Monday, November 21, 2011

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US Congressman Howard P. 'Buck' McKeon Endorses Alan Jackson for Los Angeles District Attorney

District Attorney candidate Alan Jackson's campaign announced last week that it has secured the prestigious endorsement of US Congressman Howard P. 'Buck' McKeon in support of Jackson's bid to replace Steve Cooley as the District Attorney for Los Angeles County.

This from the Jackson campaign:

Los Angeles, November 17th – Congressman Buck McKeon announced his endorsement today in support of Alan Jackson for District Attorney. Jackson continues to outpace everyone in the contest for District Attorney by nearly all measurements. This latest endorsement highlights Jackson’s support from elected officials from all over the county on both a local and national level. It is clear that Alan Jackson is the choice of law enforcement and elected officials who understand the importance of having the right kind of District Attorney in office.

Representative Buck McKeon strongly stated, "I want to commend Deputy DA Alan Jackson for his military service and for his nearly twenty years of public service as a prosecutor putting criminals behind bars. I am proud to endorse Alan Jackson for District Attorney of Los Angeles County. He will make an exceptional District Attorney."

“I am humbled and honored to have earned Congressman McKeon’s endorsement and as District Attorney fully intend to partner with both local and national members of our government and law enforcement to ensure the safety of our families and children. When it comes to public safety, we must all work together. I am proud of the coalition of support my candidacy has drawn thus far,” Deputy DA Alan Jackson claimed.

Deputy DA Alan Jackson has earned strong support from other public officials such as County Supervisor Michael Antonovich, State Senator Tony Strickland, Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait, Los Angeles City Councilmember Dennis Zine, Long Beach City Attorney Robert Shannon, former La CaƱada-Flintridge Mayor and current City Councilmember Steve Del Guercio, San Gabriel City Councilman Mario De La Torre, Honorary Mayor of San Pedro Anthony Misetich, Inglewood Police Association and El Monte Chiefs of Police Bill Ankeny, Tom Armstrong, Wayne Clayton and Ken Weldon.

For more information, please visit Alan Jackson’s campaign website at

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Trutanich endorses Joe Buscaino for Council District 15

City Attorney Carmen 'Nuch' Trutanich shows CD15 candidate Joe Buscaino how to look like a politician
'Villariagosa style' as they don dayglow jackets to view the collapse of a portion of roadway in San Pedro.
LAPD Senior lead Office Joe Buscaino's bid to become councilmember for LA's 15th council district has apparently received the endorsement of City Attorney Carmen Trutanich. Comments on the LA Weekly report of Buscaino's campaign suggest that Trutanich's endorsement might be the 'kiss of death' to Buscaino's chances to defeat veteran Assemblyman Warren Furutani in the January run-off election.

Curiously, the announcement of Trutanich's endorsement came from Trutanich's campaign strategist, John Shallman, and not from the Buscaino campaign. The Mayor Sam blog carried Shallman's endorsement statement on Friday, November 18, and on Saturday, Trutanich's nemesis, blogger Mulholland Terrace, reported on the Trutanich-Buscaino landslide inspection photo-op. Strangely, Buscaino's campaign website's 'endorsement' page was still silent as to Trutanich's endorsement as we go to press.

No mention of City Attorney Carmen Trutanich's alleged endorsement appeared on
Joe Buscaino's website as we close for press on Sunday, November 20, 2011.
Whether the Trutanich endorsement was sought or even welcomed by Joe Buscaino appears to be something of a mystery. However, few would be surprised if Trutanich's endorsement is ultimately rejected by Buscaino who may wish to distance himself from the never ending controversy surrounding the San Pedro ambulance chaser plaintiff's attorney turned career politician.

Trutanich, of course, has a disastrous record in terms of endorsements, throwing his weight and political capital behind failed CD2 candidate Chris Essel and, of course dramatically losing the support of one time ally District Attorney Steve Cooley after Trutanich reneged on his 'Pledge to Serve' barely nine months after taking office.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery 

The Los Angeles Dragnet may have to change it's title to the official Los Angeles Dragnet as a copy-cat blog 'Dragnet LA,' launched itself on Saturday, November 19, 2011. Authored by 'Sgt. Joe Friday,' the Dragnet LA looks set to rival our coverage of Los Angeles politics, and we look forward to reading their views.

Since the Los Angeles Dragnet first appeared in the blogesphere, we believe that we have added to the freedom of speech enjoyed in the greatest democracy in the world, and unlike some who seek to stifle the free expression of independent thought, we welcome an alternate viewpoint. Good luck Sgt. Joe Friday, see you at the next DA candidates' forum?



Anonymous said...

Jackson getting Buck McKeon's endorsement is huge. It guarantees Jackson the biggest block of votes in the north of LA County, all republicans of course, but it's a kick in the teeth to Trutanich. BTW Trutanich looks like he's about to burst in that photo.

Anonymous said...

What exactly does the City Attorney have to do with the collapse of a road? Is Trutanich about to drop another 'criminal aspects' bombshell investigation? Perhaps an illegal billboard caused the road to collapse? Or was the road damaged by too many medical marijuana patients driving to the pot shop? Or was this just a political photo-op?

Anonymous said...

The June 2012 primary election will favor Jackson as he is the only republican and the rest will divide up the democrat vote so much that there will not be a single democrat with anything like the number of votes needed to be a credible challenger. Meyers, Grace and Ipsen should drop out to give Lacey the best chance of beating Jackson.

Jackson has the republican party fully behind him with all the prominent elected leaders endorsing him. That leaves Trutanich out in the cold, looking like a buffoon in a bright yellow jacket.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Dragnet, the photo of Nuch in the Villariagosa jacket went viral around city hall this morning. Where do you find this stuff?