Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday Free For All

Trujillo draws criticism from Cooley

The LA Weekly reports that LA County District Attorney Steve Cooley had harsh words for  candidate Deputy District Attorney Mario Trujillo at the LA County Bar Association judicial honors event in the Tom Bradley room high atop City Hall on Wednesday night.

The audience at the sparsely attended event was virtually doubled by the attendance of nearly all the DA candidates (Marcus Musante must have been in trial). Keen observers relate the following exchange between Cooley and Trujillo:
Trujillo: 'Hi boss, how are you?'
Cooley: 'I was doing just fine until I read that you called me archaic and inefficient.'

It went downhill from there...

Trutanich likely to declare candidacy early in 2012

Also lurking around the rafters of the Tom Bradley room was City Attorney Carmen Trutanich who all but admitted that he would announce his run for DA 'early in 2012.' With 'TRU in 12' likely to be the campaign slogan, we wonder if Trutanich will recycle some of his other campaign catchphrases. 'I am here to do this job' seems to be the most appropriate, as one observer noted, 'He doesn't say which job, does he?'



Anonymous said...

Mario is establishing himself as THE reform candidate, and also as the only candidate who has the guts to attack the old administration. Ipsen and Myers have nothing, they can't seem to distinguish themselves in any way.

Mario has the Latino community solidly behind him and I think that he wil end up as the front runner after the primary, going head to head against Jackson or Lacey.

Trutanich running is a joke. Right?

Anonymous said...

Nuch running is not a joke, it will be his downfall. He could have done a good job if he had kept to his promise not just to voters but to so many people who trusted him. Nuch won not because of his campaign contributions and mailers, but because he had so many trusted people standing by him and supporting him. That' part is gone now, His campaign money is all special interest money, nobody decent will support him, and the media hate him. Shallman will be able to buy a bigger mansion by the time the campaign is over, and Nuch will be finished. I am glad the blogs are trashing him now because the word is spreading like wildfire.

Anonymous said...

Mario has really blown it with his insult to Cooley and the rest of the DA's office. The Met News just published a report of the incident that is not very nice about Mario. He should take back what he said and concentrate on running a positive campaign. He has a good chance of making it to the runoff if he doesn't alienate supporters. This reform stuff is for crazies.

Anonymous said...

Nobody is buying Mario's reform BS guys. Not after being a codefendant with Jackie Lacey and Steve Cooley in the anti labor union lawsuit.

Anonymous said...

Yawn, 1:48am proves how dishonest the so-called 'union' argument actually is. Mario was dismissed as a codefendant as were a whole bunch of ddas that the union thugs tried to intimidate.

I agree that Mario was wrong to attack his colleagues on the reform statement, and I also think the reform movement is completely wrong, but trying to tie the union into this argument is proves again that the union is run by a bunch of malcontents who think they should have been promoted. They are all monumental failures and embarrassments, which is why most ddas still refuse to have anything to do with the union that now steals union dues from all of them.

Dragnet, you should delete the comment by 1:48am as it is misleading.

Anonymous said...

Mario can't have it both ways. He criticizes Cooley's office and performance and then out of the otherside of his mouth retracts his criticism by saying he doesn't blame Cooley. Who is to blame? No one? Then The DA is not responsible for what goes on in his office. Consequently, Mario's promises are empty since he, too, will not ultimately be responbile, and so he can say anything. If Cooley isnt responsible for the failures, then no DA would be. Thus, Mario's criticisms are hollow and gutless and mean none thing. Without the courage of his convictions, he backs down and refuses to blame Cooley for the failures of his office. One the one hand Mario says, per the Met News, that "he is standing by his statements from Wednesday that “policies of the D.A.’s Office have delayed justice for victims, wasted taxpayer money and put our community at risk.” But out of the otherwise of his mouth he states that he is “not attacking the administration,”  and “in no way was it meant to be a criticism of my boss.” If the policies of the office delay justice, waste money, and puts the community at risk, how is this not attacking and criticizing his boss, Cooley? Per the Met News Mario, after criticizing his boss, "repeatedly expressed respect and admiration for Cooley, but said he took issue with the office’s current practice of “send[ing] people to county jail knowing they’re not going to serve that time” due to overcrowding." I guess Mario does not measure a person but what he does, because then he would have to admit he does not admire and respect Cooley. Am I missing something, or is this just Political double speak and cowardice and hypocrisy? Mario is just another empty, hollow political blowhard with no principles.

Anonymous said...

Trutanich's campaign motto, "I am here to do this job" will haunt him wherever he goes. I don't think this thin-skinned ahole has any idea of the the way the media will destroy him; they will do it with his own words and with hundreds of people who will be sooo willing to step forward and condemn him for being the phony that he is. It's going to be the best sideshow of the election cycle. Who was it who first said it will be like the sound of a fatty steak on a bbq? They got it right. Crash and burn Nooch, it couldn't happen to a more deserving piece of sh*t.

Anonymous said...

More bad news for Carmen the Clown, the Mayor Sam blog is reporting that Doug McIntyre is coming back to mornings on KABC 790AM! Nuch's buddy Peter Tilden is out and Doug will most likely be going after Nuch as well as the other phony baloney politicians on a regular basis in the run up to the election. Hope Nuch raises a lot more money so he can really go down in style. Bye bye Nuch!

Anonymous said...

The controversy over Mario's comments is bad news. . . for Jackie Lacey.

Consider the following. In 2008 both Steve Ipsen and an unknown lawyer with the unfortunate name of Albert Robles ran against DA Steve Cooley (a prominent political boss who coincidentally shares the name "Albert Robles" had been sent to prison in the months prior to the election). Ipsen launched a campaign that featured advertisements in print, the internet and even a banner towed by a plane. Albert Robles (the candidate) ran a near-dormant campaign. The result: though Cooley won easily, Robles got 20% while Ipsen got a mere 15%.

Why? Do the math. The population of Latinos in metropolitan Los Angeles has surged, and many believe that Latinos may already be majority in the City of Los Angeles. This is not an insignificant voting block.

The Latino community was split in the last DA election. Many of the more conservative flagship Latino organizations (MABA and LBA) officially endorsed Cooley, while some of the more radical groups refused to give him support. Robles (though he was unknown in many parts of the Latino community) was the proud recipient of a protest "bump."

These circumstances are definitely subject to change. Unlike Robles, Mario has been a respected figure in virtually every corner of the Latino community for years. His influence and credibility is beyond question.

Additionally, the Spanish language press (like the English language) simply loves a good “David vs. Goliath” story (though the meme seems to be even more of a favorite in the Latino press).

Also, the image of the big white guy brow-beating the little Latino is also a sensitive topic among Latinos. Let’s be realistic, many Latinos are the descendants of farm-workers and laborers. The image of the big boss acting like a bully is not going to go over well.

Steve Cooley is not going to be on the 2012 District Attorney ballot. But his hand picked successor, Jackie Lacey, will be. It appears that Cooley was unable to motivate support from the Latino Community for his AG campaign. But the real question now is “how will the Latino community respond to Cooley’s reaction?” For sometime it has appeared that the Latino is lining up solidly behind Mario. But consider the following: what if Mario doesn’t make it past the primary and isn’t in the runoff? Who will Latinos turn out to vote AGAINST? Simple math dictates NO candidate wants to be the recipient of a negative wave in the Latino community. If Lacey makes it to the runoff (the odds are against her), Cooley's inability to let bygones-be-bygones and accept the olive branch could cost her.

Anonymous said...

Not sure exactly what 7:03pm is saying, but one thing is sure, Mario has the Latino vote and that is a disaster for Nuch Trutanich. Jackson has the republican vote, and that's a disaster for Nuch Trutanich. Between Lacey, Meyers and Grace, the African Anerican vote is locked up, and that's a disaster for Nuch Trutanich. So it's a strong possibility that June 6, 2012 will see a run off between Mario and Alan, and the rest of them busy making deals for endorsements. Except Nuch Trutanich. He is over, finished, washed out. Too bad, too sad.

Anonymous said...

The point at 7:03pm is about the lost art of avoiding bridge-burning. Trujillo has a good chance of getting to the runoff, thanks to (what appears to be) a seismic shift towards Latinos in the demographics of this county. But assume (purely for the sake of argument) Trujillo finishes third. The surviving candidates are gonna want that massive block of votes. Who gets them? If the Latino community percieves Cooley has treated Trujillo unfairly in this mess, you don't want to be the guy with Cooley's stamp on your stuff.

Anonymous said...

8:30pm - I totally get your point. If Mario does not make it to the run off, and it's between Jackson and Lacey, then Mario has to decide which of the two he's going to support. My guess is that he'll go with Lacey, just because they're both democrats.

But suppose that it's Trutanich and Jackson in the run off? In that situation Mario will support Jackson, as will every other candidate, because 1) Trutanich cannot be trusted to honor the promises he makes (just look at tall the people at the City Attorney's office who were promised promotions and ended up eating a 15% pay cut), a 2) anyone who knows Trutanich, hates him.

Assuming he's not in the run off, Mario's influence over the Latino vote guarantees him a grade V position, and probably an Assistant DA spot in either a Lacey or Jackson administration. With Nuch, he's going to be promised the same, but for a variety of reasons, mostly Nuch's paranoia, Mario will not do a deal with him.

But if Mario is in the runoff, he wins whoever he's against.

Nuch is screwed whichever way this plays out. That is all that really matters.

Anonymous said...

The idiots on this blog spend a whole lot of time saying Trutanich is finished. If he were finished, why do you have to keep repeating yourselves?

Sounds like you haven't convinced yourself yet.

Anonymous said...

10:22pm It is not that anyone is not utterly convinced that Trutanich is going to crash and burn. It is simply that it is so much fun watching that pathetic ambulance chaser being led to the slaughter by his own ego and that bald headed sleaze bag he hangs out with (aka 10:22pm). His campaign will succeed in making John Shallman richer, but that is about all.

You forget that Nuch has alienated the entire city council and 99% of his own staff. There is so much hatred for him that he cannot win. Just ask Jack Weiss what happens when you make so many enemies. It is deliciously ironic that Nuch will end up destroyed by the people who were conned into trusting him, but they will have the last laugh. Guaranteed.

Anonymous said...

Rocky was unpopular at city hall and in the office, who ratted him out to the press. But Nuch is ten times worse than Rocky, and there isn't a single member of the press corps that doesn't already have draft story documenting his downfall.