Tuesday, January 31, 2012

ADDA Board Member clarifies endorsement

Contrary to our earlier report concerning District Attorney candidate Steve Ipsen's press release regarding endorsement by the ADDA, this comment has been posted clarifying the situation.

Marc Debbaudt is listed as Vice President of the ADDA according to their website.



Anonymous said...

The logic of Debbaudt's statement is as tortured as his grammar. Of course the ADDA is backing Ipsen. Despite what commenters have said, Ipsen meant for readers to assume he had the ADDA endorsement.

Anonymous said...

I would like to know why this endorsement process is taking place without any ratification from the members of the ADDA? I find it very troubling that many of the board members were appointed by Ipsen, surely they should recuse themselves? This is exactly why the ADDA is not representative of all the DDAs who now have to pay dues, but have no say in anything.

Anonymous said...

I am glad Marc had the grace to inform members of what is actually going on instead of all the rumors that are flying around. Why does everything have to be such a big secret all the time? The ADDA is now forcing all DDAs to pay dues, so how about consulting us a little. I think thats called democracy.

Marc Debbaudt said...

My grammar may have been bad, but my logic? I attempted to simply clarify whether there had been an endorsement or not, not to persuade anyone of anything. I guess the super-critics aren't happy unless they find something to condemn. Sorry you don't like my grammar.

The endorsement process is, right now, just that, a process, not yet an endorsement. The endorsement committee is considering if, when, and how to conduct a plebiscite of the ADDA membership. This plebiscite will not be a ratification of the Board's choice, but if it occurs a choice the Board will ratify.

Clearly you have never attended an ADDA meeting and witnessed the passionate and divergent view points regarding each of the candidates, including, but not just,
Ipsen. But that apparently does not stop participants in this forum from opining without information from the barren
void that is their mentality which is motivated merely to attack personalities they do not like regardless of the truth. It Is too bad that no one bothered to ask a Board member what is happening and why.

I was not appointed by Ipsen, but elected more than once by the members. That's true for the entire Board who have been elected at least once. We have 4 openings, so if all you wise insightful people really want to make a difference and not juts bellyache, want not come to a meeting and volunteer to serve. The Board has agendized this issue, and may well decide to have elections soon. I will be urging a full Board and Officer elections given the profound events which have recently occurred| Agency and Affiliation and, soon, new by-laws.

The ADDA has an endorsement committee that is considering if, when, and how to conduct a plebiscite.

Anonymous said...

Quit fueling shenanigans and rumors, just hold the damn plebiscite!

Anonymous said...

The ADDA's lack of action is ensuring Trutanich will get labor support. Then, when Cooley jumps back in everyone goes bye bye and the space takers will tell their people to support Cooley. Trutanich and Cooley become best friends again, Nuch stays city attorney and our first class king of Union Busters will get labor support and serve a historic 4th term. Fun times. Aren't we paying $1000 a year for the ADDA to have have a pair? Or are they caving to management thinking management will work with them? Good luck with that. The union wouldn't exist if it wasn't for Ipsen and many young DAs the union stood up for would have been fired because Cooley-n-friends didn't like them. If you guys can't get behind Ipsen you are a waste of a board that will be taken over by management suck ups and your illegal performance evaluations will be the end of your career when Cooley's DA investigators escort you out the building.

Anonymous said...

Sadly...the ADDA board has been made a fool. Again. By the mere fact that Trutanich has not had the "testicular fortitude" to announce his candidacy and that the ADDA Board hoveled to his request for an interview should point out to the ADDA's membeship-at-large of the ADDA board's political naivete. That I've heard, no other labor union is giving Trutanich that pass. Is there any other unannounced political opportunist that your willing to let use us? Cooley asking for an interview?LOL...if it werent so sad ~DDA213.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dragnet. Get your facts right. President Seligman has sent this out to all members - if you have the guts, publish this and tell the truth:

ATTN: All ADDA Members –

As you know, the ADDA on January 24 held back-to-back interviews with each of the seven candidates for LA County District Attorney who expressed interest in receiving our union’s endorsement. Each interview lasted for 30 minutes. Following the final interview, the ADDA Board took a vote to refer four of the candidates for further scrutiny by other labor organizations: Bobby Grace, Steve Ipsen, Danette Meyers and Carmen Trutanich (in alphabetical order).

On Monday this week, the Board met again and took another vote. After discussion, the Board approved a motion not to endorse any DA candidate at this time (contrary to what was erroneously “reported” in a Los Angeles law enforcement blog this week.) In addition, the Board has not made a final decision about whether to ultimately endorse any of the seven candidates.

Thank you to all ADDA members who came to participate in or observe the interview process – and congratulations to us all on achieving another milestone for our growing union!

We will continue to bring you updates on your union’s activities and Board decisions, and as always, we encourage all DDAs to get involved. For more information, please contact any ADDA Board member or Leslie Simon, AFSCME Council 36 Organizing Director, at 213 252-1350 or

Anonymous said...

The state of the discourse is that no one can tell if the post at 12:48pm on 2-1 is a serious post or satire. When you give a thumbs up to four candidates and a thumbs down to three, that's an endorsement regardless of what you call it. Should have just held a membership vote with all the candidates.

Anonymous said...

Feb.1@12:48pm is a satirical post. One of the "approved" candidates passed on by the ADDA board was Nuch himself. I think the poster is just making a humorous rant by stringing together all the silly rumors floating around. But a plebiscite would have prevented much of the nonsense. However, if you think your candidate will not win the plebiscite, you dodge it.

Marc Debbaudt said...

There is nothing to prevent DDAs who want a plebiscite from contacting their President, Hyatt Seligman, and demanding a plebiscite. They can also offer to help so it gets done in a timely fashion. But, no, the only action the people in this blog take is to criticize everything anonymously. They stand for nothing and they do nothing, that is nothing except criticize, and they have the courage to make sure no one knows who they are. If the ADDA does something, they are stupid and wrong. If the ADDA does nothing, they are stupid and wrong.

Personally, I support a plebiscite sooner rather than later, but the Board believes they should not rush into it and should do it right. Obviously, if the Board is right or wrong, no matter which, you all who do nothing but criticize will condemn them either way without taking one risk. The words of cowards always ring hollow.

Guess what? Your ADDA is totally comprised of volunteers and they get paid nothing but they are trying to do what is best for their members, because they are DDAs just like many of you. So they are not perfect and make mistakes. I am regularly and invariably at odds with many of them and i communicate this as best i can at the meetings. I hate some of the Board members, but guess what, at least they are making mistakes, and I appreciate their efforts no matter how errant because they are in the arena, not cowering in the stands holding their thumbs up or down. What are you annoymous critics all about? You all are about just making hate and accomplishing nothing for your fellow DDAs.

Think you are smarter? Prove it. Come to a meeting and volunteer to do something.

anonymous273 said...

Marc, Glad to see you address this, especially in a forum that has been openly hostile to the ADDA in the past. I, and many of the DDA's I know, appreciate the efforts of those representing us in the union. I think the ADDA's biggest problem has been communication with those DDA's it represents. I hadn't heard anything about a plebiscite until you mentioned it here. I'm glad too see the board plans to conduct one.

Why isn't there some summary / minutes of all ADDA board meetings sent to the membership or made available on the web site so the boards actions are more transparent to its members?

Sean Carney

Marc Debbaudt said...

Communication has been and continues to be a big problem for the ADDA. First, someone has to volunteer to write it. That takes some effort and concentration and time, obviously. Then it goes out to the Executive Committe who has to approve it by a vote of three. Then it goes to AFSCME who formats it and emails it to those who gave us their email addresses. So, nothing is immediate and everything is a chore. I got real frustrated about the lack of communication a while back especially when AFFILIATION and AGENCY were coming up and because my position and point-of-view was clearly the minority and carried no weigh, so I created my own email database on my own to about 150 DDAs and sent out an update called FTC for Failure To Communicate, clearly indicating that it was not AUTHORIZED by the ADDA. Frankly, that can be a bit exhausting and I'm getting old and want to do other things like watching Justified and going to see Chronicle. But recently I've threatened the President that I'm going to resurrect it. He, of course, chose to lecture me claiming that my expressing my point of view without his blessing was wrong, in other words, that I don't have freedom of speech as the Vice President of the ADDA. Well, that kind of motivates me to start it up again just to spite him. However, in his defense, communicating officially within our rules is not easy and many of the decisions we have to make come up quickly and give us little if any time to consult and advise our members before hand. Bit is the nature of the beast.

Anonymous said...