Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tuesday Topics

The long Labor Day weekend was likely welcomed by all as an opportunity to take a short break from the campaign trail. Some candidates nevertheless, used the Labor Day break to send a message to their FaceBook friends.

Danette Meyers reminded her FaceBook followers of her values, quoting President Barack Obama's Labor Day remarks:

Mario Trujillo reminded his FaceBook followers that, as well as being Labor Day, there was an important birthday to celebrate:

Alan Jackson paid tribute to Cesar Rodriguez, a young Sheriff's Explorer slain in a drive-by shooting:

Our plan to bring you another Dragnet exclusive was thwarted by the City of Los Angeles:

The City Ethics Commission website mysteriously went down on Labor Day, perhaps giving one candidate a break. For now.


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Anonymous said...

Dragnet, DA candidates report to the County Registrar not the City Ethics Commission.