Thursday, January 26, 2012

Four move forward in ADDA endorsement interviews

Seven candidates for Los Angeles District Attorney participated in Tuesday night's endorsement interviews conducted by the Los Angeles Association of Deputy District Attorneys. The interviews were not open to the public, and few ADDA members actually attended.

It is understood that the ADDA Board decided that four candidates would advance to a second level of interviews where the controlling AFSCME union will make the determination of which candidate will obtain the benefit of the ADDA/AFSCME endorsement.

The top four candidates advancing to the AFSCME interviews are Steve Ipsen, Bobby Grace, Danette Meyers and Carmen Trutanich. Although it is no surprise that Ipsen, Grace and Meyers received the ADDA's thumbs up, the choice of Trutanich has many puzzled.

Trutanich appears to be an unlikely choice for the ADDA. The former ambulance chaser plaintiff's attorney turned career politician has a poor record of labor relations at the City Attorney's Office. Under his tenure he has made few promotions and caused most of his staff to suffer a 15% pay cut through enforced unpaid work furloughs. Trutanich, however, does not appear to believe that he should 'share the sacrifice' and has steadfastly refused to take a matching pay cut. He also angered the City Attorney's unions by creating 50 'volunteer' positions weakening the bargaining position of the union.

Trutanich is not only viewed by many as 'unfit' to serve as District Attorney, but he is hardly a 'pro-labor guy.' His union busting activities were brought to light during the City Attorney campaign - the painters union hounded Trutanich with a 16 foot tall inflatable rat to protest they way they claimed Trutanich (then in private practice) busted their union on behalf of clients.

The only possible explanation for the ADDA's inclusion of Trutanich would appear to be that the ADDA could not find it in themselves to support Alan Jackson, Jackie Lacey or Mario Trujillo because they have, at various times, enjoyed the support of DA Steve Cooley. However, if anyone has benefited from Cooley's support it is Trutanich who owes his position at City Hall to Cooley's endorsement. Perhaps if Marcus Musante hadn't dropped out, he would be holding the fourth place card instead of Trutanich?



Anonymous said...

Of the four candidates receiving the tentative blessing, one is Carmen Trutanich - who's rank and file despise him. Two of the remaining three, Bobby Grace and Steve Ipsen, a members of the ADDA board of directors. No conflict there.

Anonymous said...

The ADDA have done exactly what we expected to do - be irrelevant. Of the four they chose to offer to AFSCME, only Trutanich stands any chance of winning. Grace and Ipsen haven't raised more than $25k between them, so what chance have they got? Dannette might raise $200k, but even that doesn't come close to what Jackson and Trujillo have raised.

The ADDA should have taken the opportunity to end the hating and finger pointing and made a sensible choice - Jackson and Trujillo are the only ones who actually do the job that DDAs do, and they should have been supported.

Anonymous said...

One thing that I find disturbing is that if it were not for the Dragnet, fee-paying members of the ADDA, which is now all DDAs (look at your last paycheck), would not know what decision was made by the ADDA Board regarding the very important issue of endorsements. Why is the ADDA being so secretive? They promised things would change with the Agency Shop but the ADDA website still has no current information and nothing at all about the results of these interviews. Is what was reported true? I am disgusted that Trutanich was chosen over Trujillo. At least Trujillo is a DDA who fought the same battles DDAs fight every day, and not a limousine politician who talks the talk but trips up over his overweight ego.

Anonymous said...

C'mon. The two ADDA board directors who are running, Ipsen & Grace did not wake up yesterday and decide to run. These campaigns aren't thrown together in few days or months. Crap takes years to plan.

Interesting how the Affiliation and agency shop votes were hustled through last year, putting dues deduction firmly in place and a war chest (funded by the rank & file) available to the ADDA approved candidate. So Ipsen and Grace have done a lousy job fundraising? Irrelevant now.

Anonymous said...

Screw Trutanich. He should never have been interviewed by the ADDA. He hasn't even got the guts to admit that he's running, and his record of labor relations sucks - his bull in a china store policies gave the council every possible excuse to slash his budget and caused terrible suffering to most of his staff who go home with 15% less pay. Worse than that, this arrogant prick will not take a matching pay cut himself to show that he stands alongside his staff. And even worse than that, he has fixed it that a handfull of his so-called essential staff don't have to take the pay cut either. How does conduct like that get the support of the ADDA?

I demand an explanation from the ADDA. I want to know why they gave Trutanich anything other than a sharp kick where it hurts. He is not a prosecutor he is a persecutor, bully and a lying politician. Whatever the issues the ADDA might have with Lacey, Trujillo and Jackson, I would rather have any one of them as DA before Carmen the Clown Trutanich. He will destroy the DA's office just like he has ruined the City Attorney's office. How about some explanation Hyatt? You owe it to us now that we are paying dues. Let's see a little of that transparency you promised, or are you no different from the Clown?

Anonymous said...

The ADDA will endorse Trutanich and AFSCME and organized labor are weak and cave to the guy they think will win. If they want to prove anything they should get behind a labor candidate and show DAs the are a force to be reckoned with. If not DDAs should vote to deaffiliate from AFSCME in 3 years and give them the bird. AFSCME has a lot to prove and if they are weak, they prove to DDAs that we our out.

Anonymous said...

Did you see the editorial in the LA Downtown News today? It looks like it was written by the Dragnet. It fillets Nuch with all the precision of an expert cross examiner, only it stops short of calling him a clown. But other than that, my guess is that the editorial was ghost written by Joe Friday.

Nuch must have had a really bad day when his blackberry buzzed with the story, bet his face went bright red with rage. Wonder if Long Beach POA will pull their endorsement now or after the next ghost written editorial?

Anonymous said...

11:51pm the Downtown LA News editorial is not signed by anyone.

Anonymous said...

Surprising that the Dowtown News editorial doesn't think Wendy Greuel and Eric Garcetti should leave their jobs while they campaign with at least two years left on their terms.

Trutanich should win this seat. Word on the street is that he has at least a dozen labor unions behind him.

Anonymous said...

@7:39am Big diference between Nuch and Wendy/Eric is that they never pretended to be anything other than career politicians. Trutanich promised he was different, seems that was a dirty fat lie, doesn't it?

Also, there is no evidence that either Wendy or Eric's campaigning has negatively impacted their job performance but, as the LA Downtown News piece points out, Nuch has screwed up spectacularly because he has been sending mixed messages to his staff.

As for big labor endorsements, Nuch can kiss those goodbye. I hear the painters union is going to drag out the giant inflatable rat to be outside the launch party in San Pedro. Guess what the Times headline will be? 'Rat on the waterfront!' Big labor will run from Nuch faster than Trutanich can spin a lie.

Anonymous said...

The Downtown LA News article "Which Way in L.A. Nuch?" is just a taste of what is coming down the pike from LA papers, blogs, and talk radio.

Nuch has pissed off so many media people that they are going to pay him back like his worst nightmare. He cannot buy enough media advertising to overcome what he is going to get. Karma's bitch Nuch.

Anonymous said...

Friday, you should reach out to the deputy city attorneys who went to the office Christmas party and ask them about the way he made everyone form a circle around him and sing "It's Carmen's world" to him. Very very creepy.