Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Free For All

Trutanich blasted by Fire Commission Report, Again

A 5-page report issued September 12, 2011 by the Board of Fire Commissioners under File No. BFC 11-140 blasts City Attorney Carmen Trutanich for his failures to timely meet with a sub-committee specifically established to discuss the apparent break down in relations between the Fire Commission and their attorney, Carmen Trutanich.

 The latest report mirrors many of the criticisms and complaints about the poor advice given by Trutanich in the Fire Commissions' July 13, 2011 report; suggesting that little or nothing was done by Trutanich to respond to those earlier complaints. The latest report reaches the conclusion that "It appears the City Attorney's Office is no longer willing to answer the Commission's questions regarding the August 23, 2010 advice, or discuss any of the issues related to that advice." Accordingly, it appears that the Fire Commission will rely on independent legal advice given by Professor Erwin Chemerinsky, Dean of the University of California, Irvine School of Law.

Although the legal issues facing the Fire Commission are far from simple, Trutanich's apparent intransigence and failure to address 5 key issues described as "outstanding" by the Fire Commission, suggests that Trutanich may simply be out of his depth and preoccupied with matters that he considers more important.

RentGate: No Explanation For Missing Rent Payments

Exhibit 1: Yellow highlighted payments said by Trutanich to be for rent,
are in fact for "campaign paraphernalia" leaving a shortfall in rent payments.
Despite claims that Trutanich did not receive illegal in-kind contributions in respect of rent for his campaign office, the campaign finance reports submitted by Trutanich contain no evidence to support his claim.

Payments to Allen Realty Plaza, LLC and Barry M. Allen, A Law Corp. said by Trutanich to be for rent, are described by Trutanich in his campaign finance reports as "campaign paraphernalia," not "office expenses" which would identify the payments as rent. 

The City Ethics Commission is understood to have received a complaint regarding the RentGate scandal, however, it is the practice of the Commission not to confirm or deny whether an investigation is ongoing.

The issue appears to be straightforward enough. In the absence of evidence of payment of all the rent, believed to be $16,200 for the eight months that Trutanich can be shown to have used the Ventura Blvd. storefront, then Trutanich would be found to have received illegal in-kind donations for the rent free period. Records on the City Ethics Commission's website shows Trutanich paying only $12,150 of the $16,200 due.

DA Candidates' Debate Rumored

The six declared candidates for the 2012 District Attorney election are believed to have been invited to participate in a candidates' debate in the near future. City Attorney Carmen Trutanich may be invited to attend, however, it is thought likely that he will decline the invitation.



Anonymous said...

Holy Hypocrisy!!! Trutanich is going to be speaking about domestic violence at LACBA on 10/5. I wonder if anyone will have the guts to bully him the same way he bullied that poor woman at the City Hall Town Hall hearing? Remember the way he started screaming at that woman and told her to feed her kids with lead toys? Watch the video and you decide. Apparently the video does not capture Trutanich's red face with bulging viens and spit dripping from his mouth as he screamed at a woman who dared to ask him a question.

Anonymous said...

Is the debate spponsored by L.A Dragnet? What a joke! They should all go compete on "The Bisggest Loser!"

Anonymous said...

7:36am. Danette Meyers is tight with LACBA, the whole thing is probably a set up. They will play the screaming out of control Trutanich video on accident when the clown takes the podium.

Anonymous said...

when and where is the debate? is it open to the public? i don't want to miss it.

Anonymous said...

Debate is in November and will be open to the public.

Anonymous said...

Is Berger going to be the moderator at the Debate?

Anonymous said...

Hey Dragnet. Ask the City Ethics Commission to investigate the $452 payment that Trutanich claimed was pro-rated rent. See if it matches up to the cost of a used photocopy machine. I heard that copier made loads of copies.

Anonymous said...

Debate will be a blast. Nuch will be taken apart like a lying witness on the stand. Between the 6 real candidates there is about 120 years of experience cross examining liars.

Make sure the debate is video taped so that Nuch's answers can be preserved. I hope loses it like he did with the cancer patient, all you have to do is get in his face and challenge his bs and he explodes. Get a HD video cam to make sure you get the red face the sweaty forehead and the bulging veins. Oh yeah, better have paramedics around for when he loses it. But not LAFD, think they've got issues with Nuch.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was strange that Trutanich told the Studio City chamber of commerce that he was looking for a store on Ventura Blvd. for his DA campaign without mentioning that Mort Allen, who was standing right next to him, was his landlord. That was about a couple of weeks before you did the story on the illegal billboards, so I guess Trutanich was aware that there was a problem there. The free rent is not surprising, Mort is a big supporter of Trutanich and is always saying that he advises Trutanich on his campaign and other legal matters. I think they are both creepy and would not trust either of them.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the honeymoon is over. I hear Feuer is going to dump Shallman.