Monday, November 14, 2011

Trutanich gets award for doing nothing

The growing scandal over the misuse of a city contract worker in connection with a political campaign overshadowed the announcement of Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen Trutanich's latest play-pretend award.

The Los Angeles Metropolitan News Enterprise article detailing City Attorney Carmen Trutanich's
latest phony award did not include the ambulance-chaser graphic included above.
The Los Angeles Metropolitan News Enterprise reported that the California Narcotics Officers' Association named Trutanich as its 'Prosecutor of the Year.' The award is not entirely surprising given Trutanich's considerable influence over the CNOA; the former president works for Trutanich and is also behind the phony 'Draft Trutanich for District Attorney' campaign.

The award itself is surprising in view of the number of significant narcotics cases prosecuted by Trutanich, which is estimated to be zero.  Trutanich does not prosecute serious narcotics cases which are, of course, felonies prosecuted by either the District Attorney or the US Attorney.  But a minor detail like that should not stand in the way of adding to the illusion that the former ambulance chaser turned career politician is a tough crime fighter.

Perhaps the CNOA got their awards mixed up and meant to give Trutanich the 'Grandstander of the Year' award? After all, few would deny that Trutanich has formidable record of claiming the credit for prosecutions conducted by other agencies. Apart from the ridiculous claim that Trutanich 'busted' the 38th Street Gang, Trutanich also recently claimed he was 'moving forward' with the prosecution of those responsible for the Bryan Stowe beating at Dodger Stadium.

Those, perhaps, highlight Trutanich's credibility issues. There are, however, no shortage of others including, but not limited to, the lies he told about the origins of 'his' ACE Program, which thankfully remains stalled in City Council, and his claim that there were 'criminal aspects' to the Michael Jackson memorial at AEG's Staples Center.



Anonymous said...

The CNOA award was given to Trutanich because of the efforts he has made to shut down all the medical marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles. While it is true that these are not criminal prosecutions, but civil injunctions, and that due to mistakes made in the ordinance that Trutanich passed, the City Attorney has not been able to actually stop the growing number of dispensaries in Los Angeles, the fact is that he is trying to do something, and that is why he got the award.

Oftentimes it is necessary to bend the facts a little bit to make a bigger point. That's all Trutanich is doing, just highlighting the kinds of crimes he wants to prosecute when he becomes DA. To call that 'grandstanding' is unfair and offensive.

If you checked your facts, you would find that Trutanich did participate in the massive take-down of the 38th St. Gang. He personally attended the press conference and his office filed two injunctions against the gang. As for AEG and the Michael Jackson memorial, we all know that whatever happened there, something was wrong. Trutanich dew attention to the situation and that resulted in Dr. Conrad Murray's conviction for murdering Jackson. AEG did not mind being accused of criminal aspects, they even made donations to Trutanich after the case against them was dropped.

You call that doing nothing?

Anonymous said...

It's kinda pathetic to read what 6:21am says. I guess I was one of the many who thought Trutanich would be different to so many of these phony politicians, but he is the worst kind.

Anonymous said...

Agree with 1:09. I bet Carmen Trutanich wrote that. I bet he gets up early to read your blog and then starts foaming and fuming. But don't worry 1:09, Angelenos are far too smart to fall for the B.S. of phony politicians like Trutanich. 9 out of 10 people know the name Snooki over Trutanich anyways. He won't be the next D.A., we aren't that stupid as a county.

"You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time."

Anonymous said...

Having now re-read the 6:21 comment a few times, it sure looks like the kind of thing that Trutanich would say about himself, especially the part at the end where he tried to claim credit for Dr. Murray's conviction. Notice how he says "murder" when in fact it was voluntary manslaughter. So far only Alan Jackson has had the guts to take on Trutanich, when the other candidates start their campaigns in earnest Trutanich will be toast. We saw what happened to Jack Weiss when all the candidates were united on one thing, it brought him down. It is ironic that Trutanich will go the same way, but the harder he tries to make himself look good, the more it will hurt him as the candidates point out his lies.