Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Free For All

Trutanich reveals alibi for reneging on 'Pledge to Serve'

In a rare interview with veteran reporter Doug Kriegel, Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen Trutanich not only maintained his lie that he has not yet decided to run for District Attorney, but also revealed his alibi for going back on his word not to run for District Attorney.

Trutanich states that 'the District Attorney's Office has not been open for 50 years,' that things have changed 'grossly,' and that when he ran for City Attorney he was 'under the impression' that Steve Cooley would be the DA for the next 8 years. The significance of Mr. Cooley being the DA appears to mean that Trutanich would have a 'partner in enforcement.'

It's the usual double-speak failed logic of a failed politician. Like much of what comes out of the former ambulance chaser plaintiff's attorney turned career politician, it makes no sense at all.

Trutanich's contorted logic would have us believe that without Steve Cooley at DA, Trutanich has no 'partner.' Trutanich was not questioned about the serious breakdown in relations between himself and the DA. It is an open secret that Cooley backed Jackie Lacey's bid to become DA long ago, and would likely endorse 'anyone but Trutanich' if Lacey were not running. Trutanich seems to be saying that the candidate Cooley has chosen to endorse is someone he cannot regard as a 'partner.' That begs the question 'Who can you partner with?' The likely answer is nobody.


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