Thursday, December 8, 2011

Counterfeit Trutanich

In his increasingly desperate efforts to project himself as a crime fighter and not a liar who reneged on a sworn solemn promise and tried and failed to threaten his political rival, District Attorney candidate Alan Jackson, an embattled Carmen Trutanich held a 'press conference' in downtown Los Angeles to grandstand the filing of misdemeanor charges against four sellers of counterfeit mechandize.

Our headline, 'Counterfeit Trutanich,' is not our stated opinion, not our stated view, and not even our stated comment. It's the title given to the photograph of blowhard Trutanich by Daily News staff photographer Hans Gutknecht.

If you build it, they will come. Not.

But an unfortunate wide-shot of Trutanich's grandstanding event revealed a rather different picture; few showed up for Trutanich's little piece of  'tough on crime' self-promotion.

Perhaps the Daily News did have the right title for their photograph. Trutanich's grandstanding could be seen as being as fake, phony and disgusting as the phony Rolex watches and DVDs on display.



Anonymous said...

You missed the real story here. If this was a multi-million dollar major crime bust, then how is it that these criminals are only being charged with minor misdeanor crimes and not felonies? It sounds like this is a case that should have been prosecuted by the DA's office. Did Teutanich hijack the case just so he could get a photo op? That's the question you should be asking.

Anonymous said...

The real story, it turns out, was released through the AHOLE city attorney himself with a 4 page press release. The puffed up buffoon announced the arrest of four low grade vendors of fake t-shirts and crappy copies of DVDs. The whole take was less than $100k between the 4. They will likely get a slap on the wrist from the judge. This was blown out of all proportion which is why nobody showed up, and why the Daily News called the photo 'counterfeit trutanich.' Pathetic. Utterly pathetic.

Anonymous said...

BTW, good catch Dragnet. The 'unfortunate' wide shot got the most laughs around the office. Nuch looks so pathetic with nobody showing up for his photo op. Maybe he should have worn the dayglow jacket again? Or has the Mayor taken it back?