Monday, January 23, 2012

It's official - Trutanich is running for District Attorney

Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen Trutanich is running for District Attorney, the Los Angeles Dragnet can report.

Official confirmation of Trutanich's candidacy came earlier today in the form of an email from the  Los Angeles Association of Deputy District Attorneys ("ADDA"), the union that represents approximately 970 Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorneys in Grades I through IV.

The email states that Trutanich will attend a scheduled 8:00PM interview with the ADDA with a view to obtaining their endorsement for his bid to take over from Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley. Cooley has stated that he plans to retire in January 2013 when his record third term expires, and has endorsed his Chief Deputy, Jackie Lacey who will also address the ADDA for their endorsement directly after Trutanich concludes his pitch.

The announcement of Trutanich's interview ends over a year of speculation, rumor and accusations of betrayal surrounding the former ambulance chaser plaintiff's attorney turned career politician. Trutanich campaigned to become Los Angeles City Attorney cloaked with a veneer of respectability founded on his signed solemn promise not to use the City Attorney's Office as a political springboard to higher office. His announcement is certain to rekindle the public revulsion at his apparent lack of ethics, honor and commitment to voters, and will likely give the Alan Jackson campaign's 'Election Hangover Part II' video a new lease of life.

Trutanich recently tried and failed in an attempt to sue Alan Jackson for copyright infringement over the use of a widely-used campaign photograph in the satirical video. The photograph appears for less than half a second, but that apparently was half a second too much for the thin-skinned braggart who  revealed his fundamental lack of knowledge of First Amendment law with his crass threat.

It is not known whether Trutanich consulted with his highly paid campaign consultant, John Shallman, before threatening to sue Jackson. Shallman would likely have advised Trutanich against making yet another empty threat to add to his ever growing list. However, it is equally likely that Trutanich would have ignored that advice anyway.

Interestingly, media sources indicate that Shallman has not been returning calls for comment regarding various scandals surrounding Trutanich's campaign, perhaps indicating that all is not well with a campaign 'borne of a lie.' Trutanich is understood to be nonplussed by the negativity surrounding his abandonment of his 'Pledge to Serve' and is perhaps perplexed that his 'changed circumstances' alibi has failed to gain any traction.

The ADDA email calls for members to suggest questions to be put to the candidates. They can be emailed to Leslie Simon, the ADDA's Organizing Director, at:

ADDA members may be reluctant to pose challenging questions, so here are a few questions that readers may wish to send to Leslie to be asked of Trutanich:

1. How many Deputy City Attorney positions have you lost since taking office?

2. How many promotions have you made at the City Attorney's Office?

3. Deputy City Attorneys have been forced to take 15% pay cut, yet you have steadfastly refused to take a matching pay cut. If elected as District Attorney, will you set the same selfish example if your policies result in the same loss of confidence from the Board of Supervisors?

4. When your lack of supervision and failure to evaluate cases resulted in the dismissal of cases against the Occupy LA protesters, you blamed your failure on the Los Angeles Police Department for 'paperwork' errors. Is this how you plan to explain your future failures?

5. Was it simply just a foolish mistake to threaten to arrest Councilmember Jan Perry over her support for billboards at the AEG/LA Live Regency Cinema complex,  or were you unaware that you had no basis in law, fact or reality to make that threat?

6. If elected as District Attorney, will you resurrect your failed and foolish 'criminal aspects' investigation into AEG's handling of the Micheal Jackson memorial through the Grand Jury?

7. In August 2011, the LA Times reported on what appeared to be your failed attempt to misappropriate a $2M settlement check from a consumer protection lawsuit. Are there any other settlement checks lying around that have not yet been delivered?

8. What is your policy on allowing members of your staff to participate in political fundraising activities during office hours?

9. Is it true that, if elected as District Attorney, you plan on having at least three Chiefs of the Bureau of Investigation?

10. How can anyone believe anything you say?



Anonymous said...

I hope Jackie Lacey takes a good book with her to read while she waits to speak after Trutanich's interrogation. Nuch is going to show up late anyway, and then ramble incoherently in response to questions, so it will be a late night. The ADDA should just ask question 10 as that cuts to the chase - how can anyone trust anything this self-confessed liar says?

Anonymous said...

Trutanich won't show up. He will probably claim that he didn't officially reply, or that he expected to be sent advance questions and didn't receive them in the mail, or that he accepted the invitation but did not receive an official reply, so he made other plans. Trutanich is no fool. He knows he will be ambushed and hit with 'gotcha' questions, so he'll chicken out.

Anonymous said...

Didn't this same group file lawsuits against Trujillo and Lacey for alleged "union busting" activities?

Is this going to be an interview or a deposition?

Anonymous said...

With two current members of their board of directors running for LA District. Attorney, it's certainly going to be a fair and impartial process. . . . yep. . . . no need to worry about this being a foregone conclusion.