Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Free For All


City Attorney Carmen Trutanich's Billboard Blunder proved to be a bonanza for the blogs and the mainstream media. The exclusive story broke here just over a week ago, and would probably have gone no further if it were not for Billboardgate; Trutanich's infantile attempt to cover-up the potential illegality of his own billboards, as reported in the Los Angeles Metropolitan News Enterprise.

It was the sheer lunacy of Billboardgate that lit up the blogs. Trutanich tried to assert that the City Attorney's Office does not determine the legality of signs, and a city billboard inspector gave a series of bizarre statements insisting that Trutanich's two year-old billboards were "temporary" and "did not require a permit." Billboardgate elevated a minor embarrassment into a viral scandal attracting the attention of CityWatchLA, the Met News (Op-Ed), and most recently Street-Hassle.

Street-Hassle's precis of Billboardgate
is shatteringly accurate
The spectacular disaster of Trutanich's Billboardgate should not have surprised anyone who has had to deal with Trutanich's unique defense strategy; the Porcupine Defense. Doubtless inspired by that same brand of schoolyard bully mentality, Billboardgate proved as ineffective in defending Trutanich from the accusation of harboring illegal off-site billboards, as his Porcupine Defense has been in racking up spectacular loses for Trutanich's hapless deputies who are compelled to utilize his catchphrase inspired joke of a legal strategy.


While Trutanich's Billboard Blunder and Billboardgate will probably recede as new scandals surrounding Trutanich's campaign emerge, it is interesting to note that Street-Hassle's pseudonymous blogger, "Mulholland Terrace," has not been deterred from utilizing clown-like imagery in his precis of Billboardgate. 

It was Mulholland Terrace who first called Trutanich "Carmen the Clown" when he blogged at the Griffith Park Wayist. Trutanich was not pleased, and somehow Mulholland Terrace must have been told of this, because he continued refer to Trutanich in that way. At one point, according to an insider, Trutanich was beyond apoplectic and in one of his infamous Monday morning executive management meeting rants, he demanded to know the true identity of the blogger who dared to defame him. No answer was forthcoming. However, shortly afterward, Senior Special Assistant Jane Usher issued a threat to 'MT'

What is interesting, apart from the perhaps infectious nature of Trutanich's bullying and threatening strategy, is that Usher apparently knew MT's identity. In her defamation threat she states "As an old City Hall department head, you probably know this already," clearly implying that she knew MT from her time in City Hall. Yet she remained silent while her leader ranted and raged. Curious, one might think.

Of course the threat failed to deter MT, and if you want discover MT's true identity, visit his blog. While you're there, you might be tempted to spend less than the price of a vente latte on the Kindle edition of his third novel, The Plasma of Terror, first published in 2005 by St. Genevieve Press.With the anniversary 9/11 just around the corner, it's an excellent read from a gifted wordsmith.



Anonymous said...

"new scandals surrounding Trutanich's campaign" You mean you have to try to invent some other lie about Nuch because this one failed to get any traction beyond a handful of "has beens." Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Get your facts straight Berger. Here's a chronology for you.

FACT: Trutanich was reported in the LA Times as having being admitted to a hospital with severe abdominal pains.

FACT: Some wag added a comment to the LA Times blog, saying that "Heavy alcohol consumption will do that to you..." in what is obviously an attempt at levity.

FACT: Mulholland Terrace (who was then widely known to be Joseph Mailander and made no secret of it) then wrote on HIS blog that "Trutanich is widely reported to have a drinking problem" and based this statement on that sole comment on the LA Times blog.

FACT: Everyone knows how unreliable comments on a blog are, and basing your report solely on a comment on a blog is beyond reckless and stupid.

FACT: Usher reminded Mailander that, even though the LA Times could not be held responsible for comments on its blog, Mailander could be held reponsible for something HE wrote on HIS blog. Any decent lawyer will tell you that.

FACT: Usher did not mention Mailander by his real name, and calling him "an old City Department Head" was clearly a reference to his pseudonym - everyone knows William Mulholland was, a long time ago, head of DWP. Mailander has never worked for the City. He claims to have once been a bank vice-president, which in banking is one step below assistant teller.

FACT: Mailander proceeded to squeal like a stuck pig, claiming that his right to publish was being attacked (he does not have the right to publish false statements - that's slander) and that he was being attacked for quoting a comment on the LA Times blog (again, by repeating the comment, he was making his his own, and that's slander).

Anonymous said...

Nooch is a douche. He taints anything and anybody he comes into contact with. The blogs will be his downfall because he cannot control them, threaten them, or shut them down. All the dirty secrets are going to come out and Nooch and his thugs will be defeated.

Anonymous said...

Everyone is talking about Bergergate. Supposedly he's on payroll to do all of Cooley's dirty work. Smear all his political enemies. Just one more thing to tarnish the Cooley legacy.

So sad.

Anonymous said...

If there's one more post about frickin' billboards, I'm done with this blog. WHOOOOOOOOOOOO CARES about little billboards? Jeeze. Move on.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 8:58PM, enough with the billboards, you made a great touchdown, now quit the endzone dance.

You've been sitting on the ethics commission stuff for long enough, grow a pair and publish. Nooch is vulnerable now, just look at the comments today, Nooch is on the ropes, his people are desperate, you can take him out clean.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the chronology 2:05pm,, but you are missing the one FACT that makes your comment worthless.

Usher knew Joseph Mailander very well. When she was trying to make herself relevant to planning issues he interviewed her several times.

She knew all the activists and used them when it suited her, so there is no doubt at all that Mailander aka Mulholland Terrace, was well known to her.

Your suggestion that she attempting levity is ridiculous, anyone who knows Usher knows she had no levity.

She probably kept her mouth shut because Carmen the Clown would have chewed her out for tipping MT off that the Clown comments were upsetting Nooch - he happens to have a very thin skin.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean who cares about billboards?! That's one of Trutanich's biggest blunders & disgraces - of course we need to talk about it. He can't prosecute felonies so billboards are the only way he can get attention.