Wednesday, January 25, 2012

EndosementGate - Trutanich's surprise announcement tainted by allegations of 'fixing'

Following Monday's confirmation that Camen Trutanich is running for Los Angeles District based on his acceptance of an invitation to vie for the endorsement of the Los Angeles Association of Deputy District Attorney's, the Los Angeles Dragnet can report that Trutanich has also secured the endorsement of the Long Beach Police Officers Association.

Although the LBPOA's Political Action page on their website has not yet been updated to reflect the endorsement, sources have confirmed that following a vote on Thursday January 19, 2012, the LBPOA did indeed vote to endorse Trutanich.

However, as with most things associated with Trutanich, the endorsement is clouded by the appearance of impropriety. Sources inform the Dragnet that the LBPOA was unable to confirm whether or not Truanich actually attended an endorsement interview. If true, that would suggest that the endorsement was secured by nothing more than cronyism based on Trutanich's friendship with Long Beach Police Chief Jim McDonnell as well as the personal appearance and lobbying of Trutanich's campaign worker Chief Investigator Garry Schram who was seen 'high fiving' LBPOA members shortly after the 'vote' at around 4PM.

It is known that District Attorney candidates Jackie Lacey and Alan Jackson were also interviewed by the LBPOA, however, it is understood that they had to request interviews. It is not known whether any other candidates were either invited to attend, or were even aware of that the LBPOA was going to make an endorsement.

Trutanich is understood to have been desperate to secure a law enforcement endorsement to coincide with the announcement of his candidacy. His recent 'cry baby' antics of blaming LAPD for 'paperwork errors' following the collapse of his prosecutions of Occupy LA protesters likely made his quest harder; cops take a lot of heat at the best of times, but having the City Attorney throw LAPD under the bus because Trutanich failed to spot mistakes in police reports is seen by most as unprofessional and unforgivable.

That Trutanich failed to apologize for blaming LAPD officers for what was apparently his failure to follow established procedures to ensure that criminal charges are only filed when competent evidence exists, casts another cloud over the LBPOA endorsement; it is highly unlikely that the rank and file members would never support Trutanich after his betrayal of fellow police officers.

At the time of writing we are unable to confirm whether Trutanich actually attended the ADDA's endorsement interview on Tuesday night, however, his chances of securing that endorsement are slim to none.

Sources indicate that Trutanich will shortly announce that he has the endorsement of LA County Supervisor Don Knabe. However, that endorsement is understood to owe more to Knable being a godparent to one of Trutanich's children than any genuine belief that Trutanich has the integrity or ability for the position. Knabe doubtless finds himself in an awkward position, publicly having to say one thing, but privately saying another. Perhaps he and Chief McDonnell have more in common, given Trutanich's lousy record, they will likely vote for anyone but Trutanich.



Anonymous said...

Schram? Shouldn't the DA open an investigation into his activities?

Anonymous said...

dragnet, the only way he gets any support form law enforcement is when he bribes law enforcement. He gave baca millions in stolen money. Wonder how much he promised long beach?

Anonymous said...

Trutanich is doing the same thing with endorsements as his predecessor Jack Weiss did - going around saying "I'm going to win, so you better not piss me off." Trutanich will go the same way as Jack, despite all the money he's squeezed out of reluctant special interest groups, the media hates him with a passion never before seen in LA politics. There isn't a reporter who likes Trutanich, and they're not going to pull any punches when the time comes to tell the public what they think of him.

Anonymous said...

Heard Long Beach POA is fuming about this story. Dirty deals are best kept secret and nobody is proud about what happened.

According to the LBPOA rules on the website you link, they don't have to conduct in person interviews to give an endorsement, so it's just a case of the POA bending to the will of their chief.

Anonymous said...

Where is the complete, current (to this point) endorsement list for Trutanich?