Saturday, January 28, 2012

First ripples of an anti-Trutanich tsunami gives pause to would be supporters

An editorial in Friday's Los Angeles Downtown News is likely the first sign of a tsunami of hard-hitting media condemnation aimed at City Attorney Carmen Trutanich's narcissistic ambition to become District Attorney.

The editorial, 'Which way in L.A., Nuch?', takes several swings at Trutanich not only for reneging on his 'Pledge to Serve' as City Attorney, but also for the way that his eighteen-month long stealth campaign to become District Attorney has damaged the City Attorney's Office.

The LA Downtown News says that 'It is time for Trutanich to publicly declare whether he’ll run again for City Attorney in 2013,'  and that he 'has been waffling for a long time now.' because 'he knows the minute he declares, he’ll be the target of negative campaigning' from other candidates. The Downtown News is right. Not only has District Attorney Alan Jackson already taken the lead in attacking Trutanich with the satirical 'Election Hangover Part 2' video that is 'going viral' on YouTube, but now it seems the media are poised to take a more in-depth look at the way Trutanich's 'waffling' has damaged the City Attorney's Office.

'By waffling over his future, Trutanich automatically injects a level of instability into the department he heads. People get nervous and distracted when they don’t know who their boss is going to be.' The LA Downtown News said, adding that 'This makes it almost irresponsible that Trutanich is not declaring.' and that 'Declining to state his intentions is not leadership. This is what we expect from career politicians eager to ensure that they have a high-paying civic job.' and concluding that Trutanich's 'behavior impacts many other people. His indecision is bad for the city attorney’s office. His indecision is bad for the residents of Los Angeles.'

While regular readers of the Dragnet won't be surprised by the comments in the L.A. Downtown News, what is surprising, indeed encouraging, is that the local media are starting to connect the dots between Trutanich's narcissistic pursuit of higher political office, and the string of leadership failures at the City Attorney's Office. The most recent example of such a failure was the collapse of the Occupy LA prosecutions which saw Trutanich pathetically trying to lay off the blame for his failure on the LAPD. Most insiders agree that Trutanich was too focused on leading his political campaign than doing his elected job.

Sources tell the Dragnet that almost every local media source is working on similar articles and editorials. It's a tsunami of such awesome might that it will easily overwhelm Trutanich's campaign warchest and leave Trutanich not only floundering in his quest to shake down more campaign contributions from special interests who do business with the city, but lacking in key endorsements from groups who do not want to be seen as 'guilty by association' with a failed politician.

The ripples from the imminent media tsunami is apparently already giving pause to several key law enforcement and organized labor groups, the support of which Trutanich had taken for granted. While Friday is typically a sleepy day in politics, the L.A. Downtown News editorial is said to have caused a flurry of panic calls, text messages and emails as the former ambulance chaser plaintiff's attorney turned career politician desperately sought to put out fires caused by the shocking revelations in the editorial. 

If the reaction to the L.A. Downtown News editorial is anything to go by, then Trutanich is in deep trouble. His 2009 victory owed as much to the support he enjoyed from DA Steve Cooley as it did to the relentless media attacks on Trutanich's opponent; career politician Councilmember Jack Weiss. Now Trutanich finds himself in the same position as Weiss - Cooley has withdrawn his support, and the media are focusing on the feckless failures of a narcissistic career politician; Carmen Trutanich.

The anti-Trutanich tsunami is coming and the thin-skinned embattled City Attorney has already proved incapable of fighting it, as seen by his empty threat to sue Alan Jackson over the 'Election Hangover Part 2' video. By the time the tsunami hits the political shores in May 2012, about a month ahead of the primary election, it will have gained the devastating force necessary to sweep Trutanich into the political wilderness.



Anonymous said...

Dragent, did you see the piece in yesterday's Hollywood Reporter? Looks like Warner Bros is going to sue Alan Jackson. Check it out.

Why would such a smart lawyer makes such stupid mistakes for no reason? Puzzling.

Anonymous said...

Nuch is going to crush Jackson with the Warner bros lawsuit.

Anonymous said...

An unsigned editorial in some blog I never heard of before is not a tsunami.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Warner Brothers bases their legal decisions on anything Trutanich tells them. They know when their propeties have been misappropriated. They're probably just as pissed off as that photographer was, or maybe just thin skinned. Either way I hope Alan has a good intellectual property lawyer. He could get gang-banged.

Anonymous said...

1:58PM 7:02PM read the article you cited and please cut and paste any reference to Warner Bros suing anyone. It's not there.

IMHO WB are probably splitting their sides laughing at the way Jackson has parodied waking up in a world where Carmen the Clown Trutanich is DA. It's bad enough that he is CA, but at least that will be over after Trutanich crashes and burns in the DA election.

BTW props to Dragnet for the cartoon - it's gonna be all over City Hall on Monday and I bet the guy in the garage where Nuch's city SUV is parked will have it on the window like he did with the clown hat photo.

Anonymous said...

Those article don't get written in a vacuem. Hollywood Reporter most likely received their facts anonymously from the Warner Bros legal department. Who else would give a shit?

Anonymous said...

10:26 is right, people in Nuchs office leak tips to the media all the time, same thing at WB. It was probably Nuchs IP lawyers who worked the case up and then walked it over to WB and leaked it to the Hollywood Reporter. This will sink Jackson.

Anonymous said...

Was at an event tonight where alot of city attorney friends were drowning their sorrows. These guys really hate Nuch. Is ADDA talking to any DCA's?

Anonymous said...

I saw on Twitter that Nuch spoke to a bunch of cops on Saturday and it was beyond boring. Cops will not forgive forget the way he blamed them for paperwork errors that he said caused the dismissal of many Occupy LA cases.

Anonymous said...

Nuch must be having a bad weekend ahead of his big launch party. Everyone is talking about the LA Downtown News article and how it is the first sign that the press are waking up and are willing to take a position against him. I hope the Dragnet is right and that more about Nuch will be published. He is not fit to be in public service.