Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wednesday Worries

While around a thousand Los Angeles Deputy District Attorneys anxiously await the results of the vote on Steve Ipsen's Agency Shop election, Los Angelenos have something else to worry about; City Attorney Carmen Trutanich is using a schoolyard gimmick to tackle the thorny problem of defending the City in liability lawsuits.

It's called the "Porcupine Defense," but you won't find in a law school syllabus. It is not mentioned in legal hornbooks, and you don't get much of a meaningful definition from it's "inventor" and chief proponent either, as celebrity interviewer Brad Nolan discovered when he hosted the 4th Annual National Night Out celebrations.

As this mini-documentary shows, the City is losing millions and millions of dollars thanks to the use of a schoolyard prank, a campaign catchphrase that sounds good, but like everything else associated with Trutanich, is shallow and baseless.

The only humor in this expose is that the interviewer, Brad Nolan, obviously has no idea what the City Attorney actually does. He is not the only one. Also, he cannot remember the City Attorney's name. Let's hope that it won't be too long before we can all forget the name of the biggest disappointment in LA politics.


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Anonymous said...

You don't know just how disgusting Noooch and Carter have been towards deputy city attys who were forced to try the cases that should have settled.