Thursday, November 17, 2011

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Joensing for Meyers

District Attorney candidate Danette Meyers' campaign got a boost this week with the announcement that music legend Quincy Jones had endorsed her. According to a statement released by the Meyers campaign, Jones said "Danette Meyers' credentials as an accomplished trial lawyer and veteran criminal prosecutor are without question. But what makes Danette unique is she understands that the justice system extends beyond the criminal side. Throughout her 25 year career she has spent her own time outside the District Attorney's office to ensure that the entire justice system is working. Danette's broader community perspective is key to the effective pursuit of justice. I wholeheartedly endorse Danette Meyers as the next District Attorney of Los Angeles County."

Jackson Campaign phone bank takes early lead

The phones in the homes of LA County's 'high propensity' conservative voters started ringing this week with calls from Alan Jackson's campaign. The volunteer corps of 50 callers are believed to be striking deep into the very same territory once regarded by City Attorney Carmen Trutanich as 'his,' no doubt based on Jackson's campaign manager, John Thomas, having previously organized the successful phone bank for Trutanich's 2009 City Attorney campaign.

It is understood that callers are making between 20 and 30 calls each, every evening, averaging around 1,000 calls a day. Although the script for the calls is a closely guarded secret, it would not be surprising to find that as well as highlighting Jackson's career achievements and conservative values, callers are able to play ten second sound bite of Trutanich's 'Pledge to serve' as City Attorney and not to run for District Attorney, when questions are asked about other candidates. That ten second sound bite could include some of the following statements made by Trutanich:

Trutanich Pledge to Serve by LA Dragnet

It is believed that Jackson's callers includes a number of retired law enforcement officers. According to the Jackson campaign, the phone bank will run every day right up to election night and will add additional callers in the final run up to the June 5, 2012 election.

Big Hollywood gives it up for Jackie Lacey

Rumors suggest that immediately prior to the APABA District Attorney candidates' forum, Chief Deputy District Attorney Jackie Lacey stared at a 'Big Hollywood' fundraiser to boost her campaign to become LA's next District Attorney. The fundraiser is understood to have taken place at the home of am Oscar winning actor with around 150 guests in attendance.

Lacey's campaign is said to be ramping-up with several key changes in campaign staff and strategy, and will likely include District Attorney Steve Cooley being at Lacey's side to underline his stated support for Lacey as his chosen leader to continue the mission of the Office.

Trutanich's 'Prosecutor of the Year' award questioned

While City Attorney Carmen Trutanich's collected his CNOA 'Prosecutor of the Year' award for doing nothing, many were wondering why the 22 deputy district attorneys 'singled out' by Trutanich for 'praise' were not also given awards by the CNOA.

Trutanich, it seems, preferred the CNOA award to be exclusively his so that he could use it for his campaign to be District Attorney. The 22 deputy city attorneys 'singled out' by Trutanich for 'praise' will likely receive cheesy ink-jet printer awards from him as a token of his praise, but nevertheless continue to suffer the enforced pay-cut and furloughs that he declines to share.



Anonymous said...

You are right about Nuch keeping the CNOA award to himself. Last night Nuch told the old folks at the Sherman Oaks Homeowners Associaton the HE has received many awards for shutting down medical marijuana clinics. It is all about HIM, the puffed up egocentric clown.

Anonymous said...

Danette is kicking Jackie's butt. You go girl.

Anonymous said...

7:33am, it was the Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council where the Clown spoke. Here's the report: "The Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council this week hosted a talk by Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen Trutanich, who spoke of his efforts to shut down medical marijuana dispensaries within the city. There are reportedly more than 10 dispensaries in Sherman Oaks. Trutanich told the group he has won several awards from law enforcement groups for his crackdown efforts."
Here's the link:

Anonymous said...

Why is Jackie Lacey's "big hollywood fundraiser" such a big secret if it really happened?

Anonymous said...

The Big Hollywood fundraiser was probably kept secret to frustrate Ipsen who got all bent out of shape when he heard about Lacey getting a big labor endorsement. Fundraising results will tell the truth about who is leading this race. Ipsen and Meyers are not doing too well, Grace even worse.

Anonymous said...

"Big Hollywood fund raiser" secret? That's hillarious. There's no such thing.

Anonymous said...

Nuch had a big hollywood fundraiser at Steven Seagal's house. It was a big deal and Nuch raised a ton of money.

Anonymous said...

Good to see the other candidates are getting their acts together to take on Trutanich and his phony campaign. Danette's endorsement will help her in her community, and Lacey's fundraising will help get her message out countywide. But Jackson must have steel ones to keep on nailing Trutanich. It takes courage to stand up to thugs like Trutanich, and it takes courage to run a DA's office like a prosecutorial agency and not a purely political machine. I admire Jackson's position for not playing the politics game and backing off attacking Trutanich. He has my vote and I hope I am on his phone bank call list because I would love to hear the 10 second soundbite of Trutanich's lies - that's too much to cram into 10 seconds!

Anonymous said...

Jackson should start running commercials now. He could run away with this race before it gets started. The others don't stand a chance.

Anonymous said...

November 17, 2011 @ 10:09 pm, I hope for Nuch's sake that your intel is mistaken. If he had a fundraiser at Steven Seagal's, it's blunder of epic proportions that requires additional investigation. For those who are recent arrivals to the LA legal scene, Steven Seagal's "Tony Soprano" antics sparked an incredible legal scandal that requires volumes to detail: The Anthony Pellicano affair.

In fact, the whole thing came unraveled when Pellicano, who was working for Seagal, had one of his henchmen threaten an LA Times reporter. Why isn't this a front page story somewhere? It's enough for me to question Nuch's judgment! HELL! It's enough to demand his resignation!