Monday, September 12, 2011

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9/11 Remembered

Sunday marked the 10th anniversary of the worst terror attack on US soil. As a nation we paid tribute to those who were hapless victims trapped in their offices or on the four passenger flights that were weaponized that morning, and to the outstanding courage and selflessness of the men and women of law enforcement and emergency responders, who made the ultimate sacrifice to try to save lives.

Some of the DA Candidates used their FaceBook pages to share their thoughts with their friends:

Trutanich Grandstands 9/11 Tragedy

City Attorney Carmen Trutanich took full advantage of the podium at the Studio City Neighborhood Council social meeting on Saturday night, to grandstand his self-proclaimed relevance to keeping our nation safe. He delivered these carefully crafted words, probably scratched out on the back of a napkin:

Trutanich said, “These bastards thought they would take us to our knees and that the world would follow them. ... Trust me, people, I know, you are safer today than ever before in lifetime. What they thought they did they did not do. They woke up a giant out of horrific day.” according to the Studio City Patch.

Quite what the relevance of the City Attorney's Office is to war on terror in Los Angeles is unclear, but just as with his claim to be prosecuting the Bryan Stowe Dodgers Stadium attackers, his audience probably did not realize that he is as utterly irrelevant to those matters, as he was to "busting the 38th Street Gang."

Trutanich did give a clue that all is not going well with his District Attorney campaign. The Studio City Patch also reported that 'Trutanich talked about how “I have a newspaper that hates me,”' That did produce side-splitting laughter, not from Trutanich but when Los Angeles Councilmember Paul Krekorian, perhaps growing tired of Trutanich's grandstanding, piped up from the audience saying, “Only one?”

It seems that the excellent coverage the Los Angeles Metropolitan News Enterprise has been giving to Trutanich's recent BillboardGate and RentGate scandals is upsetting Trutanich. Perhaps he sees himself as a something of a hate crime victim?

RentGate Scandal Widens

No records of payments to Allen Realty Plaza, LLC can be found for four of the eight months
that Trutanich appears to have occupied the Ventura Blvd. storefront, and three of the months
when payment records exist, appears to indicate a substantially below market value rental was paid.

Campaign materials date-stamped October 8, 2008 indicate that Carmen Trutanich was in occupation of his campaign headquarters three months before records filed by him indicate that he paid rent for the Ventura Blvd. storefront that he used to run his successful campaign to become Los Angeles City Attorney.

RAW file data from the designs for Trutanich's business cards utilizing the Ventura Blvd. storefront indicate that the design was created on October 8, 2008, suggesting that the location had been secured for Trutanich's occupancy in October 2008. Previously, the only evidence of Trutanich's occupation of the storefront was his "Pledge to Serve" dated November 24, 2008.

The only records showing a full month's rent paid by Trutanich indicate a monthly rent of $2,053 for the 750 square foot store. This is believed to be the market rent for the location. Based on the absence of records for the payment of rent for the the periods of October - December 2008, and May 2009, and the apparent below market rent for January - March 2009, it appears that Trutanich either failed to report $12, 548.50 in campaign expenses for rent, or he received an unreported "in kind" or "non-monetary" donation of that amount.

The Alan Jackson campaign issued the following statement in response to our previous coverage of what has become known as Trutanich's RentGate scandal:

"Mr. Trutanich's repeated disregard for ethics and integrity and willingness to play fast and loose with the rules to benefit his own political career is not only obvious, it's abhorrent. The next District Attorney must be held to the highest moral and ethical standards, something Mr. Trutanich clearly does not possess." 

John S. Thomas
Alan Jackson for District Attorney

It is understood that complaints have been filed with the Los Angeles City Ethics Commission and the Fair Political Practices Commission requesting an investigation into the payment of rent at Trutanich's former campaign headquarters.



Anonymous said...

If you ask me, Alan Jackson is looking deperate.

Anonymous said...

Trutanich was making a fool of himself. Krekorian was right to shut him down.

Anonymous said...

Mort Allen was stuck to Trutanich like superglue on Saturday night, and it looked like Trutanich kept trying to get away, but then Mort would be back. In the end one of Trutanich's bodyguards had to stand directly in front of Mort to block him. Mort was telling people that he was on Trutanich's election committee, but Trutanich just ignored him. Weird.

Anonymous said...

Is Trutanich worse than Rocky Delgadillo?

Anonymous said...

Yes Trutanich is worse than Rocky.

Anonymous said...

The worst City Attorney.

Anonymous said...

Earlier posts referring to Trutanich as having signed a misleading document "under penalty of perjury" raise an important issue. If Trutanich were an African-American or Latino politician he would already be in leg irons.

What is the status of this? The last time I looked up PC118 it was a felony.

Anonymous said...

Great now Mike Feuer is running for City Attorney and guess who he's teaming up with? Yup, Trutanich - even hired the same consultant - Shalman. I thought Feuer had more class than to be associated with Trutanich but I guess it's all politics as usual. An environmental polluter attorney tooting the horn of an assemblyman who hasn't tried a case in almost 20 years.

Anonymous said...

10:33 WTF? If he hired Shallman then obviously Nuch and Feuer are working together. That was a dumb move by Feuer, he is totally underestimating the media assault on Nuch that's about to go down. What advantage does Feuer have to be aligned with Nuch? If anything he should distance himself from him and avoid any appearance of a collaboration.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see Berger's post tomorrow on this fiasco. This is why it's so dangerous to have politicians as prosecutors (Nuch & Feuer) - they only care about their political future and have no concept of their ethical duty of seeking justice.