Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thursday's Thorny Topics

City Attorney candidate Mike Feuer Will  Challenge Trutanich in 2013

City Attorney candidate Mike Feuer confirmed our Tuesday report that he will not rule out running against current City Attorney Carmen Trutanich in the March 2013 election. Feuer told the Los Angeles Metropolitan News Enterprise that he 'would not “get into speculation” about what may happen if Trutanich does not enter the race, or loses.' the Met News reported.

Trutanich would most likely lose a straight race for re-election against Feuer, who is popular amongst his wealthy westside constituents, whereas Trutanich is increasingly being seen as a disappointment to many of those who believed his "Pledge to Serve."

Furthermore, Feuer's "assumption" that Trutanich will succeed in his bid to fool informed voters into electing him to higher office has absolutely no downside for Feuer; if his assumption is correct, he has the keys to the 8th floor at City Hall East. If his assumption is wrong, Trutanich will be an easy target to defeat as he will have no campaign manager, no ability to raise funds, and an established record of having turned his back on promises and commitments. It's a win-win situation for Feuer.

Parking Problem Highlights Trutanich's Mercenary Motives

In an excellent article published at CityWatchLA, former Los Angeles Councilmember candidate Stephen Box (CD-4), Trutanich's true motives for his proposed enforcement of a municipal ban on "Parkway Parking" are questioned. Trutanich's enforcement of the ban on renters and homeowners from parking their vehicles in their driveways, is more likely a way of raising revenue, than a genuine attempt to solve a problem.

Box's conclusions are not the first time that Trutanich's "monetization" of law enforcement have been questioned. Trutanich's enforcement of a citywide billboard ban silently netted him a $4M settlement, half of which he tried to illegally divert to a political ally. His current ACE Program seems to be on hold while the City Council reconsiders the wisdom of giving Trutanich more power. Many now see that giving Trutanich the power to wreak financial misery on homeowners and small businesses through "Administrative Citations" is not a good idea. That may be especially so in view of the way that Trutanich has promised to enforce ACE "just like traffic tickets," in other words, with little or no opportunity to challenge the fees and fines he can impose.

The ludicrous response of Trutanich to his apparent dual standard enforcement of the billboard ban; fining illegal off-site billboard owners while maintaining his own off-site billboards, must surely raise more doubts about whether Trutanich is capable of enforcing our laws in a fair and evenhanded manner.



Anonymous said...

I am so disgusted at the way Trutanich has continually betrayed the people who elected him, The parking ban is just the limit. I would vote for anyone but Trutanich. I will be speaking at my next hepwners association meeting nag will move to pass a motion under any other business to start a recall movement. So far everyone I have spoken to is in favor of a recall.

Anonymous said...

In the article you posted Feuer thinks Trutanich will run for D.A and will become the next Los Angeles County District Attorney.

It seems to be the conventional wisdom around LA given that Trutanich is the only guy in the race.

Anonymous said...

7:40am. The idea of a recall would bring together a lot of groups who hate Trutanich. It could work. Good luck at your NC meeting, and let us know how it goes.