Tuesday, September 13, 2011

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Alan Jackson Scoops 4 Police Chief Endorsements

District Attorney candidate Alan Jackson's campaign achieved a significant boost to his campaign with the announcement of his endorsement by four Police Chiefs. This from the Alan Jackson campaign:

Los Angeles, September 12th – Today four highly regarded retired El Monte Chiefs of Police endorsed Alan Jackson for District Attorney.  Combined, these four Chiefs have over 150 years of law enforcement experience. Jackson takes great pride in his close relationship with the law enforcement community and its leaders, having worked hand in glove with them prosecuting some of the County’s most complicated and complex criminal cases.

The El Monte Police Chiefs who have endorsed Jackson include:

Chief Wayne C. Clayton (served 8-01-78 to 12-30-00 as Chief),

Chief James W. Ankeny (served 12-31-00 to 1-04-02 as Chief),

Chief Kenneth P. Weldon (served 1-05-02 to 12-31-08 as Chief), and

Chief Thomas B. Armstrong (served 1-1-09 to 5-17-11 as Chief).

Chief Wayne Clayton said, “As someone who served as Chief of Police for over two decades, I know LA County not only deserves but requires its next DA to be a close partner with law enforcement. We need a real cop’s prosecutor, not merely a politician looking for the next rung. I am confident Alan Jackson will make a tremendous DA and will work tirelessly to put criminals behind bars.”

Chief Ankeny concurred, “I could not be more pleased to join with these distinguished law enforcement leaders to support Alan Jackson for District Attorney.”

Chief Weldon said, “Alan Jackson is absolutely the best candidate for the job. I believe Alan Jackson has the credentials and character to build on what Steve Cooley has accomplished during his distinguished years of service as DA.”

Chief Armstrong said, “To continue to establish and maintain the public trust, I know Alan Jackson will serve Los Angeles County honorably and ethically as District Attorney.”

Alan Jackson stated, “Throughout my entire career I have focused on forging close relationships with the law enforcement community. As District Attorney I promise to utilize those relationships to keep our communities safe while swiftly but fairly prosecuting criminals. I am honored to have earned the support from each one of these Chiefs.”

Deputy DA Alan Jackson has earned strong support from other public officials such as County Supervisor Michael Antonovich, State Senator Tony Strickland, Los Angeles City Councilmember Dennis Zine, Long Beach City Attorney Robert Shannon, former La CaƱada-Flintridge Mayor and current City Councilmember Steve Del Guercio, San Gabriel City Councilman Mario De La Torre and Honorary Mayor of San Pedro Anthony Misetich.

For more information, please visit Alan Jackson’s campaign website at
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Cary Brazeman Announces Run For City Controller

In an email announcement, Cary Brazeman informed his friends that he has decided to challenge Councilmember Dennis Zine in the March 2013 election for Los Angeles City Controller.

This from Brazeman:

Dear Friends:

Before you hear about it somewhere else, I wanted to let you know that soon I will be announcing my candidacy for Los Angeles City Controller … not something I ever imagined I’d be doing, but it needs to be done.

We have a dysfunctional city government that largely serves the special interests that have bought and paid for it … with little public accountability. Just one example: Instead of fixing our sidewalks or reducing taxes for a broad base of businesses, city leaders have approved $640 million in tax breaks for downtown hotel developers (LA Times, May 4, 2011). This cannot stand.

Our city has lost residents and businesses at a record clip. It cannot be fixed the way it got broken. Pyramid schemes are unsustainable. When I officially file to run in several weeks, it will be clear by the actions we take that our campaign is different … that I am different. As difficult as it is for outsiders to participate in the system, independent, strong people must get involved, or things will get worse. Right now, while there is an opportunity, we must fight for the future of our city. I will let you know when our campaign is official, and what you can do to help.

For the love of our city, thank you very much.

Cary Brazeman
September 12, 2011

Assembleyman Mike Feuer Enters City Attorney Race

Assemblyman Mike Feuer delivered an eloquent, thoughtful and moving speech in Beverly Hills,
Sunday, on the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks, in marked contrast to Trutanich's crude remarks
at the Studio City Neighborhood Council's social gathering, Saturday night.
As predicted, Assembleyman Mike Feuer has confirmed the worst kept secret in Los Angeles; he is going to challenge City Attorney Carmen Trutanich in March 2013. Feuer was narrowly beaten by Rocky Delgadillo for the position in 2001, and has selected John Shallman as his campaign consultant. Feuer's choice of Shallman to run his campaign suggests that Trutanich will shortly end his months of pretense over his "indecision" about running openly for District Attorney.

Shallman has been retained to handle Trutanich's campaign for District Attorney, but not for City Attorney when he loses the DA race. Feuer told the LA Times that he had opened the fundraising committee “on the assumption that Mr. Trutanich runs for district attorney and wins.” Significantly, Feuer did not indicate that he would withdraw his bid to oust Trutanich if his assumption proves to be incorrect.

It's a clever move by Feuer, not only does it force Trutanich to run for DA and openly violate his "Pledge to Serve," but it also leaves Feuer virtually unopposed as Trutanich will be without a consultant and unable to mount a serious reelection campaign after he loses the November 2012 DA election.

Feuer has lured Trutanich into a perfect storm for the end of his political career, and has assured himself of a fairly easy return to City Hall where he had previously served as Councilmember. 



Anonymous said...

Got to love LA politics. Feuer played Trutanich like a violin to get him to agree to sharing Shallman. For sure Trutanich is gambling on winning in the primary as he will suffer the same fate in the run off as Weiss - taken out by the concentrated efforts of all the candidates. It's a risky move but Trutanich is out of options. Adios sucker!

Anonymous said...

These endorsements of Jackson from El Monte Chiefs should cut into Trujillo's votes.

Anonymous said...

Mike Feuer is a joke. There's a reason he lost 10 yrs ago. Krekorian will crush him.

Anonymous said...

Allan Jackson should be a lock to get elected as El Monte city attorney now! Oh wait, he's running for a county wide office? Oh. Nevermind.

Anonymous said...

Feuer has no chance against Krekorian.

Anonymous said...

Dragnet also predicted that Feuer would run for DA, so I guess the big surprise will be if Krekorian decides to challenge Feuer. I think Feuer is an improvement on Trutanich, but Krekorian would be a lot better.

Anonymous said...

Now all we need is for Cooley to change his mind about retiring and that would really screw Nooch. How about it Steve?

Anonymous said...

802pm Good point. Cooley said he would run if a career politician entered the race. Well Cooley has enough evidence now that Nuch is a "career politician" and with $500k in the bank, he has evidence that he has "entered the race." So now Cooley will honor his word and run, and Nuch said he would not run against Cooley, so Nuch has to drop out and use his $500k to fight Feuer to hold on to his city attorney seat. Which he will lose. It's a perfect end to the nightmare that was Nuch, and the beauty of it all is that Nuch did it all to himself.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully Cooley runs, because it would pull the rug right out from under all his lame deputies that are day dreaming about being the big cheese. It would show eveyone once and for all that he doesn't really beleive Jackie Lacey has a chance, and that Alan and Mario are not viable candidates.

Trutanich would have the last laugh since he hasn't yet declared.

But Steve is not the candidate he once was, and after the Ispsen trial, he may have bigger problems.

Anonymous said...

wow, jackson got the endorsements of el monte police chiefs? i guess he couldn't get bell, vernon or south gate. el monte? that's one step up from cudahy. please spare us alan and run for chief of lausd school police.

Anonymous said...

Trutanich made a promise not to run and now we see he lied. But Cooley also promised us he would run if a career politician ran, so Mr. Cooley, are you going to keep your word, or are you going to be just like Carmen?

Anonymous said...

Your are right, Dragnet. Mike Feuer is pretty sharp. In today's Met News he is quoted as saying he assumes Trutanich will be the next District Attorney. "He will run and he will win", said Feuer.

Anonymous said...

Did not like the Met News article today. They gave credibility to the bogus "Draft Trutanich for DA" sham without disclosing the lies behind it, never mentioned the FPPC and City Ethics commission violations by him not to mention the Perjury. What happened to fair and accurate reporting?