Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Free For All

Trutanich To Be Honored By Monkee

File this one in the "you can't make this up" category: City Attorney Carmen Trutanich is to receive an award presented at an event emceed by Micky Dolenz of The Monkees.

The October 6, 2011 event will honor Trutanich for his role in the 1980's in the Environmental Crimes/OSHA Division of the L.A. County District Attorney’s Office. Trutanich will pick up his belated award at an 11:30 luncheon at the Hilton Woodland Hills. The event is open to those members of the public who are willing to pay $50 to "watch a monkee reward a clown," as the anonymous tipster who sent us the link commented.

Seriously, an award for something that happened at least 25 years ago, should also be filed in the "scraping the bottom of the barrel" category.

Trutanich Likely To Announce DA Campaign in December 2011

It's not a question of if, but rather when Trutanich will bring to an end the pathetic pretense of his exploratory committee and formally declare that which he has been pursuing since October 2010; he is running for District Attorney.

It is likely that Trutanich will now chose a date December to make the announcement it the hope that the goodwill of the holiday season will overshadow the slew of accusations that he has reneged on his numerous promises and assurances that he would not use the City Attorney's Office as a springboard to higher office.

It is understood that Trutanich had originally slated the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks to make his announcement, however, Assembleyman Mike Feuer stole the moment to announce his challenge to Trutanich's City Attorney position.

Feuer's surprise announcement may have upset Trutanich but he can say or do little about it. Instead he may choose to make the announcement on December 7, the anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack. Appropriately, "a date which will live in infamy."

And On A Lighter Note

File this one in the "only in LA" category:

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Happy weekend!


Anonymous said...

They're giving Trutaanich an award for something that happened 25 years ago? People should take a closer look at this environmental crap. Trutanich was nothing but a shakedown conman then, and hasn't changed a bit. Some award.

Anonymous said...

The Met News article today confirmed the Rentgate story you ran last week. Trutanich gave some bullsh*t story about paying rent to a law firm instead of the Allen Realty, but I checked an those payments are do not indicate rent. I filed a complaint with the DA as it looks like the ethics commission are buying Trutanich's story.

Anonymous said...

The DA always investigates complaints by people named "Anonyomous."

Anonymous said...

5:23 Good for you. Yeah that story his treasurer gave sounds bogus I hope Dragnet delivers a nice response to this smokescreen. I thought Met News' report could have been written better, they certainly could have done their own research and disproved better what the treasurer said. Besides, if it was a legitimate excuse, Trutanich's consultant would have returned the calls from the Met News. And if it doesn't say "Rent" then it wasn't for rent.

Anonymous said...

Come on guys, take it easy on Trutanich, he graduated from the unaccredited South Bay Law School, he's not exactly a legal eagle! And that was back in the 1970's when getting into a top tier law school was easy if you had half a brain.

Anonymous said...

Anyone reading Trutanich's lame explanation in the Met News has to be thinking that there is something very strange about paying rent to a law firm. I expect Dragnet is already working on a response and won't be at all surprised to find that the same thing that happened with the billboards happens with the rent.

Also interesting that 1) Shallman won't return calls, and 2) It took a week for Trutanich to come up with this leaky explanation. You might have expected a more rapid, and watertight response if everything is above board.

Anonymous said...

Strange that payments for RENT were made to a Law Corporation, which under california law, the CA Corporations Code and the Business & Professions Code are supposed to be engaged in ... you guessed it, the practice of law and NOT real estate or rent collection. So now the scandal gets even greater...

Anonymous said...

10:54 Great point - shouldn't Trutanich, as a lawyer and then City Attorney candidate, have known that he can't pay a law corporation fees for rent collection? Doesn't that make him complicit in the violation of the B&P code or the Corporations Code? If I was a lawyer with a "professional law corp" but I was in the business of selling used cars and had all the checks from customers I sold used cars to made payable to my law corporation instead of my used car business that would be illegal so how is this any different? Isn't there also a commingling of "client's" funds issue? Was this money placed in a client trust account? And where is the written retainer agreement mandated by the CA State Bar? These are all issues raised when money is taken for non-legal services by a law corporation and that's why it's not permitted to do so.