Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Free For All

Trutanich hints at "advice" given to Mayor over Occupy LA

The reason why City Attorney Carmen Trutanich was 'disinvited' from the Mayor's press conference announcing plans to end the Occupy LA protests peacefully may have been revealed during a rare radio appearance made by Trutanich on the Peter Tilden morning talk show on KABC 790AM Thursday morning.

While Los Angelenos seemed pleased with the way that the Mayor had handled the closure of the Occupy LA encampment around City Hall, an irate City Attorney Trutanich told the radio audience that he could not discuss the advice he gave the Mayor as to how he wanted the protest to be ended.

Trutanich hinted that there is a law and it has to be obeyed, implying that Trutanich favored taking immediate action to end the occupation by force the moment it started.

If indeed, Trutanich favored an immediate enforcement of the law, his position clashed with that of the Mayor and the City Council; they were keen to avoid a repetition of the Mcarthur Park melee which could be attributed to an ill planned rapid 'enforcement' of the law.

Trutanich did not state whether he would be launching a 'criminal aspects investigation into the costs of the police operation to end Occupy LA. Those costs were, perhaps, increased by the Mayor's apparent inaction for some 60 days.

Trutanich also commented about the $5,000 bail imposed on those arrested for violating the law. Some had questioned the amount of the bail, but Trutanich defended the bail amount saying that it was a simple processing of looking up the code section and finding the corresponding bail amount in the bail schedule. This approach, of course, conflicts with Trutanich's own policy of seeking higher bail than set by the bail schedule, indicating yet another difference between the Mayor and Trutanich.


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