Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Themes - District Attorney Candidate News

DA Candidate Jackie Lacey joins DA Steve Cooley in Holiday Giving Drive

District Attorney Steve Cooley and Chief Deputy District Attorney Jackie Lacey presented holiday gifts to the families of five murder victims today as part of the District Attorney’s 27th Annual Holiday Giving Drive.

According to the District Attorney's website, the Holiday Giving Drive benefited roughly 200 families who received more than $20,000 in gift baskets filled with toys and gift certificates. The gifts were made possible by donations primarily from District Attorney staff. Local service organizations, corporations and individuals also made donations.

“We in the District Attorney’s Office always are seeking justice for crime victims and their families,” District Attorney Cooley said. “During the Holiday Giving Drive we hope to bring them some cheer and show them that we care.”

Families are nominated to receive gifts from the Holiday Giving Drive by members of the District Attorney’s staff. D.A. investigators deliver the gifts to homes throughout Los Angeles County.

Gov. Pete Wilson endorsement boosts District Attorney candidate Alan Jackson's campaign

The Dragnet's exclusive on Gov. Pete Wilson's endorsement of Alan Jackson's campaign sparked a 'flood' of media interest in Jackson's campaign last week.

A campaign worker who contacted the Dragnet said that media reaction to the endorsement, generally, was that it would solidify conservative support for Jackson, the only Republican in what looks likely to be a field of nine candidates.

Comments posted in response to our exclusive suggested that Wilson's endorsement could result in Jackson being virtually ensured a 'top two' placing in the June primary, leaving Jackson to face the top-scoring Democrat in what seems to be an inevitable run-off in the November general election. 

Even though the District Attorney election is non-partisan, the likelihood is that there will be a much larger turnout of Republican voters in June as they have to select a challenger to the President, while Democrats don't have to chose anyone.

The fact that Carmen Trutanich resigned from the Republican party in what is now seen as a political career building campaign ploy to become City Attorney, and then 'bunny hop' to the DA's Office, will likely be used to good effect by the Jackson campaign to persuade conservatives from being fooled, again, by the former ambulance chaser plaintiff's attorney. 

DA Candidate Marcus Musante 'Getting Serious' about campaign

We haven't heard much from Marcus Musante, the most recent candidate for District Attorney, however, and email from his campaign assured us that he is serious about his bid to replace Steve Cooley in 2013.

We have, accordingly, added a link to his website together with the other candidates. We should point out that the names of candidates are displayed in alphabetical order, however, when the candidates' names appear on the ballot for the June 5, 2012 primary election, they will be in an order based on a lottery-style random selection process conducted by the County Registrar-Recorder's Office.

We notice that the website has changed, now promoting Musante as the 'Generation X' candidate. It appears to be in the process of being put together in time for a January 2012 launch.

DA Candidate Mario Trujillo pushes for a 'Strong Finish' to 2012

 An email from District Attorney candidate Mario Trujillo's campaign urged supporters to help him make a 'strong finish' to his thus far very successful fundraising in 2012.

'If everyone that has indicated that they support my campaign would donate just $25,$50 or $100 before December 25th we would again show the political insiders that we not only understand the future but we are also willing to take charge of it.' Trujillo says in his email.

Recipients of Trujillo's email are directed to his website where they can make those all-important donations.

Trujillo has achieved considerable success in terms of fundraising, and while City Attorney Carmen Trutanich is expected to announce the highest numbers in this fudraising cycle, it is notable that Trujillo's money appears to be coming from individuals who will likely vote in the election. In contrast to Trujillo and  the other candidates, the vast majority of Trutanich's money appears to come from special interest firms who do or seek to do business with the City of Los Angeles.

An example of Trutanich's fundraising approach appeared in a recent post at the Mayor Sam Blog.  Trutanich's Office Holder account had received  contributions from members of the law firm of Albright Yee & Schmit. That firm was recently awarded $767,000 in four separate contracts "To assist the City Attorney with legal representation." The contracts are numbered C-119634, C-119633, C-119635 and C-111576. Coincidentally, of course, members of the law firm of Albright Yee & Schmit also made contributions to Trutanich's so-called 'exploratory committee' for his DA campaign.

District Attorney candidate Steve Ipsen announces endorsements

A press release put out by Steve Ipsen last week announced that he has "secured the endorsements of prominent victims’ rights leaders from the largest victims organizations in Southern California."
In the release Ipsen describes himself as "founder and eight term past president of the nation’s largest prosecutors union," suggesting that Ipsen's campaign will focus on securing the support of organized labor in addition to vicitms' rights organizations.

There was no mention as to whether the Association of Deputy District Attorneys will reward Ipsen with their endorsement in his campaign to become DA, however, that would appear to be likely, given the way ADDA endorsements have been awarded in the past.

Most recently, the ADDA endorsed Republican John Eastman for State Attorney General, an endorsement that most members were unaware of and disapproved.

The Trutanich Scandals series proves popular

The second of the Dragnet's recent series of Trutanich Scandals has proved to be a popular source of entertainment and information for our readers.

Focusing on the background to the fiasco that saw Trutanich publicly claiming that there were 'criminal aspects' to the way AEG handled the Michael Jackson memorial, his sudden 'dropping' of the year-long investigation by his Bureau of Investigations, and curious subsequent receipt free tickets to a Lady Gaga concert at AEG's LA Live venue, the Trutanich Scandals series hopes to connect the dots to the way Trutanich uses prosecution, politics, and phony ploys.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all Dragnet readers.



Anonymous said...

I am surprised that you mention Steve Ipsen, but as he has as much of a chance of winning as Marcus Musante, I suppose it is fair to mention the slam-dunk losers as well. Ipsen's ADDA has done nothing since they stole bragging rights to being the largest prosecutorial union durning the summer when most DDAs were on vacation. Ipsen's statement proves exactly what was said about this union - it just exists to give him a political platform. Amazingly, there are still DDAs who don't even know they are now forced to be members of the union. The ADDA should not endorse Ipsen, but you know they will, that's how these things work. If they had any shred of decency, they would refuse to endorse anyone until after the primary, and then pick a candidate. Ipsen will not get past the primary anyway - with or without the ADDA, and the victims rights people he has behind him won't make a difference to anything except taking votes away from decent candidates.

Anonymous said...

The ADDA endorsed Chris Kelly on the Democrat side but you conviently and repeatedly continue to leave that out. Cooley pouted like a two year old that the troops didn't choose him. Victims certainly won't back Jackson.

Anonymous said...

@10:58AM So the ADDA endorsed a pair of lossers. Your point is ...

Anonymous said...

I hear Ipsen has raised almost $2,000 from his victims of crime network.

Anonymous said...

If the ADDA would have endorsed Cooley they also would have endorsed a loser.. Your point is?

Anonymous said...

@5:57 makes a good point.

Anonymous said...

Trutanavich is getting slammed at the LA Weekly

Anonymous said...

i wonder if scott libolt is going to try to sue LA Weekly for using Trutanich's photo in a piece that is critical of him?

Anonymous said...

@11:16AM - Trutanich is such a thin-skinned arrogant a_hole that he must be busting guts by the dozen at the way his plan to stop the use of 'his' photo has backfired. It's just another example of his piss poor understanding of the first amendment.