Saturday, November 5, 2011

District Attorney candidate's forum fallout

Although the Dragnet was the first to report on Wednesday night's APABA hosted Los Angeles District Attorney's candidates' forum, the LA Weekly and the Los Angeles Metropolitan News Enterprise swiftly followed with their reports.

Six of the District Attorney candidates participated in the first forum held at the
Japanese American National Museum to a capacity crowd.
The LA Weekly report led with City Attorney Carmen Trutanich's latest failure - he failed to attend the forum.
Trutanich's campaign
adviser John Shallman
Many believe that Trutanich was a 'no show' because he was scared at the prospect of being outed as a sandbagging deceitful grandstander by his opponents.

LA Weekly reporter Gene Maddaus tracked down Trutanich's campaign adviser John Shallman to see if there was any other reason why Trutanich hid from his critics. Shallman's response, however, unwittingly helped maintain Trutanich's reputation as a liar.

Shallman stated that Trutanich did not participate in the debate because "He wasn't invited." But one of the debate organizers, Halim Dhanidina, said he reached out to the Trutanich campaign to ask if the city attorney wanted to participate, and never got a call back. According to sources, attempts to reach the embattled city attorney included phone calls to his secretary, and Shallman's cellphone.

One observer commented that "it was interesting that Trutanich was now lying about not being invited, instead of lying about not running for DA." Trutanich has, perhaps, set himself up for the unique ballot designation "Liar" by his signed sworn 'pledge to serve.' The pledge stipulates that if Trutanich breaks his promise to serve two terms as City Attorney and not seek higher office, he must pay $100,000 of personal funds to the Best Afterschool Program for Kids and place a full-page ad in every major daily paper with a picture of himself and text stating ‘I AM A LIAR’.

Public disdain for Trutanich's tactics appears to be growing. According to sources, Trutanich was forced to leave a local Republican party meeting when the "booing and jeering" that greeted the former plaintiff's attorney turned career politician "started to get out of hand." Trutanich was said to be both shocked and furious that he was told to leave.

Alan Jackson Campaign - Announcement
DA candidate Alan Jackson presses
the flesh after the candidates' forum
The day after the candidates' forum, the Jackson Campaign added to Trutanich's woes by announcing that Alan Jackson had secured the endorsement of Tom Tait, the Mayor of Anaheim. This from the Jackson campaign:

Los Angeles, November 4th – Today Mayor of Anaheim Tom Tait declared his enthusiastic support for Alan Jackson’s candidacy for LA County District Attorney. As an adjacent major city to LA County, Mayor Tait understands the importance of electing the best qualified neighboring District Attorney to stop criminals in their tracks with tough and swift prosecutions. Mayor Tait’s endorsement arrives on the heels of numerous other elected officials from across LA County who stand with Jackson. Alan Jackson remains a frontrunner in the race for District Attorney.

"As Mayor of Anaheim, I understand firsthand that crime knows no geographical boundaries or city limit lines. The next DA of LA County will have a clear and direct impact on our ability in surrounding counties to keep our families safe and criminals in jail. I am honored to endorse Alan Jackson for District Attorney. He is without a doubt the best prosecutor to lead the office. Jackson has my full support,” declared Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait.

Deputy DA Alan Jackson stated, “I look forward to partnering with Mayor Tait to ensure crime is reduced, our families are safe and public safety remains a top priority across county lines. Thank you to Mayor Tait for his strong support of my candidacy.”

Mario Trujillo Campaign releases video advertisement
DA candidate Mario Trujillo courts supporters
after the DA candidate forum
Hot on the heels of defining himself as a reformer at the District Attorney candidate's forum, Mario Trujillo released a video advertisement aimed at LA County's Spanish-speaking community.

The advertisement makes effective use of video footage from the forum and serves as a reminder to Trutanich that he can kiss goodbye to the support he previously enjoyed from the Latino community now that Trujillo has the support of the Mexican American Bar Association.

The video was released on YouTube yesterday:

DA Candidate Marcus Musante - channeling Charlie Sheen?
The latest candidate to enter the race to replace Steve Cooley as LA County's top cop, Marcus Musante, was not allowed to 'spice up' the candidates' forum but did nevertheless 'occupy' a front-row seat in the audience.

Musante, pictured here talking to Met News staff writer Kenneth Ofgang, previously told the LA Weekly that he's "bringing the hot sauce to the party, and they won't let me in the room."

It seems that Musante was allowed into the room, but the 'hot sauce?' Not so much.

Whether Musante is serious about his campaign remains to be seen. His campaign website,, went live last week, however, it appears to be something of a 'work in progress' effort and does not yet have the requisite campaign committee ID disclosure statement.



Anonymous said...

The crowd at the SFV Republicans started booing and jeering at Trutanich when he wouldn't answer questions about why he wasn't going to the DA candidates debate. He looked like a deer in the headlights when it first started, but then he got angry and started shouting back, like when he was screaming at the cancer patient at city hall. It got so bad that Trutanich was told to get out. Thankfully nobody was hurt, but Trutanich won't be invited back.

Anonymous said...

Go Mario Trujillo!!! Don't be afraid to tell the people of LA that it's time we had a real Latino leader.

Anonymous said...

Trutanich totally lost it after he was called a phony and the SFVRC meeting. The usual red faced, bulging veins, spittle dripping screaming and finger pointing. Any chance you can re-post that video from the incident at city hall where he unloaded on that poor woman with cancer? This guy's got a tempter like you've never seen before.

Anonymous said...

Why was Trutanich at a Republican gathering? I thought he and Ipsen were re-branding themselves as "Democrats."

Anonymous said...

Trutanich is a 'decline to state' not a republican. He got a lot of support from SFVRC when he was running against a democrat for city attorney because there wasn't a republican candidate in that race. Now that Alan Jackson is running as a republican, Trutanich is persona non gratia at SFVRC, and the word is spreading to the other RCs where he will get the same reception. Just takes a few emails, tweets etc. to spread the word and Trutanich gets booed, jeered and told not to let the door hit him in the ass on the way out.

Anonymous said...

Trujillo has a lock on the Latino votes that Trutanich had in the city attorney race - he went to loads of MABA events and they even held fundraisers for him. El Nuche even told them that his wife Noreen was a Latina, yup Noreen is a common Latina name in San Pedro, right. But after Trutanich made a fool of himself when he grabbed the mic at Trujillo's award dinner, he can kiss goodbye to any support from the Latino community.. Between Trujillo taking the Latino vote, and Jackson getting the republican votes, there's not much left for Trutanich. The Black churches won't welcome him ahead of Meyes, Grace and Lacey, and apart from Jackson, everyone else are democrats, so who the hell is going to vote for Trutanich?

Anonymous said...

i'm confused by all of your guys, especially berger. what do you call trutanich this week, a republican, democrat, decline to state or what? you are all so scared and envious of trutanich that you'll say and do anything to criticize him. face it, trutanich is spending his time meeting and greeting regular folks in the community, raising funds and will eventually blow all of the other candidates out of the water. berger is toast and he knows it.

Anonymous said...

Looking really bad for Nuch. His campaign manager John Shallman, lost BIG in the CD15 election. Shallman had some union backed firefighter with $300k warchest and got knocked out of the runoff. Just shows, you can have all the money and still be defeated. Nuch is in the same boat - SS Titianic.

Shallman's strategy also tanked badly in the CD2 election when Nuch backed Chris E$$el and lost. Meanwhile, I hear the Controller's Office received a complaint about Nuch using city staff to spy on the DA candidates forum. When are you going to use the stuff I sent you about that?

Anonymous said...

Shallman's strategy for Nuch is basically run like a chicken.

Anonymous said...

Rumor is running around the 8th floor that Nuch had one of his red-faced bulging viened spittle dripping screaming matches with Shallman over the advice to chicken out of the DA forum last week. Nuch wanted to go and even did a drive-by in his SUV, but Shallman nixed the idea. The CD15 defeat probably adds to Nuch's frustration and doubts - he's paranoid that everyone is working against him. He's got that right!

Anonymous said...

I hope Trutanich soon officially announces that he is running for DA. It will give David Berger and all his buddies who write ths blog and 99 percent of the comments at least a year to find new jobs. Berger is so good at writing fiction that he should go work for FOX News.