Tuesday, August 16, 2011

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Our thanks to Mulholland Terrace at Street-Hassle for this teaser about Petros Papadakis, host of the Petros and Money show, who recently interviewed the City Attorney and captured Trutanich shamelessly grandstanding about his prosecution of the Bryan Stow beating.

MT opines that Petros' injury may have its origins in Petros being a dunk-tank victim at Trutanich's monumental flop of annual City Attorney Family BBQ.

It's remarkable that Trutanich thinks that childish pranks like the dunk tank achieve anything, and perhaps that explains the equally monumental failure of the "Porcupine Defense," another one of Trutanich's childish ploys that has cost the City of Los Angeles millions of dollars in trial losses.

In case you missed it, here's a clip from Trutanich's grandstanding claims about the Byran Stow beating where he implied that he was "moving forward" with a case that is not being prosecuted by him:

Trutanich AM570KLAC Grandstands about Bryan Stowe Dodgers Stadium Beating by LA Dragnet


Yesterday was the last day to mail your "NO" ballots to prevent Ipsen from forcing all DDAs to pay him "dues."

Any votes mailed today might not arrive in time for the Wednesday, August 17 cut-off, however, if you have not yet sent your vote, do so anyway.

Here's a link to the popular flyer giving our reasons for saying NO to Ipsen's Agency Shop, and our previous article with more information.


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Anonymous said...

Check out Carmen the CLOWN on YouTube being interviewed on National Night Out. He explains his Porcupine Defense and claims it has SAVED the city millions of dollars. The reality is different. The City Attorney's office has lost a ton of cases and over $20M because of Trutanich's crazy strategy.

You need to capture this video before Shallman takes it down, as it is such a freakin lie that even Shallman won't be able to spin it around. This buffoon is making professional attorneys play his pathetic schoolyard game, it's making deputy city attorneys look stupid and it is costing taxpayers millions of dollars.