Saturday, August 13, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up


Don't let Bobby Grace's softly-spoken demeanor fool you. Anyone who has seen the veteran prosecutor during closing argument knows that what's coming next for the defendant is either life behind bars, or a private suite on death row.

In between back to back high profile murder trials, Grace somehow finds the time to run his campaign to become the next Los Angeles District Attorney, and last week he also managed to find the time for a sit down with the Los Angeles Wave's super-critical Contributing Editor, Betty Pleasant.

Betty Pleasant has a reputation for being anything but "pleasant" especially when it comes to those responsible for law enforcement in the community. So how did Bobby Grace handle the "gottcha" question that rounded out his interview; "That the district attorney is a mean, vindictive ogre who uses his office to settle old scores against people? Huh? What will Bobby Grace do about that?"

Read Betty Pleasant's interview with Grace to find the answer to that, and learn a little more about Bobby Grace.

Grace's campaign website is:


All DDAs are being asked to vote on whether to they should be forced to pay Steve Ipsen's proposed Agency Shop $906.40 a year in compulsory union dues.

Ipsen pulled a snap vote on this thorny issue hoping, perhaps, to prevent any debate or organized opposition to his plan to have a mandate to speak on behalf of all DDAs in his reckless pursuit of his own agenda.

While Ipsen has a following among a small minority of hardcore ADDA members, many other members privately hope that despite the advantage that an agency shop would bring to the ADDA, Ipsen is the wrong person to be trusted with the power and position to direct the use of the $2M in agency shop dues that will be generated over the three-year commitment.

Almost 2/3 of that $2M will be given to big labor union AFSCME. That's part of the recent "Affiliation" agreement that Ipen brokered to avoid the threatened bankruptcy of the ADDA. That bankruptcy was caused by a reckless, meritless and ultimately losing lawsuit against DDA Peter Burke. Burke wanted Ipsen to hold elections as required by ADDA bylaws, but Ipsen refused. Two years later, after losing at trial and on appeal, Ipsen's strategy had depleted the ADDA's finances to the point where the only options were bankruptcy or a bailout from a big labor union.

Although big labor will recoup it's bailout investment in Ipsen's ADDA over the next three-years, Ipsen will still be left with the use of the remainder of members dues to continue his equally meritless "union busting" lawsuit against his political opponents. With nothing to prevent Ipsen from suing DDAs who oppose his political aspirations, it is not too surprising that many privately will be saying one thing when it comes to voting for Ipsen's agency shop, but privately voting against it.

All ballots must be mailed by Monday August 15 to ensure they are received by the closing of the election on August 17. The ballots will be counted on August 18.

Here's a link to the popular flyer giving our reasons for saying NO to Ipsen's Agency Shop, and our previous article with more information.


Much to the chagrin of some of her opponents, District Attorney candidate was not "ripped a new one" when she stepped into the lions den and faced one of District Attorney Steve Cooley's harshest critics, Los Angeles Wave's Contributing Editor, Betty Pleasant.

Lacey's interview with Pleasant followed that of fellow candidate Bobby Grace, and according to Pleasant, was "the longest interview I’ve ever had with a political candidate."

Lacey said that the interview actually lasted two and half hours and that she was "not surprised" to find that the report of the interview was "very fair." Apparently, during the course of that two and a half hour interview, Lacey established a rapport with Pleasant and succeeded in convincing her of the merits of her candidacy.

Sadly, as the Mayor Sam blog reports, Betty Pleasant will be on hiatus at the Los Angeles Wave while she undergoes eye surgery. In closing out her August 10, op-ed, Pleasant said "I’m going to be away for a while. I don’t know for how long, but, like MacArthur, I shall return." I'm sure we all wish Betty a speedy recovery.


He likes being the talk of the town, usually for grandstanding on serious crimes that he has no real connection to, and certainly no control. The most recent example was his claim to be prosecuting the Byran Stow beating at Dodger Stadium. "We’re moving forward with that case." was what Trutanich told a talk show radio host about a case that has nothing to do with him. 

But when attention-seeking City Attorney Carmen Trutanich tried to illegally divert a $2M settlement check to a political ally, he got another dose of the kind of publicity he doesn't like; a scathing critique in the Los Angeles Times.

Some TRU believers would like to think that Trutanich was simply unaware of the fact that the rape kit backlog no longer existed when he tried to give the $2M check to Sheriff Baca. Trutanich could be forgiven for not knowing the the facts about rape kits as his office does not prosecute rapes any more than it prosecutes the Bryan Stow beating.

Others, perhaps even those who once backed the San Pedro ambulance chaser turned career politician, see Trutanich's actions for what they TRUly were; an unethical, illegal and rather stupid attempt to give Sheriff Baca a $2M "thank you" for supporting his deceptive bid to become Los Angeles District Attorney.

While Baca might have appreciated the $2M payoff for trying to give Trutanich a get out of jail card from his sworn campaign promise not to run for District Attorney, it is highly likely that Baca did not appreciate the suggestion that he was party to an illegal "pay to play" scam perpetrated by Trutanich. Baca swifty responded by having his spokesperson say that Sheriff Baca was "unaware" of scam, and that Baca "would not comment" on the matter.

Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley told the LA Times that Trutanich's attempted check fraud was "probably unlawful" and called it a "political ploy."

Trutanich celebrated his birthday this past Friday and was presented with an excoriating write up at CityWatch were he was accused of "selective prosecution" by former CD4 candidate Stephen Box. 

It seems the tide slowly is turning against Trutanich.



District Attorney candidate Mario Trujillo turned 43 on Saturday, and his campaign announced it with a fundraising drive to send Mario $43 as a birthday present.

This from the MarioTrujillo4DA campaign:

Dear Friends,

Today is a special day for the campaign - its Mario's 43rd Birthday!

Although it's his birthday, Mario is hard at work. He's busy talking to voters, listening to the concerns of L.A. County residents, and creating dynamic and innovative solutions to fix our justice system.

To assist Mario in his efforts, we thought it would be a great idea to ask each of you to contribute just $43 to Mario's campaign in honor of his 43rd birthday! By giving today, you are helping to ensure Mario continues to pull away from his competition.

Click here to donate and help make Mario's 43rd birthday memorable!

This is your opportunity to be part of Mario's historic campaign. Mario has a great vision for a safer Los Angeles, but he needs your help to get his message out. Please donate $43 today and help Mario Trujillo become the next District Attorney of L.A. County!

Visit Mario's Facebook page to wish him a happy birthday and learn more:

For more information on Mario, visit his website:


Roxanna Ayers,
Campaign Manager
Mario Trujillo For District Attorney, 2012

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Anonymous said...

Great job with your damage control Dragnet. Let's see, Betty accused Jackie Lacey of 1) being in love with her boss 2) recently moving into LA just to run for DA 3) being unfamiliar with the same major cases she says she oversees 4) not seeing any change needed in how the office is currently being managed and of course 5) being a defendant in an anti union lawsuit. You call that interview a thumbs up by Betty?!

Anonymous said...

How come Jackie didn't mention her endorsements from the L.A.County Fed and Mark Ridley Thomas? I smell a rat.

Anonymous said...

Oh the ADDA trolls are upset that Betty Pleasant didn't criticize Lacey for 'loving' the guy who promoted her to #2, when he union-busted all of them by not promoting them. Talk about envy.

And moving to LA 2 years before the election to run for an office that she's worked in for 25 years, oh goodness me, how awful, simply awful. That's SO much worse than Carmen the Clown Trutanich 'living' in his son's apartment in LA but keeping his real home in Long Beach. That's not carpet-bagging at all, is it?

I could go on, but most reasonable people agree, it was not the typical character assassination that is Pleasant's hallmark. Of course, you people no idea at all about who Betty Pleasant is, and why she spent two and a half hours with Lacey. You have just demonstrated why you are so utterly inept.

When agency shop fails, will you sue all the DDAs who told you to go pound sand? Will you accuse them of union busting too? Go change your diapers kids, you are full of it and we can smell it.

Anonymous said...

7:00pm - the unions are on notice regarding Jackie, and she is the last person they would ever endorse. MRT being a union guy, he would never cross their line and endorse an anti union candidate.

That said, Jackie's campaign is on life support anyway.

Anonymous said...

7:43 I think 7:00pm was kidding. Besides, isn't Jackie dropping out?

Anonymous said...

10:45am Yes, Jackie is dropping out, so are Carmen the Clown Trutanich, Alan Jaclkson, Mario Trujillo, Bobby Grace and Danette Meyers. That will leave just Steve Ipsen running who will win in yet another landslide.

Is this really the way the ADDA crazies think? Not everyone on the ADDA is crazy, but it certainly seems to help if you want to be in the Board Majority.

Anonymous said...

Props to Bobby Grace for his Tweet:

= = = = = =

Dear Friends,

I was recently profiled by The Wave (click here for the article) and this week, the publication profiled Jackie Lacey, another candidate in the race for Los Angeles County District Attorney.

The article highlights some very key issues and concerns and I wanted to share it with you (click here for the article).

Thank you for taking the time to get informed about the issues that matter in this race.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Bobby Grace

= = = = = =

Notice that Grace has the "grace" to mention Jacky Lacey respectfully, not with the hysterical childish rhetoric of the ADDA crazies.

I was tending towards supporting the agency shop last week, but when I saw the disgusting way they deal with their 'enemies' I told everyone in my unit to vote NO.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, follow Bobby Grace on Twitter:!/bobbygraceDA

Anonymous said...

@3:34APM I guess we will find out how many other DDAs love Cooley next week when the results of the agency shop vote come out. I predict a landslide. A real landslide.

Anonymous said...

One thing is certain. When the results of the Agency Shop election are released they will be a true referendum, but not a referendum about who the DDA's trust, but rather who they trust least.

Cooley has accomplished a great many things as District Attorney, from his groundbreaking three strikes policy to the office's progress in Forensic Science Investigations and trial support, he has done a great many things.

However, he has been a mind-boggling disaster when it comes to employee relations. From his reckless cronyism and favoritism to his over-reliance on enforcers and bullies in the management of the office, it inconceivable that an elected official could screw up personnel issues and alienate his employees worst than Steve Cooley.

How badly has he screwed it up? Exhibit #1 - The ADDA. The ADDA is an organization with a hideously corrupt management structure thoroughly dedicated to advancing the interest of its unofficial shot-caller, Steve Ipsen. Its name and credibility is consistently prostituted-out to politicians and causes with whom Ipsen has political dealings, despite the umbrage shown by DDAs.

It's clear that most ADDA MEMBERS are hard working DDAs who are in desperate need of representation and protection against Cooley's minions. It's also clear that the ADDA offers them little support, instead using its resources to carry on the vendettas of a few of its leaders and cover up the sanctions caused by Ipsen's mismanagement.

So the question to be answered is this: In August of 2011, who do rank and file DDA's despise the least? There's no love here.

Anonymous said...

7:38PM I don't agree with everything you say about Cooley, but it is fair to say that he could have done a few things better.

Without any doubt though, Cooley was a vast improvement over Garcetti, who epitomized cronyism, favoritism, and the kind of disastrous micromanagement surpassed only be City Attorney Carmen Trutanich. One of Cooley's biggest mistakes was to trust that lying snake. If you want to see just how much worse than Garcetti things can be, just ask any deputy city attorney how they feel about Nooch. They stayed away from his BBQ in droves as a silent protest to his maniacal management which allows Nooch and a handful of his "essential" staff to live large while the rest of the office suffers a 14% pay cut.

I hope we agree that a DA Nooch would be the worst thing for our office.

But the real issue is the referendum. If it is a vote on who DDAs dislike the least, then Ipsen gets in it the shorts on this one.

Anonymous said...

Consider this: Cooley has less than a year and a half left in his tenure. After that he is a retiree. But no matter how many times the members vote out Ipsen, his cronies make certain he comes back like a malignant cancer. He is a perpetual problem and there's no way to protect the members and their civil rights from him.