the Dragnet should read our expose on Ipsen's ADDA disregard "confidential information" when it is the identity of those who oppose his plans; the DDAs who had their identities stolen were those who paid $30 to vote for or against the adoption of new bylaws. We understand that most of the DDAs who paid $30, voted against Ipsen's change in bylaws.

This is the reality of the Ipsen Agency Shop. Use the "ADDA 411" link at the top the page to access printable articles on Ipsen's ADDA shenanigans and of Vote NO to his Agency Shop before it is too late.


As the LA Times exclusively reported, City Attorney Carmen Trutanich attempted to persuade the County of Los Angeles to misappropriate a $2M Unfair Business Practices settlement check.

Trutanich hand delivered the check, perhaps to add emphasis to his request that the $2M should be diverted away from its lawful purpose; furthering consumer protection.

Instead, Trutanich tried to persuade the County of LA to give the $2M to Sheriff Lee Baca to help to clear the backlog of unprocessed DNA rape kits.

Sheriff Baca, purely coincidentally, has allowed his name to be used in support of a misleading "effort" to persuade Trutanich to run for Los Angeles District Attorney.  

Trutanich's actions, viewed in the light most favorable to him, reveals a shocking lack of legal knowledge, as well as an appalling ignorance of the current state of DNA rape kit analysis.

As to the lack of legal knowledge, he of all people should know that financial settlements of cases brought under Business and Professions Code 17200 and 17500, have to be used for consumer protection. The $2M check represented half of a $4M settlement that the City Attorney's Office had obtained for billboard violations. The law requires the settlement funds to be split 50/50 between the City and County agencies responsible for consumer protection. Apparently, the City Attorney was unaware of the law.

Ironically, when questioned, Trutanich's Chief Deputy sheepishly admitted that the City Attorney's Office was not using its $2M for DNA rape kit analysis, but rather for its lawful purpose; consumer protection.

But if a lack of legal knowledge isn't bad enough, the City Attorney was also, apparently, blissfully unaware of the current state of DNA rape kit analysis. The fact is that there is no current backlog of DNA rape kits, neither at the Sheriff's Department nor at the Los Angeles Police Department. Certainly, Baca would have welcomed an extra $2M, but equally certainly, he did not need it to clear a non-existent backlog of DNA rape kits. Perhaps the former plaintiff's attorney turned career politician should be excused from having all the facts about DNA rape kit analysis; after all, his office does not prosecute rapes, those are felonies prosecuted by the District Attorney's Office.

However, it could be said that Trutanich's blunder reveals more than a lack of legal knowledge and the facts about DNA rape kits. It could reveal a lack of ethics and a need to give the Sheriff a "thank you" for supporting his phony DA campaign. That would appear to be consistent with other ethical issues that have been raised regarding Trutanich; quite apart from his willingness to renege on his campaign promise not to run for District Attorney or other higher office, the false claims of "criminal aspects" surrounding the Michael Jackson memorial come to mind, as well as threatening to arrest elected officials and city workers over mistaken billboard issues.

There are, sadly but not unsurprisingly, many, many more issues with Carmen Trutanich.



Anonymous said...

I hear there's an investigation into Trutanich's fundraising. The way he handled the $2 million check could have caused it. Hope they fry him.

Anonymous said...

DDAs should be more concerned about the way Ipsen handles confidential information. Make that mis-handles confidential information.

Anonymous said...

At last! It's high time DDAs found out about the way Ipsen and his cronies tried to ignore Loren Naiman's abuse of our confidential information. Keep up the pressure on Ipsen and the evil agency shop mob. Trutanich will crash and burn anyway.

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me? There really isn't a DNA rape kit backlog? Nuch is such an idiot and doesn't have an ethical bone in his body.

While they are investigating his fundraising they should also look into how much Nuch's buddies that he brought in are getting paid.  Even the non-attorney's he brought in are getting paid more than rank and file deputy city attorneys. 
Get this: Nuch exempted all his buddies from furloughs because they are "essential" yet the rest of the office is suffering a 14 percent paycut!  Nuch's way of saying thank you for their loyalty, fundraising on city time, and of course their campaign contributions to his exploratory committee. The kicker is that these do nothings are collecting FULL pensions from their previous high level government careers. Big money. Really now, how much taxpayer money do these do nothings need?
Nuch's buddies are the quintessential old boys club. Who's in the club you may ask? Well their names have been outed in some of the comments of this blog. You might also want to check Nuch's exploratory committee finance report ("coincidentally" they are contributors.) And you thought the City of Bell was corrupt.

Anonymous said...

8:19AM - Is Dan Raskov still "working" on one of those special contracts for Nuch at the City Attorney's Office? WTF does he do?

Anonymous said...

Trutanich, Trutanich, Trutanich - it's all anyone talks about.

How can any of these other worthy candidates get any oxygen if all everyone does is talk about Trutanich?

I was at a dinner party last weekend and two ladies were willing to bet me that Trutanich was the only candidate in the race.

One person thought Jackie Jackson and Mike Trujillo were running.


Anonymous said...

That the ADDA guys would bitch about intimidation is insane. Everytime they get into an argument with someone they threaten to add them to their federal lawsuit. The people who don't want forced dues have been scared into silence because they're afraid of getting sued by the union (or one person said, "keep your mouth shut or they'll Burke you).

Anonymous said...

10:56 is a TRU Troll Same comments were made about Jack Weiss - the front runner. Didn't work out too well for him, did it? Karma us a bitch Nnuch

Anonymous said...

We haven't heard from the troll who posted that Jackie Lacey would be dropping out within a week and that Mario Trujillo's campaign was falling apart.

That was back in July. Mario's fundraising has surpassed everyone except Trutanich. Just love the way these Ipsen/ADDA trolls make their claims then run and hide.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the 2 million Trutanich wanted to give Baca was a little 664/Thank You for Baca's early support of Trutanich for DA...

Anonymous said...

We're waiting for Jackie to announce that she's dropping in.

Even the legal community is not backing her.

Sometimes campaigns just stop without any fanfare.

I submit Alan Jackson's campaign as Exhibit "A"

Anonymous said...

Love that you think all my posts are Ipsen. Berger you're a fool and so easily provoked it makes me laugh and want to throw up all at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Not so fast 9:15pm. Your little jab at Lacey may be on target, but you're leaving out an important factor as to Jackson.

The effects of the Supreme Court's Decision in Citizens United will play a key role in this race. Whatever cash a candidate has on hand - "hard money" - is now irrelevant. What is important is "soft money." That's the money spent by third parties on issues of interest to those parties, which translates into support campaigns for candidates they support and, more importantly, negative campaigns against candidates they hate (think "swift boat").

Jackson has an important card in his hand: he is the only declared Republican. Republican operatives can spend unlimited resources through their issue groups to promote Jackson and bash his opponents.

The same holds true for the Ipsen campaign. Sure he has about 21K (plus change) on hand. But there are no limits (at least not through campaign finance laws)to the amount of ADDA money he can have directed in support of his campaign, and against his opponents (and yes, for those of you who need a dose of reality, Ipsen may not be ADDA President but anyone who has dealt with him knows he RUNS the union). This is probably why you guys are going through an agency shop election, he needs the ADDA to have a fresh injection of cash (contributions taken from each DDA) to add to his war chest.

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute 8:19 am, (Berger), Berger the stooge in May there was a backlog and the check was delivered in June. Berger if you were such a smart prosecutor you would realize there is other DNA testing the city/county can do, not just rape kits.

Once again Berger the stooge your info is completely wrong there are exec. staff being furloughed. you couldn't tell the truth when you worked for the city attorney why would we expect it now. One misleading statement after another. Don't forget Berger you were paid $175,000.00 per year to smoke cigarettes at the trash can. You completed nothing. The county should check your work hours and computer system to see why at 8:15 AM your on the computer when you should be working, but your boss is a sleep at the switch to, (Cooley). Your fellow attorneys should be looking at you wondering what the hell are you doing. Berger your the only corrupt thief around hell with Bell We should be looking at Berger the Stooge.

Anonymous said...

Is 10:15PM the same idiot who last week tried to claim Allen Jackson spent all his money buying television time for next year?

Pretty stupid. First, there was no evidence of commercial time purchases on his expense report, and second, Broadcast stations would never sell their advertisiing time one year in advance.

Personally, I hope that Carl Rove contributes money to Allen Jackson like they did for Cooly It really helped.

Anonymous said...

Ummmm. . . .11:17pm. . . .don't mean to get in the middle of your flame war. . . .but before you post, you may want to use this thing they invented called "google." It's "Karl Rove," not "Carl Rove."

Anonymous said...

PS- It's also "Alan Jackson" not "Allen Jackson." Also "Cooly" is spelled. . . . come to think of it, why I am I wasting my time?

Anonymous said...

Is 11:02PM the same sage who claims that no one reads the Dragnet? Seems like there's an awful lot of people at the DA's office and the CA's office who say "Have you seen what's on the Dragnet today? If Berger is responsible for the Dragnet, then I for one am impressed with the way you've opened up a number of issues to debate. The ADDA Ipsen koolaide drinkers are a bunch of morons who are always part of the problem, and never the solution to anything. Those mindless trolls think that they can control the debate. Well just like with Trutanich, you've proven they can't. Sorry to hear about London, hope your folks are ok.