Thursday, September 1, 2011

Trutanich Blasted In Met News Op-Ed "Inconsistency, Blarney"

Despite City Attorney Carmen Trutanich's apparently hurried efforts to remove his allegedly illegal "off-site" billboards, the Los Angeles Metropolitan News Enterprise published an Op-Ed, Wednesday, August 31, 2011, condemning the cover-up comments from Trutanich's office and those of the city's building and safety inspector.

The Met News is widely read amongst LA's legal community, many of whom are being targeted to give their support for Trutanich's campaign to become District Attorney.

Trutanich's Billboard Blunder, as the scandal has become known in City Hall, and Billboardgate; the crass attempt at a cover-up, will have done immeasurable  damage to Trutanich's credibility amongst a community who were expected to contribute as much as $2M towards his campaign.

Many must be wondering how Trutanich could have been so insensitive to the appearance of impropriety as to allow himself to be cast in the light of a "one rule for you, another for me" double-speaker.

Worse, it seems, are the doubts that have been expressed about Trutanich's managerial ability in the light of his deputy's official response: “The determination of the signs’ legality is not one that is made by his [the City Attorney’s] office.” Either the deputy does not know the responsibilities of his own office, or he felt compelled to give a misleading statement to cover-up for Trutanich's blunder.

Either way, it belies a lack of leadership and ethics that few will want to be associated with.



Anonymous said...

Congratulations Berger, on a well written op-ed and getting it published in the local legal newspaper. I am sure it will cause a few of the law firms that Trutanich was hitting up for dollars to think twice. Quite an achievement getting Trutanich to take down his billboards, you've made an enemy for life there and you better be sure he does not become DA or your career is over.

I think you owe your readers here at Dargent an explanation for your use of fake names like Joe Friday and Windscale. Why are you prepared to use your name for real media and a phony name for your blog? If you want to be taken seriously, use your name. Also, wear a cheap watch for photos. People notice things like that and will wonder how a dda gets to wear a $12k watch and drive a Bentley. Oh yeah, we know. Now so does everyone else.

Anonymous said...

Face it guys, Dragnet did an awesome, awesome job taking on Nooch and beating him. It shows how weak Nooch really is, and as soon as the rest of the media start following the campaign, he will fall apart like a cheap suit. Nooch can't open his mouth without putting his foot in it, and now that Carter screwed up speaking for him he's really in trouble. He's the laughing stock of City Hall with people saying Billboard Blunder behind his back and watching h spin around to see who said it. One thing Nooch hates is being made to look stupid and a blog that nobody reads made him look really stupid because he was forced to take down his signs. Oh yeah, If the city sues the Dragnet about the LAPD badge llike the previous a'hole said, just claim the fair use doctrine or better, use Tge Zamparini defense and claim it is temporary.

Anonymous said...

Trutanich is the only guy in the race. He's a lock.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Trutanich forgot what he said to the LA Times on Feb 28, 2010 regarding the Kayvan Setareh Oscars sign arrest..."The days of lax and inconsistent enforcement of billboard and outdoor advertising laws [i.e., the sign ordinance] in this city are over," Trutanich said in a prepared statement."

The problem with Trutanich is that he is a liar, and not even a very good liar, because he cannot remember all the lies he's said.

He will not be DA, the media will make sure of that.

Anonymous said...

Awesome, a guy with $500k in the bank, the Sheriff in his pocket, and John Shallman running his campaign, is defeated by a blog. Wait until this election heats up, the press will have a field day.

Anonymous said...

Thursday, April 7, 2011. Trutanich at the Studio City Chamber of Commerce, made this "determination" about signs:

“I know there are some people who think they can get around it by saying the signs are not mobile if they are behind a bicycle or something like that.” “I told my staff this morning in a meeting that I don’t care if the sign is behind a bicycle, a horse or a camel, if it’s movable like that then it is illegal, and we will prosecute.”

I guess Bill Carter, the deputy who lied about the City Attorney's Office not determining the legality of signs must have missed the morning meeting.

Trutanich's determination is reported in the Studio City Patch.

Berger didn't create a story, Trutanich did. He lied and his staff lied to try to help him. They have been nailed to the wall, and the fact that Trutanich had to take the billboards down is the biggest admission of guilt I have ever seen - and don't go lecturing me on subsequent remedial measures, I know that cannot be used in a court of law, but we're not in a court of law. We're in the court of public opinion, and this is a bad loss for Trutanich's hopes at becoming DA, and a bigger victory for Al Gore and the power of the internet that he invented.