Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dragnet On Hiatus

We're on hiatus for the time being and will return October 24, 2011.

In the meantime, commenting on this page will be left open for your thoughts, views and any new tips from our confidential tip-email will appear as comments from Joe Friday or Windscale.



Anonymous said...

Its got to be hard spending all that time studying for the Grade IV knowing Nuch is going to be the next DA.

Anonymous said...

You might be on hiatus, Berger, but I saw the nasty remarks you posted at the LA Times about Nuch's ACE Program. You called Trutanich a liar 3 times, how do you think he's going to react to that when he becomes your boss? Resistance is futile.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the Soulvine has exposed the $565,000 Cooley / Lacey union lawsuit partial settlement:

Why do we taxpayers have to pay for this?

Anonymous said...

Hey Dragnet, hope you are working hard on that Grade IV exam. Pretty demeaning for all you people to have to pass another bar exam when you could be getting promoted on merit alone. Still, you fought the union and the union won - big time according to Betty Pleasant.

When Nuch becomes DA don't expect the union to help you like they did for Debbaudt, Ipsen, Seligman and Naiman. They're all going to get around a half million each for pain and suffering. You will be driving your Bentley from Beverly Hills to Lancaster or Pomona for the next 8 years and the union won't lift a finger to help you. Karma's bitch isn't it?

So stop wasting your time with the FPPC trying to prove your rentgate bs, get with the program and maybe Nuch will show some mercy and you'll be sent to Welfare Fraud instead. Bet you haven't got the guts to publish this.

Joe Friday said...

Nominations for the Dragnet Political Ass Clown Award for 2011 are now open. Can you think of anyone but Carmen Trutanich?

Anonymous said...

The Political Ass Clown Award is a Mayor Sam idea that you've ripped off. But that's ok as they've been asleep at the wheel recently.

This should not be a one horse race, so I nominate:

1) Sheriff Lee Baca for Best Supporting Role in enabling the Draft Trutanich for DA campaign.


2) CM Paul Koretz for Biggest Dupe for his unholy alliance with Trutanich in the ACE Program.

Anonymous said...

C'mon, most of the Trutanich stuff is just fabricated non sense. The Political Ass Clowns of the year have to be you, Cooley and Lacey for lying about her getting an endorsement from the County Fed, and then a few months later using millions of tax payer dollars to pay settlements for their union busting efforts.

My hard earned tax dollars have to pay for their illegal acts? Nah ah!
No way.

Anonymous said...

10:41pm get a grip. Yeah, most DDAs will be clapping when Cooley finally leaves. But most DCA's can't wait to push Nuch out the window. Check his credentials, his attorneys (the Deputy City Attorneys, not the lackeys he surrounds himself with) hate his guts. You think these people haven't been talking about how miserable he's made them? Think again.

Anonymous said...

2:32am, You are right, when Cooley retires there will be a lot of DDA's applauding him; most because overall he's done a pretty good job, some because he did not promote them or the people they respect. Whatever the reason, Cooley's retirement should not make it easy for some Soprano-like thug to bully his way into the office. Those who criticize Cooley need to realize that Trutanich is probably worse than McCarthy in the way he could abuse the power of the DA's office.

Trutanich is desperate to get his hands on a grand jury because he probably knows just how powerful the threat of a grand jury hearing can be. The one sane act that the city council did was to shut down his plans for a city attorney grand jury - yep, the San Pedro thug wanted a grand jury for investigating misdemeanors.

As DA, don't tell me that Trutanich won't abuse the power of grand jury investigations to shake down his opponents. And don't tell me that DDAs won't be put in awkward positions to force through unwarranted investigations by putting their names to unethical conduct. And remember, when the sh*t hits the fan, it's the DDA who will be summarily thrown under the bus. Trutanich will claim "not to have known" or get a pupet to say that for him (his current modus). But it's the DDA's bar ticket on the line, not his.

Like 2:32am says, speak to some of the DCAs who know what it's like in the Trutanich regime, then ask yourself if your reputation is for sale for the promise of a promotion. Yeah, he's making deals for support and endorsements, like he did before. But ask the DCAs in the gang unit and the fire dept. how good he was at following through with his promises? He doesn't even take their calls anymore.

Anonymous said...

Don't waste your time on the grade 4 because Nuch will bust you down to 3, although he is very grateful to you for getting Fat Bastard to take down the signs. He didn't want to have to tell FB directly, so you did him a favor there and you shut down FB from bragging about the unpaid rent. Keep going like that and you could help Nuch win the election.